Middletown Board Of Education Does Nothing To Dispel Perception Of Dysfunction At Last Nights Meeting

According to an online post at Middletown-Patch, last nights Middletown Board of Education meeting turned out to be a nearly 6 hour carnival show, ending sometime after 1 A.M. It seems that all of the hullaballoo was over the demotion of Middletown High School South Principle Dr. Anthony Shallop.

According to Patch, hundreds of Shallop supporter packed the BOE meeting and overflowed into the corridors of Middletown High School North to protest the demotion and lend their support of the very popular Doctor Shallop.

In the end it didn’t matter, the BOE demoted Principle Shallop over the concerns of everyone who were there to show support.
I have been hearing from many residents and a few former school employees who feel that this current BOE is dysfunctional and a joke, they feel that the quality of education in Middletown is suffering for it.
It seems that all this BOE is worried about is pulling the rug out from the many administrators that work for the school system. Since September of last year the school system has gone through 2 superintendents, a few assistant superintendents, a business administrator and any number of professional Principles and Vice-Principles, Para-Professionals, Guidance Counselors and many teachers through out the district.
No wonder why people feel that the current crop of “volunteers” that make up the BOE are dysfunctional and don’t know what they are doing.

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