>I Wonder If This Affects Anyone Currently Sitting On Middletown’s Board of Education or Applicants?

>Seeing how there is a vacant seat currently on the Middletown Board of Education and that the Board is currently accepting application to fill that seat, I wonder how many applicants or current board members know about a bill recently signed into law by Governor Christie, creating tighter restrictions on eligibility requirements of those that serve on New Jersey school boards.

Journalist Mark Spivey recently wrote about this in a column that appeared on various news outlets around the area titled Member might lose BOE seat; Faces disqualification from ’68 drug charge”

…The bill “permanently disqualifies from employment or service” on those boards anyone who has been convicted of a wide range of crimes, including all first- and second-degree offenses (among them many drug-related offenses) but also more minor charges including criminal mischief, reckless endangerment or resisting arrest….

According to the bill, each of the nearly 5,000 members of New Jersey’s hundreds of boards of education is required to undergo a comprehensive criminal history and background check within 30 days. Board members are responsible for covering the cost of the background checks out of their own pockets.

Locally based Assemblyman Jerry Green, D-Union, explained that the bill mirrors existing state restrictions on public schools’ hiring practices.

“If we prohibit someone from teaching in a classroom because of past convictions, then they definitely should be prohibited from presiding over the education of an entire school district,” Green said. “It’s a commonsense change that is long overdue.”

I wonder how many current, past or future candidates for the BOE have long buried skeletons in their closets from their youthful indiscretions; Potentially there are many, but should it really preclude them from serving on the board now or in the future after so many years have past? After all, the same standard isn’t applied to those seeking public office.

I’d like to see what happens if it is found that any current or past members of the Middletown Board of Education is affected by this new law. How will it be handle, will the public know about the real reason why a for current member’s was removed or stepped down or why a past member seeking reappointment was past over or barred from running again?
Now don’t jump to conclusions here on me, I am not making insinuations about anyone currently presiding on the BOE or who has stepped down recently. I am just pointing out the potential ramifications this new law will have on those that wish to serve on a local school boards, whether it is Middletown’s or some other town.


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6 responses to “>I Wonder If This Affects Anyone Currently Sitting On Middletown’s Board of Education or Applicants?

  1. >28949. Superintendent quitsby midnorth2, 06/14/11 6:32 PM Middletown Interim Superintendent quits. It is reported that he couldn't take the antics of this BOE that continues to operate in a self serving untethical fashion. It is very telling when a former well respected superintendent f for 13 years of Ocean Township, one of the top performing school districts in the State can't take 6 months in this dysfunctional school district. Central office is operating on a skeleton crew while it is reported that many many other district administrators are looking to jump ship to greener pastures. Middletown is getting what they deserve and there is no one to blame but the registered voters. Wake up Middletown, the worst is yet to come as your property values continue to plumit as your taxes go up.

  2. >Anon 7:35pmI was told about the Superintendent Pagano's resignation late last week but was waiting until I heard from a friend who has knowledge of it.The friend told me that he has a severe help issue but couldn't elaborate on what ails him.Seems a little fishy considering Bob Banta also recently resigned for health issues after only 1 BOE meeting.

  3. >You were waiting for a friend to verify the super leaving? Why so cautious?Would this be the same friend that told you the rumor in November 2010that 2 BOE members had been ordered removed by the state ethics commision? You remember I beleive you called them a "highly reliable source" or something to that effect.The rumor that turned out to be completely false and one that you never retracted.Maybe instead of waiting for your friend you could have simply called central office and inquired. It's not exactly top secret information when the super hands in his resignation.Are you suggesting that because of a new law requiring board members to get criminal background checks that this in some way has something to do with the super leaving? Man, you love rumors even if you have to start them yourself. Employees of the district already have to get background checks and have for a very long time.Sorry Mike, this place is nothing more than a rumor mill. It's certainly not responsible journalism.

  4. >Anon 7:29am,you need to get your facts straight because the more you continue to droll on, the more your diatribe becomes nonsense.First off I did not say that 2 BOE members had ethic charges against them pending and their removal eminent, it was 1.And if you must know, I still stand behind it because the person that pasted along the information is of impeccable character. I have no reason to doubt them, I just their timing was off and they had hoped that it would have been announced much sooner and dragged on so long. Ethic complaints and subsequent removal of individuals. Second, I didn't post about Pagano's pending resignation when I heard about it because i didn't have any details to back it up with,i just heard that he had resigned. And what makes you think that I hadn't called "central office"?Thirdly, I never made any insinuation about the new law requiring background check on BOE members being the reason for Pagano's resignation – you pulled that one out of your ASS.Lastly, I have never claimed to be a journalist nor do I aspire to ever be one. I express my beliefs and opinions on a number of issues here on this blog about many things that happen in Middletown or that may affect me. If others happen to agree with me fine, if not I don't care. So if you confuse what I do with journalism I have a bridge to sell you.

  5. >I made my point and you showed what a class act you are in your response. Have a nice blog.

  6. >Anon 6:19pm,Snarky is as snarky does, I guess you're better at dishing it out than taking it.Good Riddance!

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