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Breaking News – Randall Gabrielan Resigns As President Of Middletown Library Board

It has come to my attention that Middletown Library Board of Trustees President Randall Gabrielan has sent a letter to Middletown mayor Tony Fiore and the Township Committee, stating his intentions of resigning his postion on theMiddletown Library Board of Trustees as a result of inappropriately signing off on purchase vouchers for a number of local history books written by him and that were directly sold through him, to the library.

In the letter sent to mayor Fiore, Gabrielan states, “… after the reading of a far-reaching interpretation in a decision of the Office of Administrative Law in a Local Finance Board case, I understand that signing vouchers for my minor sales constitutes a violation as the small amounts involved do not matter. Accordingly, I here by resign as president and trustee of the Middletown Township Public Library effective this date.”

More on this news later….

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