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>Congratulations To Rush Holt And Frank Pallone for Kicking Ass And Taking No Prisoners

>Congratulations go out to Congressman Rush Holt for his victory at the polls yesterday. It was a hard fought victory that I wasn’t sure he was going to win but he pulled it out with 55% of the total vote.

I don’t think his challenger Scott Sipprelle, knew what hit him in the end after crushing Holt in Monmouth County with over 60% of the Monmouth voters supporting him.
I am proud today to still be able to boast, that my Congressman is a Rocket Scientist!

I also wish to congratulate Congressman Frank Pallone on his huge defeat of Tea Partier Anna Little and her “army” of of over zealous wingnuts, who often confronted individuals that they perceived to be supporting anyone other than Anna Little. I heard a number of stories from people that were confronted and harassed by Little supporter at train stations through out the 6th District, that type of behavior by campaign supporters should not be tolerated by any candidate, at any time.

Pallone easily routed Little and her army and walked away from the battlefield that was the 6th congressional district with 55% – 43% margin of victory, even though he too lost Monmouth County.
Both the Holt and Pallone victories should be held up to all those that doubted their resolve or chances at winning their races, they both stood by their records and were rewarded for it. Many of those that lost races yesterday should have taken a page from the Holt or Pallone handbook by standing firmly in front of what they believed in, instead of trying to hide behind or blame others.


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>Anna Little: Teabagger for Congress

>A friend forwarded this video to me, it’s a “Little” tongue-in-cheek but worth watching before you vote on Tuesday.

Anna Little: Teabagger for Congress from Mondock Entertainment on Vimeo.


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>APP Editorial: Return Pallone to Washington

>Another sound editorial by the Asbury Park Press today endorsing the candidacy of Congressman Frank Pallone and his return to Washington D.C to represent the 6th Congressional District:

Veteran Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. has been a tireless advocate for issues important to the people he has represented in his 6th Congressional District for the past two decades. He has been a staunch supporter of measures to protect the environment, provide affordable health care and preserve the Shore’s valuable tourism industry. He deserves re-election to a 12th term in the House of Representatives.

As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, he helped craft the health care reform package. While it didn’t go far enough in our view to ensure affordable, quality care for all Americans, many of the reforms, some now in place, were badly needed. Parents may now, for example, include adult children up to the age of 26 on their health insurance policies and pre-existing conditions soon will no longer be a bar to coverage. If re-elected, Pallone says he will concentrate on food and drug safety, strengthening the Medicare and Medicaid programs and improving health insurance coverage.

While the health care debate was front and center this term, Pallone has continued to work on other issues important to Jersey Shore voters. The House passed his Beach Protection Act this year. The legislation requires tough new beach water quality testing and public notification standards so that beachgoers are confident that the waters they are swimming or surfing in are clean.

Pallone also introduced bills to end interstate dumping of medical waste on our beaches and to create a Clean Ocean Zone off the coasts of New Jersey and New York in order to permanently prevent offshore drilling.

Republican opponent Anna Little, a former Monmouth County freeholder and current mayor of Highlands, won the GOP primary as a Tea Party candidate. She would work to repeal the health care reform package and believes all that is needed to put the health care system on the right track is more competition and tort reform.

Little supports replacing all federal taxes with the so-called Fair Tax — a national sales tax of 23 percent, she says. That figure is far lower than other objective estimates. The Fair Tax also is a misnomer. It would be more fair to wealthier Americans. While she is free with her criticism of the Obama administration, the issues portion of her website is largely devoid of specific, concrete policy proposals.

Jack Freudenheim of Plainfield, a technology jobs recruiter who is running as an independent, is a sincere centrist who is not ready for national office.

Faced with the choice between Pallone and Little, voters in the district, which includes all or parts of 28 municipalities in Monmouth County, 10 in Middlesex County and one each in Somerset and Union counties, should opt for the thoughtful, considered positions of Pallone instead of the often strident protestations of Little.

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>Are Little Canvassers Harassing Pallone Supporters?

>People working on behalf of the Anna Little campaign were canvassing parts of Middletown on Saturday and I think that they maybe a bit over zealous by the looks of what was left in a few mailboxes of Frank Pallone supporters.

A Little/Tea Party canvasser left a hand written note on some Little campaign literature that stated ” Based on the lawn sign I see on your lawn, I know your supporting Pallone. I hope that this may change your mind. Feel free to contact our campaign with only questions that you may have. – have a nice day! ” (click on picture below)

Now of course, this is nothing to get all worked up over even though I have always been told that it was not appropriate to leave such things in peoples mailboxes while canvasing neighbourhoods. On a scale of 1 to 10 this maybe ranks a 1. It’s what happened later that night where the problem comes in.

At approximately 9:30pm a white 4-door pick-up truck and what looked like a red Ford Mustang was spotted by the resident who had had the Little campaign flyer with the handwritten note left in their mailbox. The resident opened the door to see what was going on outside, only to witness a few individuals hastily jump back into their vehicles and speed off.

In the morning, while retrieving their newspaper from the driveway, the resident saw that the Pallone for Congress sign that had been on the front lawn was missing, all that was left was the wire frame the it was attached to. Also out in the street in front of his house was the neighbor’s campaign sign that supported the local Middletown Democratic candidates Byrnes & Mahoney.

This resident was outraged that this type of shenanigans is taking place around Middletown by members of the Anna Little campaign and wanted other to be aware of it. The resident stated to me that “I guess this is what they mean by Tea Party Approved. They will never win an election by threats and bullying people into voting for them. That is how they operate in the Communist countries of the world, not here in America!”

I happen to agree, I hope that Anna Little see fit to address this incident to those that have volunteered on her behalf to work on her campaign. I’ve heard of other people of questionable character (people with felony convictions) working closely on her campaign, so before this kind of harassment gets out of hand she needs to address it and request that those responsible no long work on her campaign.


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