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Dempsey, Mangan and Bossone Campaign Season Kick-Off!

Join us for Cocktails and Squan Tavern’s famous pizza
In support of
Mayor George Dempsey’s re-election
The election of Council candidates

Mike Mangan and Joe Bossone.

Monday, September 19 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Squan Tavern

15 Broad Street

Manasquan, New Jersey
Donation $25 Per Person

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Pallone: The Fight Begins Today

Not many people realize that Congressman Frank Pallone is also a blogger extraordinaire, he contributes regulary to the Daily Kos.

This morning he published the following piece that announces his campaign for re-election kick-off event in Long Branch on Sunday afternoon:

With yesterday’s primary election in the books, the journey to November’s general election starts right now.

While we still don’t know who our opponent will be, we do know she will either be a self-funding billionaire or the darling of the tea party. We also know that, no matter what, we will be facing a well-funded right-wing assault seeking to turn back the clock to the Bush/Cheney policies that have caused so many problems for our state and nation.

Congressman Frank Pallone’s diary :: ::

I treat every election the same, no matter who is on the ballot: run hard and let the voters know of the work we’ve done to make their lives better. I’ve been fighting hard every day to deliver real results for the 6th District. I’ve fought to create and protect jobs, while opposing trade agreements that destroy jobs and give tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. I’ve safeguarded our beaches and am holding corporate polluters accountable by forcing them to foot the bill for cleaning up their toxic waste sites. And I’ve worked hard on health care reform that will help everyone across the nation.

But there is still much work to be done, and I simply can not continue my work without your support. So I hope you will join me at my hometown headquarters, as we kick-off my re-election campaign. It’s not going to be anything fancy – just some food and refreshments – but it will give us all a chance to get to work, making sure the 6th Congressional District stays blue.

Sunday, June 13th
2:30pm – 4:30pm
Pallone for Congress Campaign Headquarters
495 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ
Please RSVP on
or to

Over the coming months, I am going to need help from all of you – the progressive activists who have always made up the backbone of my grassroots campaigns. Together, we will keep fighting to put people to work, make continued investment in renewable energy sources and our infrastructure, and make sure our most vulnerable citizens – children, the impoverished and our seniors – have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Although it may almost be summer – when many of us are dreaming of days at the beach and barbecues with families and friends – we can not afford to be lackadaisical. Today is when the real fight begins.

So please stop by on Sunday, and be sure to bring your friends and family. As always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on what I’m doing for New Jersey’s 6th District, both here at home and down in Washington.

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Video: Jon Corzine Campaign Kickoff Rally

If you didn’t attend the Jon Corzine campaign kickoff rally in West Orange Tuesday night, you missed the Governor addressing the crowd as he gave his acceptance speech.

I think that he hit a homerun with this speech. It is the best that I have heard him speak in a long time, strong, forceful and confident he hit all the marks with the proper emphasis.

Watch and listen, I think that you will be impressed

part 1

part 2

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