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Scudiery Says GoodBye; Announces Intention To End Term As Monmouth County Democratic Chairman

Dear County Committee Member,

In looking back at nearly a quarter century in politics, you remember sweet victories and frustrating defeats. But what you remember most are the people. Once the victory night celebration has faded, the speeches have blurred and the music has quieted, the memory is of the people who worked with you, stood beside you and tried to make a positive difference.

For more than two decades, together we’ve stood side-by-side with Monmouth County and New Jersey’s working families. We’ve stood by those trying to do the right thing, those who work hard to make their children’s future brighter; those who get up every morning and go to work, who struggle to pay the mortgage and their utility bills, to put food on the table for their families; those who attend their places of worship with pride and dignity; those who coach their children’s Little League teams; those who attend the parent teacher conferences.

The wealthy and the powerful always have someone to speak for them; our party gives voice to those who would otherwise be voiceless. Together we have provided that voice and leadership.

During my tenure, New Jersey has elected a Democrat every time there’s been a state-wide federal election. We’ve won every state-wide Presidential and U.S. Senate election. We’ll do so again this year.

I take pride in the ideal that as Democrats we represent all of the people. Our candidates reflect the diversity of the most diverse state in the country. Our ticket this year will reflect that diversity. President Barrack Obama, the first African-American President and U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, our state’s first Hispanic United States Senator. We’ve come a long way in 23 years and proven that our Party is open to all. During my tenure New Jersey also elected its first Italian-American Governor and we’ve elected more women to office than any time in our history.

But as former Speaker of the House of Representatives Thomas “Tip” O’Neil said, “All politics is local.”

Here in Monmouth County we’ve provided outstanding leadership and built from the municipalities up a growing party that has made enormous strides. Our Mayors and Council members are providing innovative, open and honest government across Monmouth County. We took leadership back on the Freeholder Board and are positioned by developing an outstanding local farm team to provide Democratic leadership again.

During my time as chairman we worked together to take back the 12th Legislative District. We worked to defeat an incumbent Republican Congressman and to elect Congressman Rush Holt. U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone has represented much of our county for 24 years.

I believe we’ve been successful as a party because people like you got involved for the right reasons, not because they were looking for a title, status or any other aggrandizement. We succeed when we put the people and the party first.

I urge our Democratic leaders throughout New Jersey to work to stop the infighting and the deal making that pits one group in our party against another. We need to support policies that help the many and walk away from policies that seem to enrich just a few.

Perhaps my favorite memory of politics in Monmouth County is not of a race that we won, but the one that’s most vivid – my first. John Winterstella and Gene Anthony were candidates for Freeholder in my first year; Jack Manutti and Annie Grant contested the Constitutional Offices. In that year, Surrogate Patricia Bennett was our only Democratic county-wide official. I walked with the candidates every day and night, we campaigned hard for months, and in the end came up a few hundred votes short. But we launched the party in the right direction. We gave it a start.

After 23 years, I’ve decided to end my term as Chairman of the Monmouth County Democrats. But I know that because all of the work of dedicated, loyal Democrats like you, I will leave it in good hands.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the honor and privilege of serving the Monmouth County Democrats and all of the people of Monmouth County.

To our friends in organized labor; everyone who’s ever stuffed an envelope, made a phone call or talked to your neighbors to help elect a Council member or President; everyone who’s given of their time and their money to support our candidates; all of those who have put themselves before the voters and stood up for our party and its principles; all of those who have been selfless in their dedication to a cause that’s right, I thank you.


Victor V. Scudiery, Chairman
Monmouth County Democrats, Inc.

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Freeholder Amy Mallet Is Asking for Your Vote Tuesday November 8 (Tomorrow)

Please vote on Tuesday! Polls are open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I will never forget the oath I took when first elected three years ago. Difficult decisions are being made constantly, but my policies have always put People Before Politics. In the words of the Asbury Park Press where they endorsed my re-election bid for Freeholder, “Mallet has been the strongest voice for open government and fiscal restraint.”

My proud accomplishments include leading the charge in opening the Monmouth County Veterans Service Office, initiating the first major installation of solar power for County buildings, and the Wellness Discount Card for all residents of Monmouth County. I sent the library budget back because I would not accept tax increases to fatten up a reserve fund which resulted in saving taxpayers $6 million.

As the “watchdog” of the board, I’ve successfully fought for more transparency in government. While it has improved, there is still more work to do. What sets me apart is my commitment to serving all the people of Monmouth County. I am the only member of the present board who supports a healthy policy of term limits for members of our autonomous boards and commissions. I have stood up against costly cronyism and maintain a very high ethical standard. It is my hope that the people of Monmouth County will come out to support me in this year’s election since there is more work to be done.

On Tuesday, November 8, I ask you to cast your vote for Amy Mallet and my running mate, William Shea for Freeholder.


Freeholder Amy Mallet

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>Middletown-Patch: Freeholder Amy Mallet Explains County Politics to Brookdale Students

>Nice right up on Freeholder Amy Mallet today online at MiddeltownPatch. Freeholder Mallet gave an informative to students presentation to students in an American National Government class at Brookdale Community College the other day.

It’s good to see her out and about giving back to the community like she does, I can’t remember hearing about any of her colleagues on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders doing the same recently.
According to the article Mallet, “delivered a PowerPoint presentation that offered a brief history of Monmouth County and the Board of Chosen Freeholders. For instance, students learned that the term “freeholder” is a holdover to a time when it meant anyone who owned land “free and clear.” Those persons who were elected to represent those landowners were called “chosen freeholders.”…

She also “suggested that the students attend public meetings, establish a dialogue with elected officials and familiarize themselves with the county website,

“Brookdale students attend one of the finest two-year learning institutions in the state,” Mallet said. “The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders has always supported the college and its students, and it’s important they know they have the board’s continued support.”

You can read the full article >>> Here


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>Ever Wonder Why Lillian Burry Maintains Her Silence On Resignations?

>Yesterday’s editorial in the Asbury Park Press questioned why the Brookdale College Board of Trustees didn’t do a better job of scrutinizing the expenses of former college President Peter Burnham and once again calls for the resignation of the Board President Howard Birdsall and Board Attorney John M. Cantalupo.

Birdsall and Cantalupo have both arrogantly ignored numerous requests from Freeholders Amy Mallet and John Curley, the Asbury Park Press and others to resign. So why haven’t they felt it necessary to admit a certain degree of fault in this scandal and heed the call to step down? It could be argued rather successfully that both looked the other way when others told them of Burnham’s improprieties.
It is also rather curious why the grand-dame of the Monmouth County Freeholder Board, Lillian Burry, hasn’t spoken out and demanded Birdsall and Cantalupo step down. After all, Burry was criticized for not speaking out sooner on the Burnham situation when the first allegations of improprieties surfaced against him.
Why is that do you think?
It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact the John M. Cantalupo is a close personal friend of Burry’s and has been acting as her Campaign Treasurer over the years, could it? Let’s think about it for a second, who was negotiating the terms Peter Burnham’s Brookdale contracts over the years, it was Cantalupo. Given Cantalupo’s status as personal friend and campaign treasurer, I find it hard to believe that Burry had no idea of over the years, what was contained in Burnham’s employment contracts.
And what about Howard Birdsall and his company, Birdsall Service Group ? Both are so intertwined within Monmouth County through political donations and public contracts, that Lillian Burry must feels it’s not in her best interest to speak out publicly against Birdsall
It’s for these reasons and others why it is so important to impose term limits on those that serve on volunteer boards and commissions in Monmouth County as Freeholder Mallet proposed last month but had her proposal voted down by her Republican colleagues on the Freeholder Board.
As stated in the APP editorial, it’s time for Birdsall and Cantalupo to accept part of the blame for the Burnham scandal and step down from the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees.

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Freeholders Announce Top-Level Appointments; Hiring, Promotions and Restructuring of Some Departments Yields Savings of $228,735

The following is a press release issued a short time ago by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders. It should be of interest to some due to the fact that there is some controversy over appointments to key positions within the county. Quite frankly I don’t see what all the fuss is about :

FREEHOLD – The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders has appointed a number of people to key positions within county government and restructured several county departments for an overall cost savings of more than $225,000 in salaries.

These positions were advertised on the County Web site and in the Star-Ledger and Asbury Park Press newspapers. Candidates submitted resumes and qualifications were carefully reviewed.

“For several weeks we have been examining ways in which the county can be administered more effectively and efficiently and still be able to deliver the excellent services Monmouth County residents have come to expect,” Freeholder Director Barbara J. McMorrow said. “We determined that by promoting largely from within we can rein in our high-level salaries and save $228,735 this year.”

The appointments follow the retirements of Finance Director Mark E. Acker and Human Service Director Lynn Miller.

The Board promoted longtime county employees Craig Marshall and Charles Brown III to the positions of Finance director and Human Services director, respectively. Marshall, a certified public accountant and currently a senior administrative analyst, will be paid $128,000; Brown, who was the county’s director of mental health and addiction services, will be paid $120,000.

Assuming the duties as director of Mental Health and Addiction Services will be Barry Johnson, who was assistant Human Services director to Ms. Miller. The assistant director’s position has been abolished for a savings of $106,527. Johnson will earn $99,000 a year in his new position.

The Board reappointed longtime county employee Patricia Watson as Consumer Affairs Director at her current salary of $77,973. Watson has worked at the Department of Consumer Affairs since 1983. Also reappointed is John G. McCormack as director of the Monmouth County Police Academy at his current salary of $86,113. McCormack has been director of the academy since 2003.

“As I said the day I became director of the Board, many of the best people already work for the county,” McMorrow said. “I congratulate them on their promotions and I look forward to working with them as we continue the county tradition of excellent delivery of services. The restructuring has also allowed us to reduce the number of high-level salaries for an even greater savings to taxpayers.”

Taking over as director of the Office on Aging, Disabilities and Veterans’ Interment is Thomas Pivinski of Asbury Park, a retired Roman Catholic priest who is currently working with hospice for Meridian Health Care. Pivinski maintains a small private psychotherapy practice in Asbury Park. His annual salary is $75,000.

The Board also hired former Hazlet police detective Glen Mason to serve as Office of Emergency Management Coordinator at an annual salary of $75,000. The position had been vacant.

Mason, a 26-year police veteran, had served as Office of Emergency Coordinator in Hazlet for three years and, prior to that appointment, had been in charge of the police auxiliary, which is part of the Hazlet OEM. He is currently a member of the U.S. Coast Guard auxiliary and serves as the group’s liaison for emergency response. He sits on the county’s Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Mason has elected not to receive health benefits from the county or be enrolled in the state’s Public Employee Retirement System.

“No new positions were created and all of the appointees are Monmouth County residents,” McMorrow said. “I welcome each of them into county service and wish them all the best of luck.”

All of the appointments become effect after April 1.

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