Giants v. Jets for Princess – Week 16

It’s Christmas Eve and week 16 of the NFL season is upon us, with all the holiday happenings swirling around the past few day, I lost track of the days. I thought I had an extra day to get ready for the big NY showdown between the Giants and the Jets today. Luckily Princess the Camel didn’t.

Both the Giants and the Jets are playng for their playoff lives today. If the Giants lose to the Jets today they’re done and might as well go home and spend New Years Day with their families instead of with the Cowboys in MetLife Stadium. If the Jets lose to the Giants, mathematically they’re not finished, they still have a chance of making the playoffs with a lot of help from others, which is unlikely.

So who does Princess like today? Well she is sticking with her favorite and picking the Giants over the Jets today.

“…This is a tough one, anything can happen. It’s almost like one of them is going to win by accident. I know Rex is going to have his defense psyched for the game but somehow I think the Giants defense is going to be better and if Eli can get his game together the Giants should win!…”

Well, we’ll see. Princess (and I) thought that last week the Giants were going to prevail against the Redskins and we know how that turned out.

For those keeping track, Princess’s pick record stands at 9(W) – 6(L) thus far this year.

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