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>Donate To The Campaigns Of Kevin Lavan and Patrick Short Before June 20th Fund Drive Ends and Volunteer Your Help

>Former Middletown Committeeman Patrick Short is running for NJ State Assembly along with the former Mayor of Hazlet Kevin Lavin. The two are up against an entrenched Republican opposition and need everyone’s help.

They are each committed to representing the people in the 13th District, especially the working middle class and seniors who live on a fixed income. They guarantee your voices will be heard in the Assembly if elected.

That is why it is so important that they raise enough funds to wage an effective campaign this November. They are currently in the middle of a very important fund raising drive that ends on June 20th. The results of this fund drive will be an early indication to those on the state level that Short and Lavan will be credible candidates and qualify them for matching funds.

Donations of any amount that you can spare are appreciated,donations of $5, $10, $20, $50 or more will go a long way and be put to good use in order to get the message out about who Patrick and Kevin are and how they can best represent the people of the 13th Legislative district, ensuring that the voices of the Northern Monmouth Bayshore and the rest of the 13th district is heard down in Trenton.

If you can not afford to donate money but would like to volunteer your time to the campaign,send a letter to the address below and let them know you are available to give in other ways, like phone banking, addressing envelopes or canvassing.

Any little bit helps.

Send donations or offers of support to:

Committee to Elect Cullen, Lavan & Short 2011
56 Fieldcrest Way
Hazlet, New Jersey 07730

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>NJ 12th District Senate Candidate Pledges to "Cut the Fat"

>Anyone that follows this blog on a regular basis knows Robert (Bob) Brown. Bob is a friend of mine whom I’ve gotten to know over the past 5 years, while he was busy running twice for the NJ State Assembly in the old 13th District in 2007 & 2009.

When I congratulated him on receiving the Democratic line for the open NJ State Senate seat in the new 12th legislative district, I asked him if he had anything that he wished to comment on for the blog and for any potential voters in his new district.

In pure Bob Brown fashion he asked me to pass along his pledge:

“I pledge to tighten my belt and cut the fat by losing 40 pounds between now and election day. I ask the Governor to share in the sacrifice and cut his fat first before cutting other peoples benefits.”

I can tell already that Bob Brown’s campaign for a State Senate seat will be one to remember and I wish him all the best!


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Mulshine: N.J. Suburbs Still Get No Respect

The Star-Ledger’s Paul Mulshine had a pretty good column today, he points out how Chris Christie is making a big mistake by trying to court urban voters at the expense of the suburban voters. Mulshine points out that it was Monmouth and Ocean Counties that pushed Christie over the top, not Essex or Hudson. Why would he expect to make inroads in counties that are clearly opposed to his ideals?

Also of interest to residents in the 13th District, Mulshine gives another shout-out to Bob Brown. Brown ran as a Democrat in District 13 against Amy Handlin and Sam Thompson and did a better than expected job at the polls.

According to an internal Republican opinion poll that was leaked, Brown actually was leading Thompson with a week and a half left in the race but was done in by the anti-Corzine tsunami that washed over the bayshore area.

It’s a good read, check it out:

After I wrote a column last week critical of Gov.-elect Chris Christie’s transition team, which is packed with Trenton insiders and McGreevey administration retreads, I got an e-mail from Bob Brown.

“Where is the average Joe, the taxpayer from the suburbs?” Bob asked.

Nowhere, that’s where. If Christie was in the mood to put Democrats on his team, then he might have considered a Democrat like his old Seton Hall Law School classmate Brown. Brown is an ex-cop from Old Bridge who ran for the Assembly as a Democrat more conservative than the incumbent Republicans.

Brown didn’t win. But he did succeed in highlighting the issue that should be the No. 1 priority of the incoming Republican administration. And that’s the need for property tax relief for the suburbs.

A Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released Friday revealed that “New Jerseyans want their taxes cut; no other priority comes close,” in the words of the poll directors. And the tax they most want to see cut is the property tax, the poll showed.

But Christie made it clear immediately following his victory that the cities, not the suburbs, are his first priority. He spent the day after the election visiting Newark to kiss the ring of Democratic party boss Steve Adubato.

After paying his respects to Essex County, which went for Gov. Jon Corzine by a 65,000-vote margin, he blew a kiss to Hudson County, which went Democratic by a 46,000-vote margin. He included on his team a member in good standing of the Hudson Democratic machine, state Sen. Sandra Cunningham.

As for the aforementioned “average Joe from the suburbs,” Christie will be making the transition without him, even though it was the suburbs that gave Christie his victory, specifically the suburbs in the middle of the state.

Patrick Murray of the Monmouth University Polling Institute notes that turnout was down this year in every county except Ocean and Monmouth. And those two counties voted Republican by unprecedented margins, 70,000 and 64,000 respectively. But Republicans can’t count on that happening again, Murray said.

“It’s not clear this was a sea change in the way in which Jerseyans vote,” said Murray. “It was clearly just an anti-Corzine vote.”
In Murray’s view, and mine, Corzine committed political suicide with that ill-fated 2007 tour of the state to win support for his plan to borrow $38 billion against future tolls. That was the main factor in his losses in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties, all of which are heavily dependent on the toll roads.

Another factor was Corzine’s decision not to go on radio station 101.5 FM, which hosted that “pigs will fly” Statehouse rally in early 2008. That decision meant that Corzine got bashed without rebuttal by the station’s always amusing talk-show hosts for two months leading up to the election.

This permitted Christie to win despite his strategy, which was to focus on the cities rather than the suburbs. That strategy was a failure.

“Look at Newark, they were upside down 32,000 for him,” said Steve Acropolis, who is mayor of Brick Township in Ocean County. “East Orange was upside-down 10,000 for him.”

What saved Christie were the big suburbs in the 101.5 listening area such as Brick, where he piled up an 11,000-vote margin, and Toms River, where he got his biggest margin, more than 12,000.

Yet in a post-election meeting with the Ocean County mayors, the governor-elect told them they can’t expect to be getting more state aid as a result of their support. Acropolis said the suburban mayors don’t want special favors, just an equal share of state aid.

“I don’t want him to say we gave him the second highest vote total so we’re going to get extra stuff,” said Acropolis. “I just want what’s fair for our residents.”

Suburban residents realize next year will be a tough one because of the budget problems facing the state, he said. But their patience has a limit.

“He’s got four years and if he doesn’t do anything, he’ll be a one-term governor,” said the mayor.

That’s not a threat so much as a cold reality. The new map of New Jersey politics is not a promising one for Republicans. Bergen County used to ring up Republican margins as reliably as Ocean or Morris. But Christie managed to lose Bergen by a small margin. As for the cities, Christie is now the third Republican gubernatorial nominee in a row to fail miserably in a try at breaking the Democratic stranglehold on the urban vote.

That leaves those midstate suburbs as the battleground for any future elections. And they produced those huge margins not out of any great love for Christie, but out of intense dislike for Corzine, said pollster Murray.

“Nothing motivates a voter like anger,” said Murray. “And Christie had better hope they’re not angry in 2013.”

If he keeps up the way he’s going, they will be. And not at the Democrat.

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Listen to Bob Brown, Democratic Candidate For NJ State Assembly District 13, In the Morning On NJ 101.5, Then Watch On The Strategy Room

Tomorrow is the last big day of campaigning for candidates and the two Democratic challengers for the State Assmebly out of district 13 are no exception.

Bob Brown will once again be featured on the NJ 101.5 radio station in the morning with host Jim Gearhart sometime between the hours 8am and 10am. Bob Brown, as some of you will recall, was a guest of Jim Gearhart 2 weeks ago and made such an impression on him, that Jim Gearhart endorsed him for State Assembly.
At 1 pm, Bob Brown will be making yet another appearence on Fox News’s “Stragey Room”. He will be sitting in on the segment ” News W/A View” hosted by Brian Kilmeade. Bob will be joined by guests Mike Baker-Former CIA Operative and President of Dilligence LLC and Bill Daly-Former FBI, Sr. VP of Control-Risks.
In the meantime Jim Grenafege, Bob Browns running mate in the 13th district, will be hitting up the local trian stations in the morning, meeting some hungry customers in a few local diners and then start knocking on doors throughout the district in a last minute push for votes.

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Bob Brown,Democratic Assembly Candidate for Distrct 13, To Appear on Radio 970 AM David Webb Show

This morning Nov. 1st, Democratic District 13 Assembly Candidate Bob Brown, will make an appearance on the “Grinder” David Webb radio program 970 Am ” The Apple of New York”.

Bob Brown will be calling into the program between the hour of 11:48 to 11:53 am to discuss the Bob Brown & Jim Grenafege Economic Plan for the 13th Legislative District and New Jersey.

David Webb is a Conservative Republican and nationally syndicated radio host who first met Bob Brown while appearing on the Fox News program the “Strategy Room” and has endorsed his candidacy for the NJ State Assembly.

Bob Brown has also been endorsed by the Star-Ledger’s Paul Mulshine, NJ 101.5 Morning Host Jim Gearhart, the NJ AFL-CIO and the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (PFANJ).
Tune in to hear what he has to say.


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Even Loud Mouths Vote !

Late last night I received and email from District 13 Assembly Candidate Bob Brown. He wanted to pass along a funny little story about what had happened to him earlier in day while putting out campaign signs.

The several people that he copied this email to also thought that it was very funny, including Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, who included Bob Brown’s email as part of his column today.
Here’s what Brown’s email said:
You may like this short story about putting out those political signs along the roadway.

After 4 hours of placing signs along the roads, I had this guy yell out his window, “Take Downs Those Signs!!!”. I told him to “Go F*&K Yourself”.

He stops the car and gets out yelling. “What did you say to me!”, I told you did you have a hard time hearing, I told you to “Go F^#K Yourself!”.

Then he yells “Are those signs for your friend or for you?”. I told him that I was the top name on that sign. He then backs down and says “Finally a politician with some backbone” and then
adds “That anyone that stands up to me, deserves my vote and my family’s vote”

I gave him my card directing him to my website and he was on his way.

The moral to the story, even loudmouths have a vote. The trick is to get them to vote for you.

Robert “Bob” Brown
Democratic Candidate
13th Leg. Dist, NJ State Assembly

P.S. I might be a Candidate and an Attorney but that old police attitude sometime gets out to settle matters and right to the point.

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Letter: Sean Dunne Independent Candidate, Adresses the 13th Legislative District

Dear all,

I read with interest the article in the Asbury Park Press that provided an endorsement of Amy Handlin and Samuel Thompson in the 13th District.

I was struck by the dishonesty of the article, and the generally poor standard of journalism that is found throughout the article. This was not driven by the fact that I was not the one endorsed, as I entered the meeting knowing an endorsement for an Independent candidate would be very unlikely. I was also well aware that my answers to your survey made it even more unlikely that I would receive the endorsement. My criticism is instead based upon the deception that is found throughout the article.

It’s unfortunate that people in this area are not given an accurate portrayal of the discussion that took place between the Asbury Park Press and political candidates. It is very useful to have a media outlet that is willing and able to analyze the platforms of various political candidates and provide various opinions from this analysis. However, the article published by the Asbury Park Press demonstrates how media outlets misquote candidates and exclude important information to deceive readers. Deception should not be a goal of our media.

Of course, your paper has every right to come to the conclusion that the three challengers “offered little to suggest they are worthy of supplanting the incumbents”. That is your subjective opinion, and the editorial is the place for this to be expressed. The same is true in relation to your opinion that I seem “ill-equipped to address the problems in Trenton, particularly spending”. Again, this is your opinion, and this is what readers are expecting to read when they turn to your editorials.

However, your selective reporting does not provide readers with an accurate portrayal of the meeting. Each of these issues by themselves might not be very significant, but let’s see how it looks when they are all put together:

Samuel Thompson is defined as a “retired chemist”, and there’s no mention of his recent position as the communications director for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. In a paper that is critical of many state jobs, I found this interesting. Perhaps it is worth mentioning how he was appointed to that job? Amy Handlin is a “marketing professor”, when in fact, she is an associate professor of marketing. Perhaps those outside of academics do not understand the difference between the two, but I don’t believe this is an acceptable excuse for a newspaper that strives to be a credible source of information.

All points relating to the two incumbents are positive. In both articles about the 13th District, you buried our conversation about liquefied natural gas terminals. The three challengers were the most closely aligned with an editorial in your paper on this issue. Remember this:

I rang your reporter after the first article about his very sloppy misquote of me, in which he wrongly stated I wanted to reduce the number of police departments. When I asked why the discussion of the LNG terminals was buried, he told me it was for two reasons. Firstly, there was only limited space (somewhat understandable), and secondly, he thought my quote about foxes and sheep was funny. Is this really the standard measure for content in your articles? Last week, all five Monmouth County Freeholders voted to officially oppose the LNG terminals, four towns in this district officially oppose these terminals, and your own editorial team oppose these terminals, yet the APP must ensure that their readers get a punchline to a story? I would like to think that they would rather know how the candidates stand on such an important issue to this area.

In reference to the survey you asked candidates to answer, you only mention my responses (I did not agree with you as much as the other candidates), and Amy’s responses (she agreed most). Excluded are the responses of the other three candidates. This is interesting, as one of the challengers agreed with more suggestions in your survey than Sam did.

You state that Jim would raise the gasoline tax to help fund transportation improvements. You exclude the fact that Sam said the same thing. The context of your statement suggests that Jim was the only person to suggest this policy.

This leaves us with the concluding point about myself. This part seemed rather childish to me, along with the overall dishonesty of it. I explained at length in my introduction to your committee several parts of my background. My academic qualifications are dismissed, which is much different to your approach to Amy’s qualifications. I very clearly stated that I had recently finished my PhD at Trinity College Dublin, and that I also held a Master’s Degree from University College Dublin. I also explained that I lectured at several universities in Dublin. I let you know that I was on a self-financed sabbatical as I was completing a book. I then informed you that I was also involved in agriculture while in Ireland, and explained a little bit about my experience working on a family farm in Ireland. This experience included my work with European Agricultural Policies. At this point, I provided a statement about this experience, which you
actually misquoted. Within a very short span of time, I moved from a sheep herder in your first article on me, to a sheep farmer. Of course, you misquoted the joke, as the joke I would tell my neighbors who lived near our farm in Ireland included the “Bronx-born” aspect of my background, and of course, it was “in Ireland”, not “from Ireland”. Why would someone who grew up in Holmdel, New Jersey, and graduated Holmdel High School state that he is from Ireland? But why bother with those points, if it gets in the way of your editorial objectives?

To say that I refer to myself as “a vegetarian sheep farmer from Ireland” (after I explained at length where I grew up and went to high school in New Jersey), is childish at best, and deceptive at worst. I take a lot of pride in my involvement with a family farm, but the claim in your article falls into the pattern found in other media outlets, which is that an Independent candidate (from any political perspective) must viewed with the most extreme forms of suspicion.

Considering your pattern of reporting over the two articles, it appears to me that no paper could be this sloppy in misquotations and selective reporting. It is unfortunate that the readers of your paper expect honest reporting, and instead read childish quips about vegetarian sheep farming and selective reporting that produces a dishonest description of our meeting.

I was the only candidate not in a political party in that room, and it was shocking to see firsthand the trouble you went through to endorse the candidates of your choice. You have every right to endorse Sam and Amy, but why do you rely upon excessive fabrications when making this endorsement? It seems to suggest that you don’t have much to base the endorsement on.

With less than one week left, the other candidates and I will no doubt continue to critique each other’s positions, and this is a healthy part of political campaigns. Our criticisms, like those of the media, should be both honest and relevant. It’s a pity you do not follow this principle.

It is good, for example, that candidates present their arguments about the LNG terminals so that voters can hear differing views and then decide which candidate is best for them.

With Election Day around the corner, you provided Sam with space to critique Daggett’s tax plan, and I would like to request the same amount of space to critique Sam’s policy of paying all that taxpayer money to Lucille Panos. Panos, of course, is a Councilwoman from Old Bridge, which pays $6,000 and benefits, and according to your Data Universe, Sam’s office pays her an additional $29,500 for Special Services. You ignore this incredible fact, and instead state in the article that Sam “has an outstanding record on constituent service”. Surely taxpayers would like to know the part that their money plays in Panos providing that service?

Sam also stated in the meeting that he has no problem taking nearly $50,000 for a part-time job. One of his excuses was that he did this full-time. Imagine a guy in any other part-time job who demanded full-time pay, because he treated the job like a full-time job. He’d be fired before the day was over.
Fiscal conservatism, indeed.

Amy Handlin was a Freeholder when a string of corruption arrests took place in the area, and no one can point to any serious work she has done on corruption. Yet she earns the title of “one of the most ardent supporters of ethics reforms” from your editorial team. How could she do so little on corruption, when it costs NJ taxpayers so much money?

That “easy choice” for District 13 becomes less easy when we consider all of the above, and this is why the deception and dishonesty are necessary to make the article fit the headline.

Not only do I request the opportunity to publish a letter to the editor in your paper, I also request that you make an apology to Bob, Jim, Amy, Sam and I for your unprofessional conduct. It should also go without saying that you owe an apology to your readers.

Will a paper like the Asbury Park Press publish important information about the incumbents, or will you bury it like you did all of the other points when you wrote that article? I’ll be knocking on doors all day tomorrow, but can make time at night to write an article on a topic that all taxpayers should know about. I don’t know how it has escaped your paper’s attention till now (although your pedestrian editorial provides very obvious clues) but I guess late is better than never.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Dunne, Candidate
13th Legisaltive Distrcit

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Watch 13th District Assembly Candidate, Bob Brown , Online At Fox’s Strategy Room Today at 3PM

State Assembly Candidate for the 13th District, Democrat Bob Brown, will be making another appearance on Fox News’s online political talk show “The Strategy Room”.

Bob has been a regular guest on the show for the past few months and has discussed a wide range of both local and national issues. This will be his 8th appearence on the show.

Bob Brown will be joining host Eric Bolling and fellow guests, Regina Calcaterra-Democratic Political Consultant, Monica Crowley-Radio Host, and Bob Rice-Former Prosecutor US Justice Department, Managing Partner Tangent Capital, on Bolling’s show “BIZ W/BOLLING” at 3 pm this afternoon.

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13th District Assembly Race Up For Grabs; Poll Shows Brown Up On Thompson, Within Striking Distance of Handlin

It seems as though an upset is in the making in the 13th legislative district, according to a recent poll.

According to this poll, Democratic challenger Robert “Bob” Brown, has opened a commanding lead over Republican incumbent Sam Thompson and it has the Thompson/Handlin campaign scrambling for last minute cash to flood mailboxes throughout the district with campaign literature. Thompson/Handlin campaign signs have also been flooding the area within the past 24 hours since the results of the poll has been know to the campaign.

Both men, Brown and Thompson reside in Middlessex’s Old Bridge Township, and it is in Old Bridge where Thompson has lost a significant portion of his base to Bob Brown.

Brown in the mean time, has also been polling very strong throughout the rest of the district, thanks inpart to two major endorsments by the Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine and NJ 101.5 Morning Show host Jim Gearhart:

Paul Mulshine said…. “Bob Brown is the sole democrat worth a damn in this state…..” (October 19, 2009)

Jim Gearhart added “I endorse Bob Brown completely” (Oct. 22,2009)
Thanks to these endorsements Brown is also within striking distance of the other incumbant in the race, Amy Handlin. And what makes this poll even more eye opening is that Brown’s coattails seem to be extending towards his running mate Jim Grenafege, who is also within striking distance of Thompson.
You can learn more about both Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege by watching their campaign video’s (below) or by logging onto their website

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Bob Brown,Democratic Assembly Candidate for Distrct 13, Recently Appeared ON NJ12 News and Politics And Is Making Some Noise

Bob Brown the Democratic candidated for State Assembly in the 13th district is making a lot of noise and is being heard.Last weekend he appeared on New Jersey NJ12 News Power and Politics program where he discussed his campaign and gave some personal background.

Yesterday morning, if you were tuned into NJ 101.5, he was interviewed by radio host Jim Gearhart. Bob impressed him so much that Gearhart gave him his personnel endorsment and invited back onto the show!

From what I hear Democrats in Trenton have taken notice of the publicity Bob is getting from the media and are ready to drop some last minute cash into the race for the 13th Distrct. They now believe that Republicans incumbents Handlin and Thompson, are extremely beatible and that the 13th district can once again, after a long hiatus, find itself in democratic hands.

Here’s a video of Bob Brown’s appearence on NJ12’s Power & Politics:

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