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Video: Re-elect Red Bank’s Juanita Lewis and Ed Zipprich

Red Bank Democratic Candidates for Town Council Juanita Lewis and Ed Zipprich have released a short campaign video that they would like everyone to see. It explains who they are and their vision for and commitment to Red Bank’s future.

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Patch Video Depicts Area Around MiddletownMike’s Neighborhood

This video was posted on Middletown Patch a few hours ago. It depicts the area in my immediate neighborhood. I was stunned, but not surprised to see the small bridge over the Waackaack Creek totally flood and impassable on Middle Rd. off of Palmer Ave and the portion of Palmer Ave., near Target, flooding all the way into Chery Tree Farm Village. Both these areas are notorious flood zones.

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>Holt Campaign Video : Dream

>Congressman Rush Holt yesterday released his first campaign video of the year. It attacks his opponent Scott Sipprelle for being a Wall Street insider who favors tax cuts for the rich while opposing the minimum wage and equal pay for women.

It’s a good first effort on the part of the Holt campaign,sutle yet hard hitting. It matches Rush’s style to a tee.

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>Getting to know Freeholder Candidate Janice Venables

>The Monmouth Dems recently posted a video on Youtube introducing Freeholder Candidate Janice Venables. The Facebook announcement of the video has this to say about her:

“Councilwoman Janice Venables has a strong record as a fiscal conservative in the Borough of Spring Lake. She is ready to bring her record to Monmouth County as your next freeholder. Get to know Freeholder Candidate Janice Venables!


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Video Diary: The Reasons to Vote For Patrick Short In middletown

Below are the videos that were recorded of Patrick Short a number of weeks ago while he addressed a group of concerned residents that were interested in knowing about the issues in Middletown.

If you haven’t watched any of them yet, here is your chance to watch and form an educated opinion of the issues in Middletown so that you can make a very important informed decision that will effect Middletown for the next 3 years.

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Middletown Democrat For Township Committee, Patrick Short: Video

Middletown Democratic Committeeman Patrick Short has recorded a series of videos that will be released over the next few weeks, as he seeks re-election to the Middletown Township Committee.

The video series was assembled from video shot while Patrick Short meet with a group of 10 concerned residents of Middletown, who wished to know where Mr. Short stood on issue that effect the town.

In the first video Mr. Short simply states who he is:

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New Corzine Video: More to Do

The Corzine campaign released another new video yesterday that very well maybe the most positve one so far from the Governor’s campaign.

“More to Do” highlights how Governor Corzine has been fighting for what matters in these tough economic times- having the lowest property tax increases in the last decade; increasing funding for education, while cutting the state budget; expanding healthcare for all of New Jerseys children; and investing in creating new, good jobs.

Given these accomplishments, Governor Corzine emphasizes that there is more work to do and that he will continue to fight to make Jersey a better place to live and raise a family.

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