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Another daytime robbery in Lincroft!!! Beware! — White Oak Ridge Road

Evidently there was yet another daytime burglary in the Lincroft/Oak Hill section of Middletown yesterday. I was forwarded the email below from someone who received it earlier today.

Unless an arrest is made in this case, you wont read about this burglary in any news report or Police Blotter as it is the policy of the Middletown Police department not to announce any information unless the perpetrators of the crime are first apprehended.

Let this be a warning to all residents that even though, when you leave your house witht he doors locked, do not leave money or possible other valuables laying around in plain sight (not that this was the case in this instance). It only take a few minutes for someone to ransack and rummage through a home, you don’t want to make it any easier for the theft than you have to.

Remain vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles or individuals in your neighborhood and don’t hessitate to call the police, friends or neighbors if you have questions or concerns about anything that looks out of place in the area.

Date: Oct 31, 2011 8:30:32 PM
Subject: Another Robbery

Hello Friends – I am sorry you have to keep receiving these emails, but I wanted to let you know OUR house was robbed today. They had a very small window of opportunity, from about 12:30 until 1:15. When I pulled up our driveway I noticed our front door was wide open. So the first thing that went thru my head was “those darn cleaning ladies!” I have been using them for years, they come once a month, and I was home when they arrived today at 10:30. They also let themselves out around 12:30 thru the garage and close it by pressing a button (no codes or anything).

So when I saw the front door I immediately thought our indoor cats may have gotten out so I ran thru the front door and was calling for them – – went upstairs and that’s when i noticed all the contents of my “unmentionables ” drawers were dumped on the floor. I have another set of drawers in my closet but that appears to have not been touched. I immediately called the police and they told me to get out asap .

THANKFULLY, due to all of the other incidents we have been hearing about (The Totilos, Hubbard Ave., ) we have been taking precautions and most of our valuables are in a safe, and I only keep about $40 in cash upstairs – which they found. They took ALL of my costume jewelry and unfortuately a few sentimental diamond pieces that I frequently wear, I just wasnt wearing them today, unfortunately. Other than that, it looks like they didn’t even make it into the girls’ bedrooms (computers/cameras/ipods all in full view) and nothing else was touched in the house. They gained entry by kicking in our door that is in the back of the garage – it was bolted/locked but the whole thing came off the wall. The detective was able to lift a big footprint off of it. From there the robber(s) let himself in thru our mudroom door which is always unlocked.

I am telling you all these details because hopefully you can make some adjustments in your lifestyles which can prevent anything like this from happening to you. I actually had the name of our alarm co. on my “to do ” list today because one of our zones has been a little funky. THe police also mentioned that they think these guys are related to the Totilo incident and have “quite a few leads”. Let’s hope they get them soon, and I am thanking God we are all safe.

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Letter: Middletown GOP to blame for poor fiscal policies

The following letter appears online today at the Asbury Park Press:

In his Oct. 21 letter, “Real solutions to problems put Middletown on right track,” Mayor Anthony Fiore admitted that Middletown government is derailed. I could not agree more.

True to form, he falsely blames years of excessive spending, unnecessary bonding, escalating taxation and debt, all cradled in Republican mismanagement, on the Middletown Democrats who somehow magically made elected Republicans spend our tax dollars. This is just more empty rhetoric to go with decades of empty promises.

After Fiore strong-armed $500,000 from library funds, took $350,000 for the second year in a row from sewerage authority fees and used $1.3 million in public education funds, his so-called fiscal discipline required a 12 percent tax increase to cover $45 million of a $62 million budget. This lack of incumbent Republican fiscal discipline has Middletown looking at a projected $2 million shortfall for 2012.

Ask Mayor Fiore if he has a real solution. Past Republican practice points at raising taxes. During his term, he has contributed 22 percent to a 40 percent increase in taxes over the last five years. Past practice also points at adding to our $70 million debt, which has increased 66 percent over the same five years.

Finally, at least $2.4 million of $4 million in “cuts” claimed by Mayor Fiore were onetime nonrecurring expenses that were never part of the 2011 budget.

Put a stop to more than 30 years of poor fiscal policy and borrowing. Please help our community get back on track. Vote for James Grenafege and Carol Fowler.

James Grenafege

Middletown Township Committee candidate

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