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Crime Scene Middletown: Local Crime Statistics Mirror County’s But Appear To Be On The Rise For 2011

The Asbury Park Press has an article posted about the rising crime rate for Monmouth and Ocean Counties. It states that according to the NJ State Police Uniform Crime Report for 2010 incidents of major crime( violent crimes of murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, and the nonviolent crimes of burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft) rose by 7% in Ocean County and 4% in Monmouth County in the year following 2009.

Seeing how I reside in Middletown, which has a population of 67,000 residents spreadout over 42 square miles, I am not really interested in what is happening in Ocean County, I’m more interested in what’s happening closer to home.

According to the APP article:

In Monmouth County, most categories of violent crime remained stable, although aggravated assaults fell 11 percent. The increase in overall major crimes in Monmouth County was partly attributable to a 6.5 percent uptick in the number of burglaries, from 2,528 to 2,694.

Monmouth County saw a 24 percent jump in the number of arrests for the sale or manufacture of drugs, from 455 to 562

After reading the full article it made me a bit curious about what has been going on in Middletown over this same time period, what I found locally seems to have mirrored what happened county wide.

In Middletown, while the crime index for 2010 rose a mere 0.84% over the 2009 index (12.39 vs 13.23), the incidents of Part I Crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery, Agg. Assault,Burglary, Larceny, Auto Theft, Arson) rose 5.2% (2009/828 vs 2010/873) and the incidents of Part II Crimes (Simple Assaut,Forgery, Fraud, Embezzlement,Vandalism, Weapons, Other Sex Offenses, Disorderly Conduct and Other) rose 13% (2009/4454 vs 2010/5111).

I found this information posted on the Middletown Township website posted under the Police Department link for the year to date Crime Stats. I’ve been keeping an eye on these statistics for most of the year, after I discovered them posted on the Township website a number of months ago. The stat sheet compares the crime index and incidents of crime in Middletown going back to 2002 and has been recently updated to include incidents of crime through October 2011.

Looking at the reported numbers thus far for 2011, it seems that the crime rate in Middletown will be somewhat higher than it was in 2010. With two months left to report crime statistics, Part I type crimes total 690 while Part II type crimes total 3932. Interestingly (or not), the arrest rate is also up over last year thus far (1599),which I suppose should be expected given the increase in incidents.

Calls for service is also up sharply and should exceed last years total of 45,587 which is staggering to me when you consider how understaffed Middletown’s Police Department is,on the flip side of that however, is that the number of summonses written thus far this year. It seems that summonses issued should also top the total of 6,473 that were issued in 2010.

Given the numbers, I think members of Middletown’s Police Department should be commended for the hard work and effort they give keeping us all safe during this time of increased criminal activity.

Residents are quick to criticize when response times are slow or when they see a police car parked on the side of the road with an officer just sitting there seeming to be doing nothing and are slow to give credit for a job well done under stressful circumstances.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Pilgrim Porky

Here’s a little history lesson for those that were wondering about the Mayflower and its journey to the new world, while it may not be 100% accurate it is entertaining. So sit back with that bowl of Cheerios and enjoy a cartoon.

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President Obama’s Weekly Address 11/19/11: Creating an Economy Built to Last

WASHINGTON—In this week’s address, President Obama spoke from Indonesia and told the American people that during his trip to the Asia Pacific, he has made progress opening up markets to support thousands of American jobs and keep us on track to double American exports by 2014. The President’s trip underscores his belief that our businesses will always be successful competing around the world and that he will continue to do everything possible to create jobs for the American people.


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Vote On Delaware River Basin Fracking Ban Postponed

Readers of this blog know my stance on the hydraulic fracturing(fracking) shale in order to release natural gas deposits that were unattainable before the process was developed, I have posted about its potential harm to our enviroment and drinking water supplies numerous times in the past which you can read HereHere and Here .

Until it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the process is not harmful to the environment or to our drinking water supplies the practice of fracking should be haulted. Fresh clean, drinkable water is becoming scarce and harder to find, thus it is becoming a precious commodity that shouldn’t be messed with.

So the vote yesterday morning to postponing the upcoming Monday mornings vote to approve the process in and along the Delaware River Basin (a key fresh water source for residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware) is welcomed news.

Accoding to the Star-Ledger environmental groups are pleased with this postponment:

Environmentalists greeted the vote postponement as a major victory, and for grassroots activism. Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, said the anti-fracking contingent would still be demonstrating in Trenton on Monday morning as previously planned, despite the cancellation.

“There’s still going to be a showing — to send a message, largely,” she said.

“As long as there is a delay, we can continue working toward getting a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware basin,” added Jeff Tittel, executive director of the Sierra Club’s New Jersey chapter. “We need to keep the pressure up on Governor Christie and the Obama administration to stop these weak rules from moving forward.”

You can read the more about the postponement …. Here

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Rush Holt; Polluters Should Pay Once Again

Posted from Congressman Holt’s newletter

Last week, I toured two toxic cleanup sites in Middlesex County that are being restored to health by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program which requires polluters to pay for the cleanup of sites they have contaminated.

A few years ago, these sites were toxic dumps, unsafe for anyone to live or work. One had hosted incinerators for photographic film and circuit boards; the other had been home to a chemical plant used in the production of oil field chemicals and anti-corrosive agents. In both areas, toxic chemicals had leached into the soil and groundwater. Without intervention, the sites would have been unsafe for human habitation for decades, even centuries.

Now they are on track to be fully restored for public use. That is a testament to the potential of the Superfund, and it is evidence of the remarkable work of the Environmental Protection Agency – an agency that is so often the target of political attacks precisely because it is so effective in standing up against polluters.

The Superfund law originally required highly polluting industries to also pay for the cleanup of “orphan sites” where no specific polluter could be identified. More recently, however, Republicans in Congress have blocked efforts to require polluters to pay into the Superfund “orphan” cleanup fund.

Partly as a result, the Superfund is dramatically underfunded, delaying efforts to clean up hundreds of toxic waste sites across New Jersey and the country. Even worse, taxpayers – rather than polluters – are now being forced to take on the burden of cleaning up these “orphan” toxic industrial sites. This is simply a wrongheaded and wasteful way to use our very limited tax dollars.


Rush Holt
Member of Congress

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