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>Middletown School Board Member Resigns

>I heard last night that current Middletown Board Of Education Vice-President, Daniel Skelton has handed in his resignation to the school board and not fulfill his current term which has 1 year left on it.

From what I have gathered Mr. Skelton is resigning due to health issues and his resignation will become effective as soon as the BOE votes to accept it at either it’s next workshop meeting on Febuary 16th or later during the next BOE voting meeting scheduled for Febuary 23rd.
With Mr. Skelton’s resignation from the Middletown Board of Ed., there will be 4 open positions which will need to be filled when the next school board election takes place in April, 3 full 3-year terms and the 1 year term which is left of Skelton’s current time.
So if anyone is interested in running as a school board member, the deadline to submit a petition to seek election is March 8th.


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Quote of the Day from Middletown

“This is really going to impact the quality of education in the district, I don’t know how we are going to continue.” – Middletown Board of Education Vice President Dan Skelton

Quoted from the Asbury Park Press while refering to the additional $2.1M school budget cuts imposed on the Middletown School District by the Town Committee.

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