>Tony Fiore Respondes to Latest Robo-Call

>Over on his “new” blog provided by Middletown-Patch, Middletown’s acting mayor Tony Fiore, has addressed the latest robo-call that was sent out by the group Concerned Citizens Of Middletown, that talked about the amount of debt the Township is carrying. If you ask me, Fiore’s response just lends credence to the message that went out last Friday.

His answer is the same stock answer that has been given many times before but only this time he providers a true debt number of $72million that so many before him have been reluctant to confirm!

And how is it that Mr. Fiore is so sure who is responsible for these robo-calls when so many (myself included) do not? He blames the Middletown Democrats for placing them, which if that was the case, I think I would know about it. It seems to me that these robo-calls have struck a nerve and seem to be factual based by his response to them.

Also I believe, the point of how much debt the town can borrow itself into, is a silly one; who cares what a towns’ or persons’ credit card limit is when it is already difficult to meet the minimum payments on the balance!

Middletown hasn’t had it debt rating updated in several years, It has been shown recently that credit rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor aren’t worth much. After the financial meltdown of the past few years, many of the investments that caused the near collapse of the economy were rated A, AA, or AAA from both of these institutions. Knowing that why would anyone want to tout how special they are? They’re not.

On the final point about the blocking of a return phone number, I don’t know what Fiore is talking about, unless he wants to incite others into believing that these messages have no integrity, which I’m sure is his intent, he is living up to him nick-name of the “Fibber”. Every call that I have received by Concerned Citizens of Middletown, including Friday’s, had a return number left on my caller-id.
True it wasn’t a Middletown phone number or one from the immediate area (I think it was Dunellen), but there was in fact a phone number associated with the call.
On a side note – I don’t know how Fiore’s blog on Middletown-Patch works, but this posting was dated Tuesday May 24 at 12:58 PM, right in the middle of a busy work day. Doesn’t Tony have a job that he needs to attend to at 1pm in the afternoon? True, he may have been on his lunch hour but I think not. Working on Township business (which this clearly is), on company time is a No-No as everyone knows.
I wonder what his employer would think????


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32 responses to “>Tony Fiore Respondes to Latest Robo-Call

  1. >Mike,Also got a robo call from a land line number in Dunnellen at 12:03 p.m on Friday. The number appeared on my caller ID also. That was just after noon,not during the dinner hour and certainly not like the nutty calls from Sharfey at all hours of the night last year. Got those at 10:30 p.m. or later !! After bedtime !!!Who wants to hear from any local politician at 10:30 at night at all about anything ????

  2. >Committeeman Fiore probably didn't write the blog content — someone doing P.R. work for the town most likely put it together for Tony and he signed-off on it. So, no harm done to his employer, which is Prudential. If not, then there is an issue because he is a salaried worker which means a paid lunch hour. Another issue is using Prudential's on-line resources to get the information out to a public audience and not Prudential clients. Although, he was trained by Gerry Scharfenberger and may be following in Dr. Scharfenberger's footsteps. In 2008 the good doctor used Monmouth University resources to publish campaign related information which broke tax law and and jeapordized the University's not-for-profit tax status.

  3. >Mike,How can Fiore use the Patch for putting out his message? I'm not sureof the legalities, but doesn't that mean equal time for opponents?After all, he is running for reelection. This is just another means for propaganda just like Middletown Matters, only the tax payer doesn't pay for it.

  4. >anon 4:22,I agree, I don't think this blog would past the smell test from ELEC, especially since Fiore is up for re-election this year.

  5. >Nice mug shot of Fiore.

  6. >Arrogance personified !

  7. >Mike, If Anon 5/25/11,4:22 P.M. is correct, then does this mean that Gerry Scharfenberger, PhD. broke election law when he used Monmouth University resources to distribute campaign specific literature within 90 days of the 2008 campaign, which was Mayor Fiore's first campaign for Township Committee? As the Republican candidate, along with Pam Brightbill, does this also mean that Fiore violated ELECT law? Do you know if there is a statute of limitations on ELECT law violations?

  8. >anon 1:03,Anon 5/25/11,4:22 P.M. is correct see the link belowhttp://middletownmike.blogspot.com/2008/10/scharfenberger-used-monmouth-university.htmlScharfenberger was reprimanded internally by Monmouth University for sending out political emails from it's system. He jeopardized the University's tax exempt status by doing so.What he did was in violation of ELEC laws but I do not think anyone followed up on it.I forget the details off the top of my head.

  9. >So, Mike, "President of the Middletown Democratic Club?"And you expect people to believe that you're a "neutral" party "seeking the truth?"LOL

  10. >anon 7:36,As I stated over on Middletown-Patch, I am not nor have I ever been President of any club, let a lone the Middletown Democratic Club.And I am sorry to inform you but I have never expect people to believe that I am a "neutral party". I think that is evident from my many postings here. My personal political affilations have been no secret to anyone.

  11. >Check out today's edition of "The Independent". Political promotion of Fiore and Murphy by that newspaper ??We haven't even gotten past the primary and already,Gloria & Company are providing a platform for the Middletown Republicans.Are the fees for the public notices good enough to compromise the integrity and unbiased reporting of that newspaper ?

  12. >I wouldn't exactly call The Independent a "newspaper"-that would imply adherence to good journalistic standards and practices. I would call it a "sewer clogger"- that's where most of these "free" papers wind up. It's easier to get rid of bedbugs than the free delivery of those things.

  13. >Why didn't Grenafage and DeSevo comment to the Independent? They should have nailed Fiore on taxes and the WASTE of tax payers' money.Every year we hear tax payer first and it's become a joke.Voting these guys in again is insane.

  14. >I don't know why Alex Desevo didn't reply but I know thatJim Grenafege has been out of town for the past couple of weeks.

  15. >Mike, I bet odds that the Independent never attempted to contact either Alex or Jim. That excuse for a newspaper is showing it's true colors as nothing more than A RAG.

  16. >Mike -What IS your relationship with the Middletown Democratic Club?President? Vice President? Member?Former President? Former Vice President? Former Member?

  17. >anon 3:19,I do not see the relevance behind knowing whether or not I am a member of any club or organization.The Middletown Democratic Club – Not to be confused with the Middletown Democratic Executive Committee – is a small club that has only a handful of members. The club meets the 3rd Wednesday of the every month at the American Legion in Leonardo. It is an open meeting and anyone may attend if they so chose (yourself included).I was asked a couple of years ago to be the treasure for the club because of my work schedule. Since depending on the week, I have days off in the middle of the week, it was thought that I would be more flexible getting to the bank to make deposits of any funds that may come the clubs way.I agreed to be the treasure after much arm twisting, my schedule isn't as free and open as some people think.As treasurer I make bank deposits, pay bills and fill out the Club's ELEC reports – that's it.I have been to only 1 meeting since the beginning of the year. My personal schedule is not as great or flexible as others had thought it would be.If I had the time to be further involved with what goes on around town you would see me at more than a handful of TC meetings each year, instead of relying on others for reports. I would also attend BOE meetings and a few others if I could.And for the record, I am a Monmouth County Democratic Committeeman for my district.None of this information however is new, I have made reference to it before in other blog postings throughout the existence of this blog.Now let's move on with other business and focus on the shenanigans and the misrepresentations of those that have controlled Middletown for the past 30 years, who have raised taxes over 45% over the past 5 years and mismanaged most everything that they have touched in that time.

  18. >Watch out, Mike,Whoever is questioning you (anon 3:09) will be blaming you for the shenanigans that the republicans pull. How dare anyone take that tone with a citizen as dedicated and decent as you are . And just what business of that individual is your affiliation with the Middletown Democratic Party . Who in hell does that individual think they are ANYWAY ??God spare us from the arrogance of these creeps.

  19. >Sometimes you just to have to take it from where it comes from. I have always found that it is better to meet things like this head on than to ignore them.One day when these people take their head out if the sand they'll see how they have been used and abused by those that they think have their interests at heart.

  20. >Sometimes you just to have to take it from where it comes from. I have always found that it is better to meet things like this head on than to ignore them.One day when these people take their head out if the sand they'll see how they have been used and abused by those that they think have their interests at heart.

  21. >We're learning so much about Middletown Mike lately, right?Despite earlier protestations, he IS a main character in the Middletown Democratic Club……and he apparently has an electronic stutter!

  22. >Anon 11:50,I have never hid my affiliation with any club nor will I. I have announced on numerous forums around the blog-o-sphere that I have been the treasurer of the Middletown Democratic Club when asked. Why would I admit to being something that I am not? I am not the president of the Middletown Democratic Club.If you think that just because I am the treasuser of the club, I am some big intregal party of its inner workings your wrong. As I stated earlier that I don't attend many meetings due to my work and home schedule.Why don't you attend a meeting of the club yourself and find out. The few people that attend the meeting don't bite.

  23. >Mike,It's obvious that the comments questioning your affiliation are meant to trying to discredit you.Typical of the majority in this town.Rather than dispute what you report, they try and discredit you.Another diversion tactic. You must be hitting a nerve.

  24. >anon 9:21,It is typical of people who can't win the intellectual arguments to attack the there opponent by trying to discredit them.It's typical behavior and a diversionary tactic as you say but I'm use to it and expect it.

  25. >Keep up the GOOD WORK,Mike. We need your voice and the news you provide. You keep a lot of us informed and it is appreciated !!Believe you threaten this gang of carpetbaggers and liars.

  26. >Yes Mike- I totally agree with the previous poster. You do a heroic job of exposing the truth about our local government. With Republican domination of the message being the norm for years, most citizens have no clue as to how the township has come to this point. These characters are so threatened by the two party system that all they can do is try to make being a Democrat sound like a crime. The township is fairly evenly divided among Repubs and Dems- their vile comments slander not just you but many of citizens they pretend to represent. It is actually fascinating to see how despite years and years of Republican domination of the TC, they lay blame for our current predicament on the Dems. I'm reminded of some of the European countries in post WWII that continued to blame the Jews for years for their problems despite having all but vanquished their Jewish populations. Like their political models in Europe, this group of politicians link arms and paint any dissent as "socialism".Yes, you have struck a nerve. Nothing is more threatening to these types than plain old dissent. Keep up the good work Mike!

  27. >I couldn't agree more with the previous poster. Keep up the good work. One of the these people will wake up and realize the people in charge haven't been doing a good job.We lost good people trying to do the right thing, now we've got the same self serving incompetents who blame everyone else for the problems we face. We've been paying the price for poor leadership for a long time.It's got to stop.

  28. >Sorry Mike, you're just flat out wrong.People who can't win the intellectual argument distort things in a vain attempt to score political points, like say, by pretending that someone taking a new job would somehow make a lick of difference in an election, or by spreading false rumors that a member of the administration is also taking a state job based upon the word of some so called "insider" with an axe to grind, or sponsoring Robocalls filled with nonsense…Who is it that does THAT kind of thing Mr. Treasurer?

  29. >Full disclosure is a basic requirement in political life. Some people are just "Majestically" ill informed.

  30. >So the person who posted a comment about the library board spending money foolishly and when asked to cite specific instances did not, must be one of those you refer to.

  31. >Anyone who does not think lying when asked about employment by a politician running for office "does not make a lick of difference" has to be one of the many liars that comprise the republican cheat to win group in Middletown.If it did not make a lick of difference…WHY HIDE THE FACTS ????That man and his running mate actually lied before a group of voters gathered at a candidates night in Lincroft last October. Seems truth means nothing to these two and their colleagues. Certainly speaks to their character which seems flawed at best !Everything is a rotten, distorted ,political game with the Middletown Republicans and defies common decency and integrity !

  32. >The ROBO CALLS are a service to the taxpaying residents of Middletown.They tell the truth which is more than these financially reckless republicans are capable of or inclined to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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