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>Friday Morning Funnies: Trump Routs Out Obama’s Birth Certificate


Donald Trump sits down to talk about Obama’s birth certificate again and what he’s going to do to find out the truth.

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1 in 3 NJ Conservatives Think Obama May Be The Anti-Christ

Is it possible, could President Barack Hussin Obama be the anti-Christ? According to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, 1 out of 3 NJ conservatives seem to think so.

To be more exact, 18% of self-identified conservatives say with out a doubt that Obama is the anti-Christ while 17% aren’t quite sure.
To make matters seem a little worse 14% of self-identified Republicans think that Obama has the number 666 concealed somewhere underneath his hair. Additionally another 15% aren’t quite sure about that either.
Now what I want to know is, if President Obama is a closeted Muslim, like many right-winger conservatives such as the “birthers” and “tenthers” seem to think, how can he be the anti-Christ, after all doesn’t one need to be a christian first to qualify as the anti-Christ?


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