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Two River Democratic Clubs Join Together For A Memorable Time

Yesterday, I was honor to attend a gathering of Democratic Clubs that encompass the Two River area along the Navisink and Shrewsbury Rivers.

Members from the Fair Haven,Little Silver,Rumson,Shrewsbury and Shrewbury Boro. Democratic Clubs along with representatives from Red Bank and Middletown, joined together for the very first time at a meet and greet fundraiser for Fair Haven candidates Matthew Cohen and Margo Tikijian.

In all nearly 100 people attended the event hosted by Cory and John Hoffman of Fair Haven, in their house that overlooks the Navisink River, and none left disappointed.

Those who were in attendance were highly energized after hearing from guest speakers Freeholders Amy Mallet and Barbara McMorrow, Freeholder Candidate Sean F. Byrnes, NJ State Assembly Candidate for District 12 Michelle Roth and US Congressman Rush Holt. It was truly one of the most dynamic events I have ever attended.

For a taste of what the night was like, below is the video I recorded of Freeholder Candidate Sean Byrnes addressing the crowd:

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Byrnes Easliy defeats Beson, Will Run Against Curley For Monmouth County Freeholder

I just returned home from todays Monmouth County Democratic Party’s Mini-Convention that was held at  Red Bank’s Carpenter’s Hall, where the big news of the day happened.
By a tally of 147  to 41, Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes was chosen over former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson to be the Monmouth County Democrats candidate for Freeholder.
Sean Byrnes will be facing off against former Red Bank Councilman  and fellow Midddletown resident, Republican John Curly  to succeed Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow, who announced last week that she would not seek re-election due to health reason.
(Caption-  Former Neptune Mayor Mike Beson and Middletown’s Sean Byrnes shortly after announcement of Byrnes’s nod to run for Freeholder) 

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Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes Confirms Monmouth County Freeholder Bid

After hearing the news earlier today that Middletown’s Sean Byrnes was going to seek the Monmouth County Democratic line for Freeholder in order to fill the vacancy left on the ticket by the sudden decision of Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow not to seek re-election, I was stunned. I never expected it, I had never heard from Sean Byrnes or anyone else for that matter, that he ever considered or was even interested in higher office.

As one of two Democratic Committeeman currently serving on Middletown’s Township Committee (the other being Patrick Short), Sean Byrnes has made a true difference in bringing transparency and openness to Town Hall. It will be Middletown’s lose if Byrnes wins the open Freeholder seat in November.
I reached out to Committeeman Byrnes to ask if he had any comments about his intentions to seek the Democratic party line for the open Freeholder seat up for grabs.
Here is his reply:
“It is all happening a little too quickly. I wasn’t looking to be a candidate, but I was asked. I have mixed feelings. I am just starting to make change in Middletown and make progress. Part of me would like to continue on that path. On the other hand, sometime opportunities come suddenly and you have to be willing to take the plunge. It is far from certain I will get the nod at the convention, so we’ll see.”

“… I guess I would say that I have mixed feelings. I do have specific things I would like to accomplish in Middletown. I have just started the Strategic Planning Committee and the Recreation Committee to implement the Master Plan. I am looking forward to the working on those committees. I feel like I have been able to shift the focus and agenda of the Township Committee in the right direction, especially from a budget perspective, so I am reluctant to leave before completing that work. However, the County Government needs reform after so many years of one party control. While last year brought the winds of change to County Government, I don’t want to see us lose the opportunity to continue the changes that Barbara McMorrow and the Democratic Freeholders have started. If control slips back into Republican hands, then I believe we will have missed a significant opportunity for change for the better.”

Sean Byrnes will make a great Freeholder candidate, he is smart and always thinks first before answering a question. The man does his homework and believes that the “devil is in the details”. I can not think of another person in Monmouth County that would be a better candidate. I think that the Republican challenger, John Curley will have a very difficult road ahead of him if Byrnes is in fact chosen to lead the Monmouth County ticket on Saturday.
I wish him well in his efforts.


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Middletown’s Sean Byrnes to Seek Freeholder Position in Monmouth County

I have a stunning announcement to make, one quite frankly that has taken me by surprise but am very glad to hear.

Middletown Democratic Committeeman, Sean Byrnes, will be seeking the Democratic Party line to run for Monmouth County Freeholder at the party’s convention on Saturday.  
Sean Byrnes will be seeking to fill the seat left open by Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow,when she announced that she would not be seeking re-election this year due to health concerns. 
From what I have been told, the other notable in the race is former 11th District Assembly
candidate Mike Beeson, Ocean Township.
Whomever wins the support of the Monmouth County Democrats on Saturday, wether it is Sean Byrnes, Mike Beeson or some other as yet unnamed person, they will be facing off against last years  Republican challanger John Curley, who lost narrowly to Freeholder Amy Mallet.

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Freeholders Announce Top-Level Appointments; Hiring, Promotions and Restructuring of Some Departments Yields Savings of $228,735

The following is a press release issued a short time ago by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders. It should be of interest to some due to the fact that there is some controversy over appointments to key positions within the county. Quite frankly I don’t see what all the fuss is about :

FREEHOLD – The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders has appointed a number of people to key positions within county government and restructured several county departments for an overall cost savings of more than $225,000 in salaries.

These positions were advertised on the County Web site and in the Star-Ledger and Asbury Park Press newspapers. Candidates submitted resumes and qualifications were carefully reviewed.

“For several weeks we have been examining ways in which the county can be administered more effectively and efficiently and still be able to deliver the excellent services Monmouth County residents have come to expect,” Freeholder Director Barbara J. McMorrow said. “We determined that by promoting largely from within we can rein in our high-level salaries and save $228,735 this year.”

The appointments follow the retirements of Finance Director Mark E. Acker and Human Service Director Lynn Miller.

The Board promoted longtime county employees Craig Marshall and Charles Brown III to the positions of Finance director and Human Services director, respectively. Marshall, a certified public accountant and currently a senior administrative analyst, will be paid $128,000; Brown, who was the county’s director of mental health and addiction services, will be paid $120,000.

Assuming the duties as director of Mental Health and Addiction Services will be Barry Johnson, who was assistant Human Services director to Ms. Miller. The assistant director’s position has been abolished for a savings of $106,527. Johnson will earn $99,000 a year in his new position.

The Board reappointed longtime county employee Patricia Watson as Consumer Affairs Director at her current salary of $77,973. Watson has worked at the Department of Consumer Affairs since 1983. Also reappointed is John G. McCormack as director of the Monmouth County Police Academy at his current salary of $86,113. McCormack has been director of the academy since 2003.

“As I said the day I became director of the Board, many of the best people already work for the county,” McMorrow said. “I congratulate them on their promotions and I look forward to working with them as we continue the county tradition of excellent delivery of services. The restructuring has also allowed us to reduce the number of high-level salaries for an even greater savings to taxpayers.”

Taking over as director of the Office on Aging, Disabilities and Veterans’ Interment is Thomas Pivinski of Asbury Park, a retired Roman Catholic priest who is currently working with hospice for Meridian Health Care. Pivinski maintains a small private psychotherapy practice in Asbury Park. His annual salary is $75,000.

The Board also hired former Hazlet police detective Glen Mason to serve as Office of Emergency Management Coordinator at an annual salary of $75,000. The position had been vacant.

Mason, a 26-year police veteran, had served as Office of Emergency Coordinator in Hazlet for three years and, prior to that appointment, had been in charge of the police auxiliary, which is part of the Hazlet OEM. He is currently a member of the U.S. Coast Guard auxiliary and serves as the group’s liaison for emergency response. He sits on the county’s Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Mason has elected not to receive health benefits from the county or be enrolled in the state’s Public Employee Retirement System.

“No new positions were created and all of the appointees are Monmouth County residents,” McMorrow said. “I welcome each of them into county service and wish them all the best of luck.”

All of the appointments become effect after April 1.

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