It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 22- 11/21/11

The current edition of It’s Your Town Newsletter is here and covers the only Middletown NJ Township Committee meeting that took place for the month of November held on November 21,2011.

This meeting included the passing of an ordinance that approved the rezoning of the Bamm Hollow property as a result of settling a lawsuit out of court. There was also an ordinance introduced for the purpose of increasing the number of members to be appointed to the board of the Middletown Public Library.
Currently there are 7 board trustees serving the Middletown Library, this ordinance will increase the number who serve as Library Board Trustees to 9.
The problem with this is that the Township Committee, which appoints the trustees to the Library Board, will handpicked loyal Republican cronies to serve on the library board, which will then make it easier in the future for the Township Committee to raid surplus and reserved library funds for its own use, as it did earlier this year when it extorted nearly $500,000 from the library (threatening that the library would be held responsible for police lay-offs if the money was not given up), in order to balance the Township budget.
A public hearing on the ordinance will take place at the December 19,2011 Township Committee meeting.

The bill lists that were included with this edition did not scanned well therefore some of the pages are missing information on the left side of the page.

Guest blogger Linda Baum has written a post concerning the appointment of new members to the Middletown Library Board and what it will mean to those who already sit on the board and for those who run Middletown’s governing body and how it will effect the library in general.
I will post it later today, in the meantime you can read the latest newsletter…. Here

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