>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 11- 6/6/11

>The latest edition of It’s Your Town newsletter is available for downloading. This edition of the newsletter covers the monthly workshop meeting of the Middletown Township Committee.

As is the new norm since no Democrats currently sit on the Township Committee, the meeting was over shortly after 9pm, it lasted just barely and hour. So one can imagine just how much public information was actually discussed in public.
Interestingly enough what was discussed was that the Township Committee is planning to raise a few various fees in town.
It was only about a year ago when those on the Middletown Committee were calling the fees increases imposed by the State, just another tax. Now it is their turn.
It was announced that the Township budget will be passed in early July, but I doubt it seeing how the Township will not receive surplus funds from the Library by then.
It should be noted thought that the budget $4M less than last years, but our property taxes will be increasing 2.9%. Go figure!
You can read all about these and other points of interest from the June 6th workshop meeting by downloading the current edition of the newsletter >>> Here
As always, happy reading.

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