>Middletown Democratic Candidate Busted for Possession; Desevo To Be Replaced Soon

>Shocking is all I have to say about the news that broke earlier today concerning Middletown Democratic Candidate for Township Committee, Alex Desevo, who was busted last weekend at the Holmdel Motor Lodge for the possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

I was sitting in the Hazlet movie theater when I received an email with a link to an Asbury Park Press online article about how Desevo was arrested by Holmdel police at 4:54 in the morning on Saturday, June 18, after one of two women he was spending the night with ran out of the room and found her way to the Hazlet Holiday Inn and called police about something that happened while at the Holmdel Motor Lodge. I was in disbelief at the news and started texting and sending emails of my own to a few people in order to get the bottom of it.
What I found out was both sad and tragic, and because I know Alex Desevo personally, and know that despite this incident, he is a very honest and straight forward guy that would do anything for anyone, I wont air his dirty laundry here other than to say that he was having difficulties at home and that was the main reason why he was staying at the motor lodge.
In the face of this situation I want to commend him for not hiding or shirking away from this embarrassing and life altering situation, it’s a testament to his personal fortitude and character in realizing that what he had done was a mistake that he wants to meet head-on and make amends for.
In an article posted on Middletown Patch about Desevo’s troubles, Patch columnist and Editor Elaine Van Develde, was able to track him down for a comment.
Alex confirmed for Van Develde that he was indeed, the same Alex Desevo that was arrested on June 18th and opted not to comment other than to say,”I prefer not to comment at this time on a personal tragedy, I have been a good person all my life.” while noting that he wished to protect his family at this time.
Whatever Alex’s demons are at this time, I can only wish him well and hope that he gets the treatment that he so obviously needs to overcome this sad and tragic personal time in his life.
This is not a time to criticize or ridicule him for letting down those that believed in him as a candidate for office, it’s a time to support him and understand that he is human, like the rest of us, and as such, can succumb to temptations in moments of personal weakness.
The Middletown Democrats will survive and have another candidate to fill Desevo’s place on the ballot very soon I was told by Chairman Joe Caliendo.
Middletown residents have too many other important issues affecting their quality of life for them to care about or fret about, the personal troubles of a candidate that will not be on the ballot come November.
Be well Alex


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8 responses to “>Middletown Democratic Candidate Busted for Possession; Desevo To Be Replaced Soon

  1. >Very sad situation. Of course this is quite an early Christmas present for local Republican hacks. I see Legion/VillageGreener/BrownSugar is having herself a field day on the APP site- you might call it Middletown's own version of The Three Faces of Eve.

  2. >I think he should check out Middletown Medical. No need for a sign in Middlesex County. There could be one on West Front St.

  3. >I don't know him personally, but what was he thinking?I would prefer to vote for anyone other than the Republican candidates, and then this happens!

  4. >Anon 9:04 A.M.There will be another Democratic candidate to replace him on the November ballot. His misfortune is not a reason to vote for Republicans.

  5. >This sounds like a bad movie. I'm sure when the facts come out this will turn out to be someone trying to frame this guy.

  6. >This is a very sad situation, but I think most people see it as a personal tragedy, not a mark against his political party. The taxpayers have not been hurt by this. He hasn't stolen from them or padded his friends' wallets with taxpayer funds. Another candidate will be on the ballot in Mr. Desevo's place this November. If small minded people want to make this an election issue, their plan will surely backfire on them.

  7. >I completely agree with the previous poster. This is a sad situation for him and his family.The campaign hasn't even gotten started, so politics shouldn't even be involved.

  8. >"The Three Faces of Eve" should consider the appointment she has received and shut her frigging mouth or the republicans will be buying her legal help next!This woman lacks integrity,ethics and any sense of responsibility. It's easy to condemn others but how about the example she demostrates ? ?????????Perhaps someone should notify the APP that they should investigate the IP addresses of this individual. Not so sure her constant verbal attacks on anyone and everyone are anything other than libel and does that newspaper want the responsibility to provide her a platform for her libelous tongue ????

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