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Colts Neck Candidate Rick Ambrosia’s Message To Voters

To the voters of Colts Neck

Well, the election is nearly upon us now…..

I need you to do two things on November 8th. First and foremost, vote NO on the referendum to have our Open Space Tax fund diverted to the Recreation Department. This is wrong on a number of levels, the least of which is that it would put more funds into the hands of not only the Township Committee to do with as they please, but also in the hands of the Recreation Director. That appointment still can’t pass the smell test. It was given to a former Mayor and Committeeman just because. He had no qualifications and no one else was ever vetted for the position. It was a plum patronage job, that I would suspect, was given to pad a pension. As I said last time, I think the taxpayers and the public would have been better served if we had reached out for resumes and picked the person that was the most qualified instead of the person that received this largesse because he had friends on the Township Committee. Shameful.

Not only that, but at the Township Committee meeting on October 12th, it was revealed that the Township Committee was already preparing to spend those tax funds on the turf from Giants Stadium. They are so confident that the referendum will pass, that they’re already thinking of ways to spend, spend, and spend the dollars that will come their way. So please, vote NO on giving your hard earned tax dollars to the Recreation Director.

The second thing I would like you to do…and there’s no surprise here, is to vote for me with a BULLET vote. There is nothing wrong with voting for only ONE person for Township Committee. This would certainly send a clear message to the elite few that we, as taxpayers, are not going to take it anymore. That they just expect you to vote in favor of diverting the open space funds should tell you where their loyalties lie. And, it’s certainly not with the people that have to pay for their folly. I want to be the eyes, ears and mouth for the regular guy that works hard and pays his taxes. We need someone on the Committee that will fight for us and not just go along to get along.

So, to recap, please VOTE NO on diverting our Open Space Funds to the Recreation Department and VOTE YES for Rick Ambrosia.

Thank you…and remember, you DO have a voice this election day. Go out and be heard and vote.

Rick Ambrosia
Democratic Candidate for Township Committee

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(click image to enlarge)

In the name of open and transparent government, many towns throughout the area televise their township committee meeting, Middletown however does not.

What are Tony Fiore and the Middletown Republican majority trying to hide, why wont they agree to televise Middletown’s Township Committee meetings?

It’s already been determined that there has been grant money available in the past to do so. It has been said that an informed electorate is a knowledgeable electorate.

Are the Middletown Republicans afraid to televise meeting because they worry about what voters will learn if the channel of their televisions are tuned into a Township Committee meeting? Indifference by some, arrogance by other, a township attorney who speaks instead of letting duly elected officials answer questions and who sneers and snickers at residents who address the Committee, are just a small sample of what residents would learn if they could watch township meetings in the comfort of their homes.

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Freeholder Amy Mallet; Brookdale Board of Trustees Needs Turnover

11/3/11 –

Today the Asbury Park Press printed an editorial titled “No New Terms for Two Trustees“. They were referring to the fact that two individuals on the Board of Trustees at Brookdale Community College have terms that are expiring soon. It is up to the Board of Chosen Freeholders to renew their terms for another four years or choose to replace them with other candidates.

It is my position to replace all members of the board who allowed the rubber stamping of contracts and budgets to pass with such minimal review. Freeholder Burry sees it differently… and her point of view is described by the APP as “mystifying”. Quoting directly from the press:
Burry said, “It’s so easy to get emotional and say, ‘throw all the bums out.’ That’s not emotion. That is simply common sense.”

Common sense also tells us that Freeholder Burry is not looking out for the best interests of Monmouth County. Until recently the attorney who represented Brookdale was, at the same time, Freeholder Burry’s campaign treasurer. It’s clear where her allegiance is… mine is to the people of Monmouth County.

I have been promoting term limits for Monmouth County’s seven autonomous boards, including Brookdale’s Board of Trustees. There are many organizations from churches to Girl Scouts to hospitals that have term limits for their boards. It promotes a healthy turnover and fresh ideas… it is simply common sense!

With the election coming this Tuesday, November 8, I hope you remember this when you go to the polls. Please cast your votes for my running mate, Bill Shea, and me so we can stand up for your needs. We put “People Before Politics”!

Freeholder Amy Mallet

p.s. If you would like to see the editorial click here.

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