Letter: No Trustee Appointments

The following letter was received from Mr. Bob Latsch

A recent article in the Asbury Park Press stated that two appointees will be added to the Middletown Township Public Library’s Board of Trustees. Once before the Township Committee absconded with library funds to fill a hole in the township’s budget deficit. The voters as usual had nothing to say about this! Why?

Now with two trustee appointments along with the first current appointment, lets the mayor have voting control, control enough to take taxpayer funds as needed. These two appointees will not for the betterment of the Library, no they are there to control for Committee and Mayor not the Library or cardholders.
Trustees such as the last appointee are there at the behest of the mayor to do his bidding, appointments should not be. The right way is to have the library select the trustees then the public vote to accept or not.
The Middletown Public Library is just that, public for all. It is not a bank or cookie jar for the mayor to take from for holes in his budget. The appointed cronies have to go, let the voting public decide on trusteeship.
Bob Latsch
Belford, NJ

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