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>It’s Your Town Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 12- 6/20/11: The Methadone Clinic Uproar

>The new edition of It’s Your Town newsletter has been published and ready for reading and covers what happened during the Middletown Township NJ monthly Committee meeting of June 20th, 2011.

besides there being a presentation of the Township Solar Project by Birdsall Engineering and a public hearing on theTownship’s ADA compliance plan,the newsletter tells about the very large crowd of concerned citizens that attended the meeting to express concerns about the Methadone Clinic that opened on Rt. 35 at Apple Farm Rd.

As reported here and at other websites the meeting was overflowing with residents from the the Applebrook and TwinBrook neighborhood that are effected by the methadone clinic being so close to their homes. At times the meeting became very loud boisterous and contentious. Residents found it hard to believe that they were being told the true about the clinic and the process that enabled it to open at the current location.

You can read all about it HERE in the newsletter.

As an added bonus for your listening pleasure I have an audio clip from that night that features resident Patricia E. Corridon, who spoke to the committee about the opening of the Middletown Methadone clinic. She said she did not feel a great deal of trust in the Committee who were elected to protect their citizens. She said everything from a broken toenail to a cell tower is aired in Middletown. She said it is hard to believe when they say they knew nothing about this and were blindsided. She said for them to say they will be protected but then turn Apple Farm Rd. into a police state is not what is wanted. She said the Committee does not have the pleasure of plausible deniability.

Ms. Corridon was interrupted midway through her comments by Tony Fiore who sounded arrogant, exasperated and helpless in the wake of all the criticism being leveled against himself and others who’s job it was to know about this before the clinic opened at the only entrance into or out of a residential neighborhood


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>Lincroft Resident Carol Fowler To Replace Desevo on Middletown Democratic Ticket

>At last nights meeting of the Middletown Democratic Executive Committee, held at the American Legion post 338 in Leonardo, the members of the Executive Committee were introduced to the candidate that Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo and members of the screening committee had chosen to replace Alex Desevo as a candidate for Middletown Township Committee.

After being introduced by Chairman Caliendo, Lincroft resident Carol Fowler stood before the Executive Committee and spoke a few words about herself and the reasons why she was looking forward to running for Township Committee.
(Carol Fowler, Candidate for Middletown
Township Committee )
Many of the members in the room, myself included, had never met or spoken to Carol Fowler before tonight so we were eager to hear about her background.
Carol Fowler has been a Lincroft resident for over 25 years, graduating from St. Leo’s Elementary School and Red Bank Catholic High School. She has been a member of the Lincroft First Aid and Rescue Squad 28 years, serving as an executive officer for 20 years. She earned a B.S degree in Biology /Pre-Med, from the college of St. Elizabeth Convent Station (Morristown). She was a former substitute teacher and Special Ed classroom aid for the Middletown school system back a number of years ago. Currently she works as the Director of the Center for US War Veterans for the National Guard Museum in Sea Girt NJ. She also fills the roll of Assistant Curator of Oral History at the museum,having interviewed over 400 veterans for the museum.
Her son is a 4th generation Volunteer Fireman in Middletown who’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather have all served as Middletown Fire Chiefs.
Ms. Fowler stated that she is highly insulted about the way that tax dollars are spent in Middletown and about how so much money has been borrowed through bonding over the years that it will take many many years to pay down the debt. She stated that she would like to see the Township Committee meetings televised and is also highly insulted at being told that the township will not spend any money to televise them after bonding so much money over the years, it’s like being hit by a stone wall.
She said that she wants to serve the community and inform the residents of what is really going on in Middletown.
After hearing Carol Fowler speak, the members of the Executive Committee were highly impressed with her. Her service to the community, deep roots in Middletown and the passion with which she spoke, convinced all in the room to give unanimous approval to her candidacy.
So it is now onto November with a full ticket, Jim Grenafege and Carol Fowler will be this years Democratic candidates for Middletown Township Committee.


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