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>Donate To The Campaigns Of Kevin Lavan and Patrick Short Before June 20th Fund Drive Ends and Volunteer Your Help

>Former Middletown Committeeman Patrick Short is running for NJ State Assembly along with the former Mayor of Hazlet Kevin Lavin. The two are up against an entrenched Republican opposition and need everyone’s help.

They are each committed to representing the people in the 13th District, especially the working middle class and seniors who live on a fixed income. They guarantee your voices will be heard in the Assembly if elected.

That is why it is so important that they raise enough funds to wage an effective campaign this November. They are currently in the middle of a very important fund raising drive that ends on June 20th. The results of this fund drive will be an early indication to those on the state level that Short and Lavan will be credible candidates and qualify them for matching funds.

Donations of any amount that you can spare are appreciated,donations of $5, $10, $20, $50 or more will go a long way and be put to good use in order to get the message out about who Patrick and Kevin are and how they can best represent the people of the 13th Legislative district, ensuring that the voices of the Northern Monmouth Bayshore and the rest of the 13th district is heard down in Trenton.

If you can not afford to donate money but would like to volunteer your time to the campaign,send a letter to the address below and let them know you are available to give in other ways, like phone banking, addressing envelopes or canvassing.

Any little bit helps.

Send donations or offers of support to:

Committee to Elect Cullen, Lavan & Short 2011
56 Fieldcrest Way
Hazlet, New Jersey 07730

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>Write-In Support Needed for Christopher Cullen, Democratic Candidate For NJ State Senate District 13, During Tuesday’s Primary Election

>If you have received your Primary ballots for the 13th District (Bayshore area) you’ll notice something missing – The Democratic candidate for State Senate Candidate, CHRISTOPHER CULLEN is missing. Democrats needs to write in Chris’s name when you go to vote. This will ensure that he appears on the ballot in November.

If you are unsure how to do this ask your local poll worker, that is what they are there for and they would be more than happy to explain how to do it.

Due to the lateness and confusion surrounding the filing deadline for candidates this year as a result of redistricting, Christopher Cullen had an issue with his Candidate petition before the filing deadline and did not receive enough valid signatures.

Therefore Cullen needs our help! Please do not forget to write-in CHRISTOPHER CULLEN on Tuesday, June 7th at the polls or on your absentee ballot.

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Renaming Of New Highlands Bridge "Captain Joseph Azzolina Memorial Bridge" Passes Senate Committee

In tribute to one of the leading voices of the Bayshore, Joseph Azzolina, the NJ Senate Transportation Committee approved yesterday the renaming of the new Highlands bridge the “Captain Joseph Azzolina Memorial Bridge”.

Azzolina who passed away on April 15th of this year was a life long resident of the Northern Monmouth Bayshore area and a leader of the community who served in both the NJ State Senate and Assembly from 1965 until 2006.

Mr. Azzolina was a true patriot, he served in the United States Naval Reserve from 1944-1986, Captain (Retired).[1] As a reservist, he returned to active duty in 1983 for a tour of seven months – four of them off the coast of Lebanon – aboard the battleship USS New Jersey. He received three Meritorious Service Medals and two Navy Secretary Commendation Medals in addition to other combat awards and honors. As an Asemblyman, Azzolina led the effort to acquire the retired ship and have it docked in New Jersey waters where it has been transformed to a floating museum.

In an email sent to family and friends, John Azzolina issued the following statement:
” Our family is proud to announce that a Bill renaming Highlands Bridge passes senate committee Today will be named after our father Joe Azzolina. The Senate will vote in the fall to finalize. We are so proud of his accomplishments in life and will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!
The Azzolina Family”
To read more about the renaming of the bridge in honor of Joseph Azzolina you can check out the article on the Bayshore Courier News website.

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Local Food Pantries In Need Of Donations

With Thanksgiving just 2 days away and Christmas right around the corner, local food pantries that serve the Bayshore region are in need and are seeking donations for the holiday season.

Nonperishable items, such as pasta, canned vegetables, rice, cereal and canned soups are in great demand. The economic recession has created a greater need for the services of local resources like the Keyport Ministerium.

Many food pantries are associated with the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, the largest pantry along the northern Jersey Shore. Visit the FoodBank website at for information on local pantries and how to contact them.

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Middletown’s Patrick Short Finds Solutions to Problems Where Other Have Failed (And He has Never Raised Your Taxes !)

Middletown’s Democratic Township Committeeman Patrick Short, in this video talks about issues that are effecting residents.

He states that the overall number#1 issue in town is taxes and that the Middletown GOP has consistently raised property taxes over the past 3 years by 16% while he has never supported or voted for any tax increases since being elected in 2006.

Flooding in the Port Monmouth/Bayshore area is also a major concern. Along with fellow Committeeman Sean Byrnes and residents from the area, Patrick Short has lead the way in finding a solution to this problem.

Patrick Short proposed a two part solution that would include a small pumping station be installed in the area, that would control flood waters by sending it back out into the creek nearby and to make improvements drainage pipes while also increasing the size of the berms an additional 16-18 inches, that run along the roadways.

Traffic in Lincroft has also been a major concerns to residents and while others talked about a solution or wished that the County would make road improvements, Patrick Short did something about.

Short fought for and gained approval to make the access road behind the Acme shopping center a two way street rather than a one way street. The street would then be routed behind the Luigi/Subways shopping center and opened to Middletown-Lincroft Rd.

By doing this, traffic congestion on Rt.520 and surrounding area will be alleviated and greater access to the shopping centers will be gained. It is a Win-Win for both the merchants and residents in the area.

Watch the video and hear for yourself What Patrick Short has to say on the subjects:

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Taxes and Middletown, Perfect Together

As anyone who follow this blog knows, I am no fan of the Middeltown GOP and their bond, spend ,tax and then blame others, policies. 

Since late February, I have been pointing out that the Middletown Republicans, who have controlled  the township committee for the past 20 some odd years, have been planning a 9.2% municipal tax increase this year in order to plug a $2.4 million hole in the township budget that has not been adopted yet. This budget shortfall is approximately the same as last years, when the township used  a couple of one shot revenue gimmicks in addition to a 7.2% tax increase balance the budget.
In order to keep Middletown running for the past 5+ months, temporary budget resolutions have needed to be passed by the township committee. At last count, nearly 50% of  the expected operating expenses for the township for fiscal year 2009 have already been spent or have been allocated  to be spent. 
Now, how will it be possible to cut $2.4 million from the last remaining 50% of budget to avoid a 9.2% rate increase?  You can’t, unless your willing make very hard choices. Choices that the Republicans in town have refused to make for the past 20 something years.
That is why, with this years increase, Middletown’s tax rate will have risen 25% over the past 4 years.
At some point you need to look in the mirror and stop blaming others for your short comings. 
Like Middletown, other municipalities around that state, as well as along the bayshore, have been saddled with reduced aid and unfunded mandates from Trenton. However the impact has not had nearly the same adverse effects as here, because instead of blaming others, these towns  looked at themselves and made choices that dealt with the problem instead of playing the avoid and blame game. 
There are two other very good posts today from Pat Walsh’s Middletown Musings blog and Matt Morehead’s A Voice for Youth blog that address Middletown’s budget dealings. 
Walsh’s talks about the townships use of deferred school board taxes, while Morehead’s post asks why other towns in the area have been able to keep their tax rate stable while Middletowns has skyrocketed. 

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Extra Extra Read All About It – The Courier Is Sold To New Owner

Yesterday was a sad day after I read the post on Melissa Gaffney’s blog Sableminded about the April 1st demise of the Courier newspaper.
I have been a fan of the Courier for  a long time, and have been lending this blog to the online version of it for a number of months now. At one point I was considering having MiddletownMike visitors redirected to the Courier version of this blog. I had been hearing for quite awhile that the Courier was in trouble and that it’s future was in question, but I had thought and hope that the paper would somehow survive and live on in some form or another, but due to that uncertainty  the redirect just never seemed to happen.
When the Courier’s publisher Jim Purcell announced that the Courier was only going to publish bi-weekly and that through a partnership with Rutgers University, it was going to attempt to survive on-line as a web based publication, I was at first disheartened.  I became encouraged a few weeks later however when I was told by Jim that it looked like the web based model was going to work out, revenue had already increased over the previous months due to the new venture with Rutgers.
So, when I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Azzolina family had changed their mind and no longer desired to be in the news business it came as a mild shock, if they couldn’t find a buyer they were going to shutdown operations.  I didn’t quite want to believe it, after all the paper seemed to be on track to  profitability once again. Needless to say then, that when I stopped by the office to say hello, it was a rather gloomy place.  
Today though, when I returned home from work and logged onto the blog I noticed  the headline on the Courier widget “The Courier is sold to new owner“, my spirits were lifted.
I don’t know who has brought the Courier or whether or not that they intend to keep the online version up and running, but I am happy that they did. It would have been a real loss to the bayshore if the paper had folded, the Courier after all has been a staple of northern Monmouth County for since 1955. 
As for MiddletownMike’s future with the Courier, I don’t have an answer for that just yet. I need to make a few phone calls to see what the future may hold. I am just glad that the paper did not fade away like so many others have done lately.
I am also happy to think that some of the people at the Courier, who have become my friends, may now not have to worry about losing their jobs and finding employment elsewhere. I hope  

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