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>Congratulations To Rush Holt And Frank Pallone for Kicking Ass And Taking No Prisoners

>Congratulations go out to Congressman Rush Holt for his victory at the polls yesterday. It was a hard fought victory that I wasn’t sure he was going to win but he pulled it out with 55% of the total vote.

I don’t think his challenger Scott Sipprelle, knew what hit him in the end after crushing Holt in Monmouth County with over 60% of the Monmouth voters supporting him.
I am proud today to still be able to boast, that my Congressman is a Rocket Scientist!

I also wish to congratulate Congressman Frank Pallone on his huge defeat of Tea Partier Anna Little and her “army” of of over zealous wingnuts, who often confronted individuals that they perceived to be supporting anyone other than Anna Little. I heard a number of stories from people that were confronted and harassed by Little supporter at train stations through out the 6th District, that type of behavior by campaign supporters should not be tolerated by any candidate, at any time.

Pallone easily routed Little and her army and walked away from the battlefield that was the 6th congressional district with 55% – 43% margin of victory, even though he too lost Monmouth County.
Both the Holt and Pallone victories should be held up to all those that doubted their resolve or chances at winning their races, they both stood by their records and were rewarded for it. Many of those that lost races yesterday should have taken a page from the Holt or Pallone handbook by standing firmly in front of what they believed in, instead of trying to hide behind or blame others.


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>APP: Re-elect Holt to Congress

>Here’s some good news for the Congressman, Rush Holt, the Asbury Park Press today has endorsed his return to Washington in today’s editorial. I’m also happy to endorse the Congressman’s return to Washington D.C as my representative in Congress, I think that the APP got it right with this one:

The voters of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District are faced with as stark a choice in candidates as they have seen in some time.

The incumbent, Democrat Rush Holt, is, by any standard, a liberal standard-bearer and has been for the past dozen years he’s been in Congress. Scott Siprelle, his Republican challenger, formerly a managing director at Morgan Stanley and now head of Westland Ventures, a Princeton-based investment firm, is so far right as to be off the charts.

Holt, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is an eminently decent, bright man who has represented his district well and should be returned to Washington. Holt, who was assistant director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and taught at Swarthmore College before entering Congress, helped create the New Jersey Technology Center to build jobs.

Holt’s support for the health care reform bill will help stop insurance companies from putting lifetime limits on what they will pay for care, prevent them from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and expand coverage to the uninsured. He voted for legislation making certain that property taxes can be deducted from one’s income taxes. And his support for the environment is long-standing.

Siprelle offers little more than current GOP/Tea Party talking points — or, rather, a single talking point: saying “No!” to every Democratic initiative over the last two years without offering much in the way of new ideas. He seems to long for a return to the policies that led the country into the Great Recession, including extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. And when he does come up with ideas, they are nonstarters.

For those suffering the effects of the poor economy — the unemployed, for example — Siprelle offers this suggestion on his campaign website: “Set the level of unemployment benefits at a modest discount to the minimum wage so that no one receives more for not working than they do for working. This will accelerate the adjustment of laid-off workers to the reality of today’s labor markets” — as if the only thing that will get the unemployed back to work is cutting their unemployment checks.

Siprelle constantly attacks Holt as being “out of touch” with his constituents. This criticism is almost laughable, coming as it does from a Wall Street wheeler-dealer — one who believes health insurers should be allowed to refuse to insure those with pre-existing conditions and that the federal government has no role in education policy.

Independent candidate Kenneth J. Cody, running on an amorphous platform based on election finance reform, promoting bipartisanship and “fixing the economy,” clearly is not ready to become a member of Congress.

Holt deserves to be returned to Washington.

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>Holt or Sipprelle? Look (and learn) before you leap

>The following Op-Ed appeared in the Times of Trenton yetserday and was posted on

When we get frustrated, we get cranky. And when we get cranky, we sometimes do stupid things that wind up hurting us. We’re on the verge of that right now.

Washington frustrates everyone at the moment. And so, the mood in the electorate is: “Throw out all those bums in Washington — get rid of the whole bunch!” This makes it a bad time to be an incumbent, and a fine time to be a challenger offering simplistic nostrums that appeal to cranky people who are not thinking clearly.

But each campaign is still a choice between two individuals, not between “the incumbents” and “the challengers.” Depending on which of the two individual candidates the voters in each district and state send to Congress, voters’ frustration will either swell or diminish in the years that follow.

In New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, the choice between those two individuals could not possibly be more stark, so voters here could not possibly have a greater duty to understand the profound differences between them.

One is a legislator respected on both sides of the aisle, the other a man who made millions on Wall Street. Looking at their respective positions on critical issues, it is apparent that their personal life experiences shape their perspectives and policies. Challenger Scott Sipprelle is a super-smart financier who amassed an enormous fortune and aims to sustain both his own wealth and that of others who have figured out how to get rich. Incumbent Rep. Rush Holt, D-Hopewell, is a super-smart scientist who studies the interconnections between cause and effect in our society and aims to ensure that sound-bite solutions don’t bite us back. A few examples illustrate these differences:

Rep. Holt has been a driving force in Congress to establish an agency dedicated to protecting consumers from the kinds of flimsy “investments” that proved so deceptive even professional financiers got snookered, wreaking havoc with the U.S. economy and American families from coast to coast. Scott Sipprelle opposes this protection and thinks consumers who invest should fend for themselves.

Rush Holt insists on fiscal responsibility through congressional adherence to the pay-as-you-go (“PayGo”) legislation passed during the Clinton administration, which balances any new expenditure with commensurate cuts and/or new revenues. Scott Sipprelle favors the Bush tax policy of breaks for the very rich and for corporations. PayGo brought about a balanced budget, while the Bush policies created calamitous debts and deficits. Extending breaks for the very rich will add $700 billion more debt for our children to pay off.

Rush Holt has worked to strengthen Medicare, which provides the most cost-effective health care in the U.S. He realizes that there are certain times — maybe not a lot, but some — when the federal government is actually more efficient and wiser than private industry. Meanwhile, Scott Sipprelle thinks that our trillions of dollars in Social Security should now be handed over to Wall Street financiers — the same folks whose feckless derivative vehicles and reckless manipulations have brought the U.S. to the brink of a second Great Depression.

Rush Holt sees that American schools are in serious trouble and understands the implications for sapping our global competitiveness, not to mention stunting the lives of ill-educated individuals. So he is supporting strong initiatives to improve schools’ science and math programs. Scott Sipprelle reportedly would abolish the Department of Education….

Read More >>> Here

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>Sipprelle a no-show on Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test

>Here is an interesting piece of information about the Republican 12th Congressional District Candidate Scott Sipprelle, who is hoping to defeat Congressman Rush Holt this November. If you happen to live in 12th Congressional District, you might be even more interested in this information.

Scott Sipprelle either failed or refused to respond to repeated requests by Project Vote Smart–a bi-partisan voter education group dedicated to good government–to indicate his positions on a broad range of issues of importance to voters in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. What does he have to hide?

I looked at the question and answer pages for Rush Holt and found the questions to be rather generic, nothing out of the ordinary that make one feel that they would be hurting themselves if they answered them. Questions on abortion, health care, gun control, and spending are just a few that Project Vote Smart was asking candidates for their position on. Questions that you would think would play right into the hands of a conservative like Sipprelle. I guess he thought otherwise.

His non-response doesn’t surprise me, they way that the Republican Party has been campaigning this year, not wanting the public to know who their candidates are and blurring the lines between them and tea partyers. They just hit the media with anti-incumbant material and provide no solutions of their own.

Here is the link page for Scott Sipprelle, you’ll notice that he did not respond to any of the questions:

By contrast, Rush Holt responded promptly and fully more than a month ago to the same request, and you can see his responses in the link below:

Those that are interest and live in the 12th Congressional District want to contact Mr. Sipprelle’s office (at 609-356-0320) and ask his people why he won’t provide voters the information necessary for them to make an informed decision.

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Rush Holt on health care vote: Decision made after weighing all the arguments

Congressman Rush Holt has an excellent opinion piece in the Asbury Park Press today explaining his decision to support health care reform. He writes about those throughout the 12th congressional district who have written to or have spoken to him about their needs and concerns over this issue. And he is convinced that the reform that he supported and that was signed into law by President Obama will have a lasting positive inpact on his constituants.

“Listen to me” the placard read, held by the demonstrator. As Congress prepared to vote on the health reform legislation, I heard from passionate supporters for reform and against reform. The most passionate advocates argued that if I had listened to them, I would vote exactly the way they wanted me to. In fact, I did listen to them and lots of others.

Throughout the debate over health insurance reform, I talked with patients, seniors, doctors, nurses, small business owners and others to learn their perspectives. I heard from those unsure about the health care bill, but certain that the current system isn’t working for them. I value and understand the concerns raised during this debate.

For me, the debate about health insurance reform always has been about the families who struggle to secure and afford the coverage they need. It’s about patients with diabetes or cancer who can’t even obtain insurance. It’s about the small business owners who face rising costs paying for employees’ health insurance costs. It’s about seniors who can’t pay for their prescription drugs. It’s about the woman who explained that her father died because he did not have access to good health care. It’s about the hard-working, upstanding family forced to declare bankruptcy because their insurance company cancelled their coverage when their daughter’s illness became expensive.

When I voted for the health care package, I did so on behalf of the many thousands of New Jersey residents who desperately need greater control over their health care. My vote was for a constituent from Marlboro, who wrote me about his daughter-in-law who was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she has good coverage now, he believes she will have to stop working when she undergoes her cancer treatments, causing her to lose her insurance.

Because of reform, she can continue to have health coverage if she has to change jobs. She will be able to purchase coverage at group rates through a new insurance marketplace and have help with her insurance premiums to make sure they are affordable. She will not have to worry about being discriminated against because she has breast cancer. In fact, no one in the U.S. will ever be discriminated against because they have a preexisting condition, which can include diabetes, epilepsy or even pregnancy.

Read more >>> Here


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Rush Holt Newsletter: Reducing Medical Errors

The following newsletter was issued Monday by the office of Congressman Rush Holt and sent to his many constituents in the 12th Congressional District via email. As usual, it has a lot of good information and show that Holt is on top of a wide array of issues that are of a concern to residents in his district:

Ten years ago the Institute of Medicine issued To Err is Human, a ground-breaking report that estimated that as many as 98,000 people died each year in U.S. hospitals because of medical errors. This staggering statistic, which is higher than the number of deaths due to traffic accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS, helped launch the modern patient safety movement.

In 2005, Congress passed the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act, which created patient safety organizations that share information about medical errors, adverse events, and “near misses” without fear of litigation. New Jersey has created a patient safety organization, the Institute for Quality and Patient Safety, which has successfully limited infections in intensive care units, reduced pressure ulcers, and helped hospitals implement medical emergency teams. Another key outcome of the patient safety movement has been greater transparency. Several new websites provide useful resources for patients considering health care options and hospital performance, including New Jersey Hospital Care Compare, the national Hospital Compare, and the New Jersey Hospital Performance Report.

Yet more work is required to improve patient safety. New research is needed to understand what treatments work best for different conditions. New incentives are needed to get coordinated medical care. New support is needed to encourage more hospitals to adopt the information technology systems that record a patient’s allergies and medical history.

Tuesday’s Telephone Town Hall

Last Tuesday, I hosted a telephone town hall meeting with Central New Jersey residents, where we discussed the numerous challenges facing our country, including job creation, health care reform, and energy sustainability. If you missed it, you can listen to a recording of it here. Town hall participants also were able to take part in interactive polls, including one where I asked how they get their health coverage. The results of this non-scientific survey were private insurance – 59 percent; Medicare – 37 percent; no coverage – 2 percent; uncertain – 2 percent; and Medicaid – 1 percent.

I will be holding another telephone town hall on Tuesday, February 9 at 7:45 p.m. If you would like to join the telephone town hall and automatically receive a call on February 9, please fill out the form on my home page.

Beware of Haiti Relief Scams

On Wednesday, I spoke on the House floor paying tribute to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. You can watch the speech here.

As I previously wrote, the American people time and time again have demonstrated tremendous generosity in response to tragedy. Unfortunately, such times also feature scam artists trying to take advantage of such generosity. The FBI issued a “Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert” which advises Internet users to adhere to certain guidelines, including avoiding unsolicited emails and verifying the legitimacy of a non-profit.


Member of Congress

P.S. Just a reminder: I always want to hear from you, but please don’t reply to this e-mail. Instead, please email me through my website at, or call me at 1-87-RUSH-HOLT (1-877-874-4658) to let me know what’s on your mind. Please also note that you may unsubscribe from this list by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this email.

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Video and Pictures Of "Health Care" From Outsdie Holt Town Hall in Middletown

I put together my last few pieces of video from the Rush Holt Town Hall Meeting on Health Care that was held in Middletown Wednesday night and included some pictures that were taken outside while the meeting was progressing inside.

This first video is mine, the last minute of which may be interesting to some because it shows how tense people were while waiting for Congressman Holt to arrive. A shouting match errupted and had to be broken up by Middletown police.

This second video was shot by a friend who did not make it into the procceedings, so hung around outside to see what Fair Haven mayor, Mike Halfacre had to say.

And here are a few pictures that I call “Faces of health care”, from outside and around the Middletown Arts Cultrural Center before the events took place.

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