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>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 11- 6/6/11

>The latest edition of It’s Your Town newsletter is available for downloading. This edition of the newsletter covers the monthly workshop meeting of the Middletown Township Committee.

As is the new norm since no Democrats currently sit on the Township Committee, the meeting was over shortly after 9pm, it lasted just barely and hour. So one can imagine just how much public information was actually discussed in public.
Interestingly enough what was discussed was that the Township Committee is planning to raise a few various fees in town.
It was only about a year ago when those on the Middletown Committee were calling the fees increases imposed by the State, just another tax. Now it is their turn.
It was announced that the Township budget will be passed in early July, but I doubt it seeing how the Township will not receive surplus funds from the Library by then.
It should be noted thought that the budget $4M less than last years, but our property taxes will be increasing 2.9%. Go figure!
You can read all about these and other points of interest from the June 6th workshop meeting by downloading the current edition of the newsletter >>> Here
As always, happy reading.

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>It’s Your Town Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 7- 4/04/11

>This edition of “It’s Your Town” Newsletter covers the Middletown Township NJ monthly workshop meeting of the Middletown Township Committee. It was at this meeting that the proposed Township budget for FY 2011 was introduced without public comment. A budget hiring has been scheduled for May.

During public comments, a number of residents living behind the new MJ’s restaurant on Hwy 35 complained about the the increased neighborhood traffic along with sound and light pollution that is being generated by cars coming and leaving the parking lot.

Also there were questions about the corrective action plan that the Township needed to be filed after a 2009 financial audit turned up irregularities.

The newsletter contains links to all the ordinances and resolutions that were presented. There are also links to the 2009 financial audit and the action plan filed by CFO Nick Trasente.

Here is a link to the >>> proposed FY 2011 Township budget

Read the Newsletter >>> Here

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>Library Board Meeting Tonight; Update Issued For Library Supporters

>Middletown Library Director Susan O’Neal has posted the following update on the Middletown Township Library’s website in advance of tonight’s Library Board meeting, where it is presumed that an answer will be forthcoming on how much, if any, reserved library funds will be transfered to the Township to help offset the Topwnship’s budget deficit:

The next meeting of the Library Board is Wednesday, March 16, at 7:00 p.m. This is, of course, a public meeting. The issues of the last two months, specifically the library making a contribution to the Township for the 2011 budget, and the terms of same, have been in negotiations since the last meeting. Last week, to our surprise, the Township Administrator and Attorney revealed to the press the amount of money they are asking for, $500,000. There are other terms which are still part of the negotiations. I can tell you that these are viewed as protections for the library from some of the threats that have been publically made. I cannot say, in truth, whether there is an agreement that will be struck by Wednesday night or not, but the Library is cautiously optimistic, and has given over much time and deliberation to the process.

If the Library transfers funds to the Township of Middletown, there are strict procedures stated in the law that must be followed, among these are the Library must prepare an Annual Report on the state of the library, it must submit a three year Technology Plan and a three year Strategic Plan. These last two plans are submitted to the NJ State Library for approval. Once these plans are approved, the Library can apply to the NJ State Library for the transfer to take place. The State Librarian has 45 days to approve or deny the transfer. These procedures were developed in tandem with the Department of Community Affairs, which oversees all municipal budgets in the State of New Jersey.

The intent of all this is to ensure that the library has sufficient funds remaining for current year operations and for the future plans it has adopted. In fact, an early version of the law was vetoed by Gov. Christie, because he saw that the safeguard provisions for the local libraries needed to be improved in the bills that were passed. If the Middletown Township Library Board of Trustees does decide to transfer monies to the Township, it is committed to following these procedures accurately and completely.

Once the terms have been negotiated and an agreement has been made, the Trustees desire is that a joint announcement of the terms will be made available to the public.

You are, of course, welcome to attend the upcoming Board Meeting when the agreement, if done, comes before the entire Board of Trustees for a vote.


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