Letter: In Middletown, support Grenafege, Fowler

The following letter appears in yesterdays’ Asbury Park Press:

As we approach Tuesday, Nov. 8, I am reminded daily of the serious issues facing Middletown.

Last year, Sean Byrnes and I ran on those very same issues. Unfortunately, the voters chose to vote for more of the same, primarily due to the national political climate.

Although unsuccessful, we did manage to get more than 2,000 voters to cross party lines and vote for us. They recognized that party affiliation should not be a factor when it comes to local politics. It’s all about who will manage our taxes more wisely and prudently. It’s all about our leaders representing the people they were elected to serve, not a political party.

Anyone opposing the Republican candidates faces an uphill battle. We have a political machine firmly entrenched in Middletown for more than 30 years, which has controlled everything.

There is no way the Republicans can blame another party for the problems we are facing. Yet due to their continued mismanagement, our debt has ballooned to more than $72 million. One-party government has failed in Middletown; it’s time we hold those in charge accountable.

Voters have another opportunity this November to choose candidates who represent honesty and integrity, candidates who will respect the needs of all the residents of Middletown and not the elite few.

Those candidates are Jim Grenafege and Carol Fowler.

Mary Mahoney

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