An Open Letter to Middletown Residents About Independent Candidate Richard Morrill

The following letter was forwarded to me by Independent Candidate For Middletown Township Committee Richard Morrill, who asked if I would post it. The letter was written by a Mr. Dwight Kehoe who expresses his support for Richard Morrill’s candidacy:

A Friend of Middletown
November 7, 2011
By Dwight Kehoe

This Tuesday Middletown will once again go to the polls and either elect or re-elect politicians. Some good and some…. not so much.

As everyone that has paid attention to Middletown township politics over the last 3 decades knows, one party has pretty much had control. The results have not been stellar. Taxes have gone up, waste continues as programs and services overlap while the burden being placed on the hard working people of Middletown perpetually escalates.

It is not my opinion that the Democrats would have done any better.

In fact, if history is any clear barometer of the future, things would most likely be even worse. The point here is that when those in leadership, from any political party, do not feel enough pressure to do the tough work required to protect their constituents, as a result of consistent and continued dominance, good things rarely happen.

This past year a historic occurrence took place in NJ.

I’m not talking about the the elections of 2010. The event of which I write took place in a small town in north west Jersey called Vernon. One party, dwelling in decades of political dominance, continued to disregard the will of the people. Even those that helped elect them were ignored. What did the good people do? They fired the entire lot from the Mayor on down through the council.

This coming Tuesday, Middletown residents do not need to fire everyone but they will have a chance to break up the party domination and put an honest, reliable and dedicated public service individual on the township committee.

Independent, Mr. Richard Morrill

Richard will do the right things for Middletown. With no affiliation to any one except the people, Richard won’t be a part of the problems, he’ll work to solve them. Middletown needs a smart and strong willed representative on their side. Rich will be that person if you elect him this Tuesday.

I have known Richard for close to 20 years and I am proud to call him a friend. For years we have have played golf together and have become as close as two non relatives could be. I tell you this because during those years, when Rich was not running for any office, he always talked about the problems facing Middletown. He truly cared about the waste and redundancies he saw in the township.

Richard has not changed. He continues to care about the people of Middletown but now he has decided to try and make a difference. He needs your help on Tuesday so he can begin that excursion.

Please understand that even though I am a Tea Party activist, I represent no Tea Party in this endorsement of Rich. He is my friend and I truly believe in his dedication and desire to make things right in Middletown.

Also, many of you that know me, know I am steadfastly opposed to supporting 3rd party candidates for statewide and National elections. This is different. This election for the council needs an infusion of independent thought and energy. Richard Morrill will not let the people of Middletown down. I can promise you that.

This election Tuesday is very important and TPATH urges every voter to vote the Republican Line in every Senate and Assembly race. Governor Christie needs a Republican Assembly and Senate to continue his work to bring New Jersey back to its rightful place as one of the greatest states in this wonderful country.

Dwight Kehoe

Just because I posted this letter doesn’t mean that I agree with the opinion of the writer but any vote for Richard Morrill is a vote against Fiore and Murray and I can live with that.

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