>Desevo Officially Resigns As Middletown Candidate; Replacement Candidate To Be Named Tomorrow Night

>I received word a short while ago from Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo, that he had officially received the resignation of Democratic candidate Alex Desevo and forwarded it on to the Monmouth County Clerk’s office.

Caliendo said that a replacement candidate will be chosen tomorrow night to succeed Desevo on the November ballot, when names will be presented to the members of the full body of Middletown Democratic Executive Committee.
When I asked Chairman Caliendo the names of those who were interested in joining Jim Grenafege on the Democratic ticket this year, I was told with the understanding I was not to say anything until after the full Executive Committee had a chance to meeting give it’s approval.
After hearing the names of those interested I can say this, there are names that are familiar and new to Committee members. It should make for an interesting meeting, I’ll let everyone know afterwards.
Checkout the Asbury Park Press for some other details, I just noticed that they beat me to posting ( damn, I hate that I get home from work so late)


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12 responses to “>Desevo Officially Resigns As Middletown Candidate; Replacement Candidate To Be Named Tomorrow Night

  1. >With the Democrats luck they may have to look to Florida for a candidate. How about Mickey Mouse or Goofy?

  2. >Those who have shown to make a mockery of this sad issue should take a long look in the mirror.

  3. >They couldn't do much worse than the current cast of cartoon characters running Middletown.

  4. >Anony 9:16 p.m.Do you really think Peter's Punks are good for this township ?

  5. >It would be a laugher if it was Linda Baum. She would be great for the Republicans.

  6. >Why not have another primary to allow the people to select their candidate if more than one are interested?Or isn't the Democratic Party democratic?

  7. >Legion/BrownSugar/Villagegreener/MarionBarry:How about allowing televising TC meetings so the people of Middletown can see how the Republican version of democracy works? Shouldn't folks who are actually in office be setting the standard for openness and transparency in government?

  8. >Legion, I doubt there would be any problem with the Dem committee selecting a candidate. You said yourself anyone can run if they want to. So, what's your issue now? Would you prefer the Dems don't have another candidate?Voters can decide in Nov. That's the democratic process.

  9. >Linda Baum….hmmm. Smart girl who is not afraid to challenge. I love to see the snipes against her. Means the Republicans are threatened.And who's Fiore's running mate?What's she done for her community? Appointed as an alternate on the planning board. Started Middletown mornings which is just another vehicle to spread the propaganda in this town.Please….as previously stated, it's so easy to run as a Rep. in this town. They control the message and the money. Just do as Peter says and you're in!

  10. >Legion,You get the stupid award. Just like a local Republican to make a sugggestion that, if taken seriously, would mean spending thousands of local taxpayer dollars without thinking about the impact it would have on local homeowner budgets. Did Fiore or Setembrino give you this idea? No, it must of been budget by "osmosis" Scharfenberger.

  11. >Legion,I'd love to hear you defend why the township won't televise meetings.The lack of transparency in this town is why nothing changes, and you'd love to keep it that way.Keep the people blind, deaf and dumb mean while the leaders steals and wastes the tax payer's money.This town sure knows how to spend more money and get less for it.They do that brilliantly.

  12. >Hey "Legion" do you know what it costs to hold an election? Thought you crusade as the "taxpayer fighter".Full of —- that's what you are no matter the pseudo name you use .You don't know the meaning of the word democratic and doubt you ever will !

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