>New Jersey Policy Perspective President Deborah Howlett’s statement on the FY2012 New Jersey state budget

July 1, 2011

Governor Christie’s profligate use of the line item veto on the state budget enacted by the Legislature this week did serious damage to virtually every constituency imaginable in this state – except for corporations and the super-rich.

Christie red-lined a litany of critical funding needs: health care for working families; tax credits for low-wage workers; after school programs for inner-city youth; legal counsel for indigent defendants; drugs for people with AIDS; college scholarships for gifted middle-class students; a resource center for Hispanic women; protective services for abused children; postpartum education; legal clinics; libraries; museums; mental health services; technology and even public television programming. The list is as long as it is damaging.

Unlike responsible governors in states such as Connecticut and California, Christie chose only to make cuts in services to balance the state budget. He refused to sustain the critical investments in New Jersey’s social infrastructure that have allowed all of its residents to enjoy a broadly shared prosperity.

The only winners in the governor’s budget are corporations that will continue to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax subsidies; those wealthy residents whose yearly income exceeds $1 million; and a governor who continues to choose partisan politics over sound public policy.

It’s now up to the Legislature to right these wrongs by over-riding the governor’s veto, line-by-line if necessary.


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2 responses to “>New Jersey Policy Perspective President Deborah Howlett’s statement on the FY2012 New Jersey state budget

  1. >The budget that the Democrats in the NJ Legislature passed sought to increase spending by 6% over last year's levels. Thank God for Governor Christie and his veto pen. The Democrats that control the Legislature are nothing short of reckless when it comes to spending. They sound like socialists when they call for even higher taxes in order to achieve their dream of "a broadly shared prosperity." Memo to Deborah Howlett and the liberals like her: The overburdened taxpayers of New Jersey are sick of "sharing." How dare you suggest that anyone in New Jersey should "share" (pay) more. How dare you suggest that our bloated government isn't big enough already. Get your hands out of our pockets!

  2. >Veritas, spoken like a true ME, ME Republican. Blame it all on the Middle Class who works just as hard, if not harder, and pays more in taxes relative to their income than the rich. I expect our legislature to continue to fight for a strong middle class.We ALL have to sacrifice, including the rich who certainly can afford to pay a little more in taxes, and the unions who have to contribute more to their benefits. Why is it OK when the governor vilifies unions saying we can no longer afford their demands, and then refuses to raise the income taxes on the wealthy?He can't have it both ways.That's not socialism, that's called fairness. Deborah Howlett and the liberals like her are not suggesting to increase the size of government as you accuse. They are looking for a more fair and equitable tax responsibility.The next words I would expect to hear from people like you are "Well let them eat cake".

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