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>Distort, Attack, Repeat: The Fox Propaganda Machine in Action

>If your of the belief that Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Republican Party, you’ll be interested in watching a hour by hour slide show that takes you through a typical day on the “Fixed” news network of relentless “Obama bashing”.

The feature can be found over at Rolling Stone’s website and accompanies a story about how Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes created the most profitable propaganda machine in history.

Ailes runs the most profitable – and therefore least accountable – head of the News Corp. hydra. Fox News reaped an estimated profit of $816 million last year – nearly a fifth of Murdoch’s global haul. The cable channel’s earnings rivaled those of News Corp.’s entire film division, which includes 20th Century Fox, and helped offset a slump at Murdoch’s beloved newspapers unit, which took a $3 billion write-down after acquiring The Wall Street Journal. With its bare-bones news gathering operation – Fox News has one-third the staff and 30 fewer bureaus than CNN – Ailes generates profit margins above 50 percent. Nearly half comes from advertising, and the rest is dues from cable companies. Fox News now reaches 100 million households, attracting more viewers than all other cable-news outlets combined, and Ailes aims for his network to “throw off a billion in profits.”


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>Gov. Christie’s Chopper Ride

>Lawrence O’Donnell, on last nights episode of The Last Word blasted Governor Christie for using a New Jersey State Police helicopter to take him to his son’s high school baseball game then back down to the governor’s mansion to meet with GOP recruiter’s from Iowa that tried to persuade he to enter the 2012 Presidential sweepstakes.

Watch the video:


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