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Carol Fowler Discusses Her Work With Veterans During Comcast Newsmakers Interview


In September of 2010, Carol Fowler 2011 Democratic Candidate for Middletown Township Committee, was interviewed by Jill Horner of Comcast Newsmakers on her work directing the Center for US War Veterans’ Oral Histories, a partner of the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, at the National Guard Militia Museum of NJ in Sea Girt.

At the time, over 400 veterans had been filmed on their time in service. The project began in June 2001.
Bare with the video, the content doesn’t start until 24 seconds into the clip.

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5 Reasons Why Chris Christie Would Be A Horrible President

This post from Addicting Info hits on all the points as to why our Governor, Chris Christie, would be a disaster as president. The post is not mean-spirted, just a matter-of-fact telling of how it is. Christie maybe the latest GOP flavor of the day and making people sit on the edge of their seats waiting like eager children for a double scoop of Rocky Road ice cream but the bottom line is, he is on the wrong side of many issues that are important to the average person.

The new Republican face of the week is Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. After constantly saying “no” over and over when questioned whether he will run for president, Christie is possibly having a change of heart. Added into the mix of current candidates, Christie would surely shake things up. His anti-worker stance in New Jersey has been popular among conservatives, but hated by many others. Here are 5 reasons why Chris Christie would be a horrible president.

1. War on Workers – As we look around the country, the war on workers has grown. Conservative governors such as Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Rick Scott in Florida, have stepped on the average worker and union member as they’ve seen their rights stripped away at every turn. Chris Christie is one of the names on the list that has gone after union rights. In order to get his budget under control, instead of asking the wealthiest members of his state to contribute, Christie attacked union members and forced them into pension and health care cuts and froze their raises in the future.

2. Anti-Education – Like many other conservatives, the attack on public education is nothing new. Republicans look to privatize schools, manipulate the curriculum and cut more spending out of their budget to preserve the tax breaks for the wealthiest members of their state. Christie has cut over $1 billion in public education since coming into office, which effects both teachers and students. Public education cuts have more to do than just tightening the budget, they are also a great way to break apart public sector unions. Public school teachers are part of a larger public sector union, which are one of the top contributors to Democratic campaigns. Like his Republican friends, Christie looks to destroy unions in order to weaken the Democratic party, even at the expensive of working Americans.

3. Destroying Social Security – Out of all the government programs, none has stood the test of time and been as successful as Social Security. Before the great President Franklin Roosevelt signed Social Security into law, over 75% of seniors lived in poverty, today that number is less than 10%. Chris Christie has followed the GOP stance on Social Security and calls for privatization and raising the retirement age. Currently, seniors over the age of 65 receive benefits. Christie and the Republicans have looked to raise the retirement age to close to 70, forcing the elderly to work even longer despite the average life expectancy in the US to be only 73. While Democrats look to preserve the program, Christie and the Republicans look to destroy it.

4. Christie, of course, loves the rich – While middle-class families lost their property tax rebates, got kicked out of health care programs and schools lost over $1 billion in funding causing massive tuition hikes, Chris Christie pushed to give tax breaks to top income earners. The “token” line of defense for Christie and the Republicans is that if you lower taxes, businesses will want to stay in the state, build and create jobs. This is proven to be false on many occasions. Many pharmaceutical companies have left Christie’s state of New Jersey and headed for states like California and Massachusetts not because of the tax rate, but because they have better research and development centers. Cutting taxes on the rich at the expensive of the middle-class is not just wrong, but deplorable.

5. His Health – When discussing a political candidate, people should stay away from personal matters unless it would really be detrimental to the office. Chris Christie has been criticized, and rightfully so, for his out of control weight problem. Christie has had a history of medical problems, and was even taken to the emergency room in July because of severe breathing problems and an asthma attack. Obesity is one of the leading causes of heart failure, and Christie is the perfect example of someone who needs to take better care of themselves. The issue with Christie’s weight has nothing to do with his politics, but maybe instead of trying to take care of the country, he should try to take care of himself first.

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Pallone, Holt Tour New and Improved Tinton Falls Veterans Clinic

Tinton Falls, NJ – Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. and Congressman Rush Holt Monday held a ribbon-cutting to recognize the reopening of the Department of Veterans Affairs Community-based Outpatient Clinic in Monmouth County. The clinic in its new location has been expanded and the majority of the clinic’s services are now on one level to make it easier for physically challenged patients to get around the facility.

“I believe we accomplished the goals we had in mind for our area veterans as we relocated the facility, expanding services, minimally disrupting the medical services veterans rely on and relocating the facility close enough so it’s still convenient,” said Pallone. “Just because the Army made an ill-advised, misguided decision to close Ft. Monmouth, that doesn’t mean veterans who still need specialized medical care should be affected.”
Benefits of the Tinton Falls location include a larger space to care for veterans, expanded clinical services, additional specialized support for veterans currently returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and improved accessibility. Currently, 2,827 are enrolled to receive care at the facility.
“After the Army’s misguided decision to close Fort Monmouth, we committed to working with the VA to ensure that local veterans will continue to have access to the medical care that they rely on and have earned,” said Holt. “The new clinic marks a significant step toward fulfilling that commitment, and it will provide a wide and growing range of services to local veterans.”
Improved services include expanded Telehealth Services, social work services and nutrition psychiatry and laboratory services.
The clinic schedule is 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with extended hours on Thursdays, beginning October 6, 2011, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Veterans can call the Tinton Falls clinic (732-842-4751) to schedule appointments.

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