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Monmouth Freeholders adopt weak State pay-to-play rules, abandon stronger County rules in place since 2008

Fortunately, former Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet is still on the job as a outspoken member of the public. The Middletown Patch reported on 1/31/12 that this year’s all-GOP Freeholder Board voted unanimously last week to loosen the County’s pay-to-play rules, and Amy was there to call them on it!

In a vote on Jan. 26th, the Board chose to abandon the tougher County pay-to-play rules for the lax State ones. The reason given by the Board is that contractors were confused by the County rules. However, many other municipalities and counties have the stronger pay-to-play rules in place, so contractors doing business in other towns would already be familiar with them.

The Board’s decision opens the door to rewarding politically connected persons and businesses with County contracts. The move weakens competition and may have the direct effect of increasing property taxes in line with higher contract costs. It’s hard to imagine why any ethical publicly-minded governmental body would do such a thing, unless for personal benefit. It appears the Board members have chosen to grant themselves the latitude to direct contracts at will to ensure their pockets will be lined at election time.

State Comptroller Matthew Boxer said himself that the State pay-to-play law does nothing to prevent the practice by local governments. In September 2011, he released a 20-page report “blasting the law for being toothless” as put it.

The effectiveness of Christie’s Tool Kit at holding down property taxes would be vastly improved if it closed the loopholes in the State’s pay-to-play law. But until that happens, it is incumbent upon local governments to do what’s right by having strong pay-to-play rules of their own.

Public advocacy group The Citizens Campaign is calling for the public to attend the Monmouth County Freeholder meeting on Feb. 9th, when the Board will be asked to reinstate the stronger pay-to-play policy. For details, check out their facebook page and if you can, make plans to attend.

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Clean sweep for Republicans in Legislative and County Races in Monmouth

Besides being an other tough election night in Middletown it was also a tough night for Democratic candidates that were running in the 11th, 12th and 13th Legislative Districts as well as Monmouth County.

The Teams of Santiago, Gopal & Horigan (11th), Brown, Spedding & Rome (12th) and Cullen, Lavan & Short(13th), Morlino, Klienhendler & O’Rourke (30th) as well as, Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet, her running mate Bill Shea and Surrogate candidate Michael Steinhorn all lost their respective races.
The big upsets out of this bunch needless to say, are the losses of Amy Mallet and Vin Gopal who both gained the endorsements of the Asbury Park Press.
Mallet presence on the Board of Chosen Freeholders will be missed. She was responsible for spear heading the effort to create the County’s Department of Veterans Affairs (at no cost to tax payers), the County’s solar initiative and was a leading voice for the ouster of the Brookdale trustees who where responsible for giving such lavish perks and contract to former Brookdale President Peter Burnham. Mallet was also an advocate for term limits for appointees of various boards and commissions through out the County so that abuses like the one discovered at Brookdale would not be repeated elsewhere.
After picking up the endorsement of the Asbury Park Press expectations skyrocketed for Vin Gopal to wrestle 1 of the 2 available Assembly seats away from the incumbent Republicans. The Republicans thought that Gopal’s election to the Assembly was such a strong possibility, they resorted to an all out personal attack on him by sending out inflammatory and totally misleading campaign material about him that both the Newark Star Ledger and the Asbury Park Press condemned as dirty and false.
Below are the official results of each race from the Monmouth County Clerks webpage:
11th District Senate
REP – Jennifer Beck 20,156 – 56.59%
DEM – Raymond Santiago 15,419 – 43.29%

11th District Assembly
REP – Mary Pat Angelini 18,420 26.39%
REP – Caroline Casagrande 18,679 26.76%
DEM – Vin Gopal 15,333 21.97%
DEM – Kathleen Horgan 15,000 21.49%
– Daniel Jacobson 2,340 3.35%

12th District Senate
REP – Samuel D. Thompson 6,089 59.20%
DEM – Robert ‘Bob’ Brown 4,182 40.66%
12th District Assembly
REP – Ronald S. Dancer 6,155 30.27%
REP – Robert D. Clifton 6,090 29.95%
DEM – William ‘Bill’ Spedding 3,995 19.65%
DEM – Catherine Tinney Rome 4,076 20.05%
13th District Senate
REP – Joe Kyrillos, Jr. 24,041 59.89%
DEM – Christopher G. Cullen 14,739 36.72%
– Karen Anne Zaletel 515 1.28%
– Stephen J. Boracchia 554 1.38%
– MacDara F. Lyden 257 0.64%
13th District Assembly
REP – Amy H. Handlin 23,993 30.49%
REP – Declan O’Scanlon 22,685 28.82%
DEM – Kevin M. Lavan 15,118 19.21%
DEM – Patrick Short 15,286 19.42%
– Frank C. Cottone 830 1.05%
– William H. Lawton 751 0.95%
30th District Senate
REP – Robert W. Singer 12,991 63.58%
DEM – Steve Morlino 7,419 36.31%
30th District Assembly
REP – Sean T. Kean 14,058 34.22%
REP – David P. Rible 12,704 30.92%
DEM – Howard Kleinhendler 6,451 15.70%
DEM – Shaun O’Rourke 7,112 17.31%
– David Schneck 729 1.77%
Monmouth County Freeholder
REP – Gary Rich 54,979 26.60%
REP – Lillian G. Burry 54,969 26.59%
DEM – Amy Mallet 46,413 22.45%
DEM – William Shea 43,457 21.02%
– Thomas Markowski 5,418 2.62%
– Patrick Noble 1,389 0.67%
Monmouth County Surrogate
REP – Rosemarie D. Peters 62,108 60.23%
DEM – Michael Steinhorn 40,894 39.65%
Write-In 124 0.12%

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Freeholder Amy Mallet Is Asking for Your Vote Tuesday November 8 (Tomorrow)

Please vote on Tuesday! Polls are open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I will never forget the oath I took when first elected three years ago. Difficult decisions are being made constantly, but my policies have always put People Before Politics. In the words of the Asbury Park Press where they endorsed my re-election bid for Freeholder, “Mallet has been the strongest voice for open government and fiscal restraint.”

My proud accomplishments include leading the charge in opening the Monmouth County Veterans Service Office, initiating the first major installation of solar power for County buildings, and the Wellness Discount Card for all residents of Monmouth County. I sent the library budget back because I would not accept tax increases to fatten up a reserve fund which resulted in saving taxpayers $6 million.

As the “watchdog” of the board, I’ve successfully fought for more transparency in government. While it has improved, there is still more work to do. What sets me apart is my commitment to serving all the people of Monmouth County. I am the only member of the present board who supports a healthy policy of term limits for members of our autonomous boards and commissions. I have stood up against costly cronyism and maintain a very high ethical standard. It is my hope that the people of Monmouth County will come out to support me in this year’s election since there is more work to be done.

On Tuesday, November 8, I ask you to cast your vote for Amy Mallet and my running mate, William Shea for Freeholder.


Freeholder Amy Mallet

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>Ever Wonder Why Lillian Burry Maintains Her Silence On Resignations?

>Yesterday’s editorial in the Asbury Park Press questioned why the Brookdale College Board of Trustees didn’t do a better job of scrutinizing the expenses of former college President Peter Burnham and once again calls for the resignation of the Board President Howard Birdsall and Board Attorney John M. Cantalupo.

Birdsall and Cantalupo have both arrogantly ignored numerous requests from Freeholders Amy Mallet and John Curley, the Asbury Park Press and others to resign. So why haven’t they felt it necessary to admit a certain degree of fault in this scandal and heed the call to step down? It could be argued rather successfully that both looked the other way when others told them of Burnham’s improprieties.
It is also rather curious why the grand-dame of the Monmouth County Freeholder Board, Lillian Burry, hasn’t spoken out and demanded Birdsall and Cantalupo step down. After all, Burry was criticized for not speaking out sooner on the Burnham situation when the first allegations of improprieties surfaced against him.
Why is that do you think?
It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact the John M. Cantalupo is a close personal friend of Burry’s and has been acting as her Campaign Treasurer over the years, could it? Let’s think about it for a second, who was negotiating the terms Peter Burnham’s Brookdale contracts over the years, it was Cantalupo. Given Cantalupo’s status as personal friend and campaign treasurer, I find it hard to believe that Burry had no idea of over the years, what was contained in Burnham’s employment contracts.
And what about Howard Birdsall and his company, Birdsall Service Group ? Both are so intertwined within Monmouth County through political donations and public contracts, that Lillian Burry must feels it’s not in her best interest to speak out publicly against Birdsall
It’s for these reasons and others why it is so important to impose term limits on those that serve on volunteer boards and commissions in Monmouth County as Freeholder Mallet proposed last month but had her proposal voted down by her Republican colleagues on the Freeholder Board.
As stated in the APP editorial, it’s time for Birdsall and Cantalupo to accept part of the blame for the Burnham scandal and step down from the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees.

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>Freeholder Amy Mallet’s Re-Election Kickoff


You are cordially invited to attend

Freeholder Amy Mallet’s Re-Election Kickoff
w/ Special Guest
Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono
Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik
Chairman Victor Scudiery
Hon. John D’Amico
Marlboro Council President Frank LaRocca
Holmdel Committeeman Larry Fink
Red Bank Councilman Ed Zipprich
Red Bank Councilwoman Kathy Horgan
Neptune Committeeman Randy Bishop
Manalapan Committeewoman Michelle Roth
Wall Township Democratic Chairman Eric Brophy
Bradley Beach Mayor Julie Shreck
Ray Santiago, Esq.
Sean F. Byrnes, Esq.
Jonathan Lomurro, Esq.
Mr. John Amberg
Mr. Chuck Fallon
Mr. Justin Braz
Bella Vista Country Club
100 School Road East
Marlboro, NJ

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Tickets: $75
Sponsorship: $300
Please make checks payable to ‘Friends of Amy Mallet’
RSVP to Vin Gopal or 732-299-5625

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>Monmouth County Democratic Chairman’s Ball Huge Success

>I just got in a few minutes ago from the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman’s that was held at Sterling Gardens in Matawan this evening and based on what I witnessed there I have to say that it was a huge success.

I got there late due to the fact that I had came directly from work. I knew I was in for a special evening when I couldn’t find a parking spot and had to double park along the back fence of the lot.

Inside I was stunned to see that it was wall to wall Democrats that came out to see special guest, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who took the time out of his busy schedule to stop by Monmouth County and honor Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a large turn-out as this, with ticket that cost $125 a person they really raked in some cash.

I wish that I could remember exactly what Booker spoke about, I was still a little disheveled from arriving late but from what I do remember, Mayor Booker gave a very inspirational speech about his father and growing up. He related those experiences to how he now perceives himself and how he wishes to help others.

I was very impressed.

I heard him speak before at an Obama Rally in Newark last year but was to far away to appreciate what he was saying. He definitely has the “IT” factor. He will be a huge force in politics both locally and nationally for a long time if he chooses to be.

After Mayor Booker left the reception center, Congressman Frank Pallone and the candidates for County Office, Sheriff candidate Eric Brophy, Freeholder Candidate Janice Venable and Freeholders Amy Mallet and John D’Amico spoke about the issues and the upcoming election.

They really got those in the audience fired-up, which I was happy to see, because it seems that Democrats have just been going through the motions this year with little enthusiasm. I felt that those that walked out of the reception center were really going to start engaging full throttle in this years election as they left.

Speaking of “as they left”, I want to thank Chairman Scudiery for stopping Mayor Booker on his way out the door long enough to introduce him to me so that I could grab a picture with him. I also want to thank John McCarthy for being in the right place at the right time. As I was standing there trying to get a picture of Mayor Booker my camera’s batteries died, if he wasn’t there to remind me that I had another camera built within my cell phone and was willing to take the photo, I would never have forgiven myself for walking out the door early this morning without back-up batteries. Thank you both.

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Monmouth County Saves Green by Going Green; Freeholder Mallet Spearheads The Initiative On Behalf Monmouth County

Monmouth County Democrats’s Notes facebook page

The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders has partnered with a solar power developer to install solar panels at five county locations that will allow the county to reap the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy technology.

“With this agreement, Monmouth County positions itself as a leader in New Jersey for sustainable energy production,” said Freeholder Amy A. Mallet, who spearheaded the initiative on behalf of the county. “The stars are aligned so that the county is getting new roofs, we’re saving $3 million, we’re creating jobs and it’s all being done at no cost to the taxpayers.”

The 15-year Power Purchase Agreements authorized by state law allow the county to contract with a solar energy firm to install and maintain the system. Under the contract, the county will provide the sites and will agree to purchase the electricity generated. Dobco Inc. of Wayne will install, maintain and accept electricity production responsibilities over the 15-year life of the contract.

Solar companies are able to sell power at a discounted rate as a result of regulatory and tax incentives which are currently available in order to buoy alternative energy projects.

The Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously approved a resolution to enter into a solar power partnership with Dobco at its May 27 meeting.

“Unlike recently implemented solar programs in other counties, Monmouth County will not incur debt to finance or provide guarantee for any part of the project,” Mallet said.

The solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems will be installed at five county locations that are among the highest consumers of electricity. PV systems use canopy and roof mounted solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. All but the Human Services Complex in Freehold Township will be getting new roofs. At Human Services, solar panels will be installed in the rear parking lot.

All five locations combined will generate about 1.5 megawatts of electricity. They are:

· Hall of Records in Freehold;

· County Courthouse in Freehold;

· John L. Montgomery Care Center in Freehold Township;

· Human Services Complex in Freehold Township, and

· Library Headquarters in Manalapan.

The county is expected to save $144,000 dollars in fiscal year 2011 and $2.5 million over the course of the 15-year agreement. Adding the $600,000 value of the new roofs brings the total value to more than $3 million.

The county’s solar initiative comes less than two years after the Board of Chosen Freeholders created a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Committee, which conducted an energy audit of county buildings that indicated where the PV systems should be installed. Freeholder John D’Amico credited the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Committee with paving the way for the county’s solar projects.

“This is an innovative program, and it puts Monmouth County on the forefront in taking advantage of energy credits that New Jersey permits,” said D’Amico, who has advocated for federal legislation to supply funding for energy reduction projects. “New Jersey is second to California in solar energy.”

With this contract, Monmouth County becomes a state leader in its efforts to create clean, renewable, sustainable energy, Mallet said.

“The catastrophe which is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico is undeniable proof that we need to find real alternatives to the industrialization of our precious natural resources,” Mallet said. “Clean and renewable energy is the direction we all need to take. This bold effort demonstrates that Monmouth County is serious about seeking alternative fuel sources and protecting the environment.”

By completing these PV projects, the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will be equivalent to:

· 1,286 metric tons of coal per year;

· 246 passenger vehicles per year;

· 144,655 gallons of gasoline per year;

· 2,991 barrels of oil per year;

· annual electricity usage of 167 homes per year, or

· 32,976 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

The county is in the planning stages now for additional phases of implementation at other county facilities and properties.

“This is an excellent beginning,” Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry said.


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Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet Deserves Credit For Library’s $6M Budget Cut

It’s good to see that someone at the county level is looking out for the tax payers here in Monmouth County.

After weeks of pressure, Freeholder Amy Mallet was successful in her efforts to have the the budget for the Monmouth County Library System scrutinized more closely and its a good thing that she did because the freeholder board’s finance director, Craig Marshall, found$6M in surplus funds that the Library Commission had been stockpiling in it’s rainy day fund.

Thanks to this finding the library commission will reduce its tax levy by $430,000, which would make the tax levy for the library system the same as in the previous year.

It’s too bad that Freehold Director Lillian Burry, places partisan politics ahead of good fiscal practices, by refusing to give Freeholder Mallet credit for the savings. It shouldn’t come as a surprise thought because Mallet has accused Burry in the past of obstructing closer looks at the budgets of other county departments.

Bob Jordan of the Asbury Park Press wrote about it in an article published on line Friday and which appeared in print yesterday.

“A closer look at the Monmouth County Library Commission’s books — not those on the shelves, but the accountant’s books — has led to good news for taxpayers, with significant budget and tax levy reductions.

Pressure by the county Board of Freeholders prompted the semiautonomous commission to cut its annual budget by $6 million and reduce its tax levy by $430,000, putting the levy at the same $12.15 million used in the previous year. The freeholders approved the new levy April 22.

The changes followed weeks of pressure from Democrat Amy Mallet for stepped-up scrutiny of the library budget. The freeholder board’s finance director, Craig Marshall, found that the commission was stockpiling excessive surplus funds — with enough money in its rainy-day fund to run operations for nearly an additional year. Marshall also uncovered budgeting for unneeded items and overbudgeting for other purchases….”

You can read more of the story >>> Here

As one commenter, voiceoflogic, wrote in response to the article:
How was this not scrutinized before? Are we to believe not all budgets were loooked into before we started jacking taxes and laying people off and jeopardizing thier livihoods. Wonder what other pots of gold will be found under the next overturned rock.

I happen to agree, in this time of economic turmoil every stone should be overturned to find what lays beneath for possible savings.
I applaud Freeholder Mallet for taking the initiative and applying the same standard to the County Library Commission as Governor Christie took on local school boards across the state by making them use their budget surpluses to hold down tax levies.
With the further scrutinising of the budgets from all Monmouth County governmental departments, what other excesses will be found that could potentially save tax payers of this county money?

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Chris Christie and Breast Cancer: Taking Exception To "An Exception"

There is no exception when it comes to saving a life. I know this from my own personal experience, having been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19 without a history in my family. After viewing a recent interview, I took exception with a response indicating that a cancer diagnosis in a young person is simply “an exception,” a characterization made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie at a forum conducted at Rider University. It is hard to believe that Mr. Christie can be so out-of-touch with the reality of health care in our communities.

It was shocking to hear the interview with a woman who was seeking the candidate’s opinion on mandatory insurance coverage for mammograms, which is a tool in diagnosing breast cancer. Mr. Christie was dismissive in saying that the cancer surgery the woman had when she was in her 20s was “an exception.” These situations are not exceptions as Mr. Christie may think, and the numbers prove it.

Medical professionals and patients agree that preventive care needs to be a priority as it saves lives and money in the longterm. Patients need confidence that their insurance providers will not find exclusions for coverage such as preexisting conditions, family history or some arbitrary notion that the patient is young and therefore considered “an exception.” We cannot undermine the need for access to screening techniques, whether mammograms, sonograms or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, which are all available with today’s technology.

It is frightening to learn that Christie would give insurance companies free rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms. The woman from Rider is not “an exception” and a mandate is not an “extravagant benefit” for “young, single consumers,” as Mr. Christie stated on his Web site as of September 27, 2009.

Governor Jon Corzine, along with Senator Loretta Weinberg and other legislators have fought hard to assure that insurance companies provide adequate coverage for women’s health needs. In 1991, mandates were established for women over 40 years of age to be covered for annual mammograms. It has only been five years since insurance company mandates have been expanded to cover mammograms for women under 40 if they have a family history.

According to the National Cancer Institute 2005 and 2006 Fact Book, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 15-54. For 25 years we have recognized this month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month which promotes awareness, education and empowerment.

This movement has been stressing “early detection saves lives”. Many children are being raised by their mothers as a result of early detection. We cannot turn back the clock and allow any wiggle room for insurance companies to drop coverage for mammograms or other vital diagnostic tests. We need to continue advocating for staying healthy. It is the pillar of a strong society. Our future depends upon it. To that, there can be no exception.

Amy A. Mallet
Monmouth County Freeholder

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Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Christie: We Are Not An Exception

If Chris Christie still feels it is OK to have “mandate-free” health insurance policies written in this state, than he needs to take a look at this latest video From the Corzine campaign.

In this video, Breast Cancer survivors speak out to tell Mr. Christie that mammograms and other forms of preventative procedures are not only necessary but essential in early detection and the prevention of not just Breast Cancer but all forms of cancer.

Two people that I would like to point out to anyone who watches this video are Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet, who as a 19 year old was the victim of Breast Cancer and my wife Debbie, who completed her treatments of chemotherapy and radiatoin in June of this year.

Without mammograms and other proceedures being mandated as part of insurance policies here in the New Jersey, who’s to say that Amy Mallet, my wife, or others in their situation would be here today to tell us their stories.


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