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>Robert Superti, Candidate Middletown Board Of Education

>I received the following letter from Robert Superti, who is seeking to be elected to fill 1 of 3 – full three year terms on Middletown Board of Education during tomorrow’s April 27th, 2011 school board election:

As a candidate for the Middletown Board of Education I have spoken at all four scheduled forums for the Board candidates, distributed hundreds of copies of my history of experience and knowledge. I have delivered recorded messages of my philosophy for action in the school system. I’ve returned numerous phone calls to my home and answered all questions of concerns involving our school system.

In all of my conversations of our community two main themes emerge as major concerns about our school system. One is cost (taxes) and the other is quality of education. The cost issue involves decreased funding from government agencies, loss of revenue due to individuals loss of income and increased cost of living: which increases the tax burden of those who still pay taxes.

The quality of education involves mandated legislation that was intended to improve productivity: but has failed to do so. The administration and faculty have expended time and energy to carry out those mandates.

Our community pays a staff of experienced professional to implement our goals for education. They should not be micro-managed by outside interests to perform their duties. If good proposals are submitted by outside interests our managers should decide on how those ideas are implemented in the system.

If our managers appear not to be performing well then it is the responsibility of the Board of education to intervene to remedy the situation. The Board of Education represents the entire community: therefore representatives that consist of administration, faculty, parents, community activists, and the Board members should participate in dialog to forge a unified vision and approach to maintain and improve our system.

When I say, “Stop exploitation of our schools” I refer to the imposition imposed by negative rhetoric that emerges from representatives of government who decry that our tax burdens are primarily due to school budgets. Political negative rhetoric or spin doctoring is an effective tool to divert attention or resistance to other desired agendas.

Negative rhetoric demonizing of teachers and unfunded mandates degrade productivity in our school system.

Please vote for me, Robert Superti, line #4 in this year’s Middletown School Board election tomorrow, April 27th, 2011.

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>Banta and Wexelberg, Candidates Middletown Board of Education

>I was forwarded the following email from a friend who had received it from another. The email is from Middletown Board of Education Candidate Bob Banta, who along with his ticket mate Jerry Wexelberg, are each seeking to be elected to 1 of 3 – full three year terms to the Middletown Board of Education in Wednesday’s Board of Education election.

The email was introductory in nature and tells the readers a little about both Banta and Wexelberg and what they would like to accomplish if elected to the Board of Education:


I would like to take a moment to ask for your support and appeal to your sense of community. I have been the Director of Soccer for the St. Mary’s Athletic Association for about 5 years now and with the program for a few more than that. I have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the best volunteers in our community dedicated to youth sports here from our SMAA Board of Directors to all of our Coaches and Assistant Coaches, as well as hundreds of the best kids anywhere! In this time, I have seen our program grow from about 35 teams of approximately 350 kids to our present 78 teams of OVER 1100 kids.

One of the great things about this program is that it is made up of kids from all over Middletown, from many of the elementary and middle schools as well as St. Mary’s and some of the other Catholic schools. There have been drastic budget cuts to the Board of Education’s budget last year and this years budget is well under the 2% cap set by the Governor. If afforded an opportunity, I would like to make sure all the kids in our town are receiving the best education possible as well as be part of the process to ensure that these budget cuts don’t translate to necessary programs being cut. I am sure that as a fellow taxpayer you may agree that all of our tax dollars for education should be carefully spent on the children’s education and not wasted in areas that the kids do not receive a direct benefit from. I would also like to see that all of the youth programs in town have a better and more realistic opportunity to use the existing facilities at our public schools which all of our taxes support. I am looking forward to helping the existing board work together in one direction and use my unique team building skills to unite the other board members. These are some of the reasons I have filed the paperwork to be on the ballot for the Middletown Board of Education election this April.

Finally, I would like to let all the parents know that I am going to be running with Jerry Wexelberg in this election. Jerry is a longtime Middletown resident and has supported the education system as well as the athletic programs of our public schools for many years now. He is currently the President of the Booster Club for High School North. Jerry and I share many of the same views on many issues related to the Board of Education.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope we can count on your support on Election Day! Please ask as many families, friends and neighbors as possible to come out this coming Wednesday, April 27th and vote.


Bob Banta
SMAA Director of Soccer


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Have You Heard The One About The Joker Who Wants To Be On The Middeltown Board Of Education?

There is a real Joker in town who wants to be elected to the Middletown Board Of Education, the guy is Vinnie Brand and he is a comedian and owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick.

From what I understand he is running on the slate with his buddies Mike Mascone and Chris Aveta, all three are involved with Middletown Soccer and have ties to Middletown Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore, who seems to have put the three together in order to take control over the school board.

Fiore put together this “soccer dream team” and signed the school board petition for both Brand and Aveta. Most likely with the idea that if elected to the Board of Education, Brand, Mascone and Aveta will be more inclined to open up the synthetic turf fields at both high schools to kids that play soccer in Middletown being that plans for the turf fields at West Front Street Park and Croydon Hall have been cancelled.

(Mascone Petition)

(Brand Petition)

(Aveta Petition)

(click on the images to see who signed their petitions)

Being a comedian and owner of a comedy club I found some interesting information on Mr. Vinnie Brand that I thought I should share so that voters could make an informed choice when going to the polls on April 20th to vote for members of the school board and school budget. This information is from his own website at, his My Space page and on Twitter. So these are his own words not something I wrote about him.

On his website he lists this as his bio:

“Vinnie grew up in Middletown NJ, the third of four children born to a plumber and a overly optimistic mother. He attended Rutgers College and immediately met the woman of his nightmares. Promptly, they had three children and bills. Vinnie ran his own construction company and flower shop while performing at open mic nights, juggling his time raising his children, working like a dog and performing.

After becoming a headline comic, He sold the flower shop, closed the construction company and gave his wife the divorce she was begging for. With three kids, no money and no car, he opened The Stress Factory Comedy Club while living in a boarding house for fathers that lost it all in bad divorces.

In 1995 Vinnie met the woman of his dreams, Vicki, while borrowing her car. He married her in 1998 and got full custody of his three children in 1999. Then, to round things out, they added two more children.”

“ Today Vinnie spends his time on stage all over New York City talking about the things he knows best, kids, marriage, bills and family. His unique approach lets him weave a story that captivates audiences of all ages while pissing off his ex wife. Overall, it has all worked out.”

I have to wonder how much thought this guy gave to running for the school board or did he just let the party use him for publicity? How about his availability for doing the job of school board member? Just check out this schedule comedy club appearances:

July 28th, Tuesday: COMIC STRIP LIVE ,
August 3rd, Monday @ 9.35PM: COMIC STRIP LIVE
August 5th, Wednesday @ 9.20PM: COMIC STRIP LIVE
August 6th, Thursday @ 9.20PM: COMIC STRIP LIVE
August 28th, Thursday @ 11.10PM: COMIC STRIP LIVE
August 31st, Monday @ 10.05PM: COMIC STRIP LIVE
September 26th, Saturday: with JIM BREUER at Capital One Theatre

You really have to ask yourself why is guy running for a public office? He uses his kids for material in his comedy routine (as evident in the youtube video at the bottom of this post), which make you wonder if he will us the kids from the district as material in his act as well if he gets on the school board?

School board members should be an example to our children. What kind of example is it to put this on His My Space:

From Vinny Brand on My Space/Blog Posting Wednesday, September 27, 2006

spinach, you bastard. Current mood: annoyed

No, it can’t be, but it is. Spinach is killing people. That’s it, I quit! I could deal with all the bullshit this world throws at you, terrorism, rising interest rates, dysfunctional TIVO and Iran enriching uranium because I always had the good shit to fall back on. Spinach was one of them. I could kill off a box of HOHOs’ knowing that I could wash it all away with a helping of spinach. Fucking spinach was my rock, it was in my terror attack survival kit, right next to the duct tape, plastic and batteries. Now I’m screwed. It’s like finding out that you could choke to death on a vitamin.

I’m done folks. I’m going to drown myself in Pop Tarts, Red Bull and cookies. Damn the torpedos, let Iran have a nuke and screw my tivoed episode of Greys Anatomy that pixilates because Comcast sucks, none of it matters now. Spinach, you bastard!

What kind of example is that? I can only imagine what Brand will use from his board experience in his comedy routine. Maybe that is why he is running, for more comedy material. I can tell you this, I would not want him having ANY confidential information about my kid!

His lack of good judgement in the video below is an example. He calls the police to arrest his son for smoking pot in his bedroom only to find out that in the end that it cost him over $5 grand in lawyer and court fees while his son is left with a criminal record.

I think it best we leave Mr. Brand and his slate to the jobs they seem to enjoy more and put more qualified candidates on our board of education. Or the joke will be on us!


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Randy Bishop, Candidate For NJ State Assembly District 11- Answers 10 Questions

Randy Bishop is the former Mayor of Neptune Township and is currently seeking 1 of 2 seats in the NJ State Assembly out of the 11th District.

Randy is the 4th State Assembly Candidate to return my questionnaire and by doing so he has joined his runningmate Rick Bolger, Jim Grenafege from Disitrict 13 and Independent Candidated Sean Dunne aslo from the 13th district as responders.
As I read through Randy’s responses I have a sense that the most important thing to him is public service.
As a small business owner and head of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce, it is import to him that businesses not be strangle to the point they cannot exist.
1. What is your motivation for seeking a seat in the NJ State Assembly and can you tell us a little about yourself ?

I have been in public service from my participation in boards, my time as head of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce and my time as committeeman and Mayor in Neptune Township. I believe that public service is the highest calling and that working to make a difference is what keeps us going and looking for solutions.

2. As you meet residents throughout your district what seems to be the greatest concerns they are expressing and how do you plan to address them?

Residents of this District are frustrated by high property taxes, the question of can they remain in a place they love or are they being priced out. I believe that we need to restructure government and am a believer in a State Constitutional Convention. There are those, mostly people who have power and do not want to give it up, but the system is broken. Layering patches on a broken system will not fix the underlying problems and that is what the legislature is tasked to do.

3. What do you hope to accomplish once you are elected to the State Assembly?

Bring back to this District the information, the help and the voice that it has been lacking in Trenton. Oddly, we hear so much that things cannot get done by the current Assembly persons because they are in the minority. Actually having served in the minority, I have still been able to raise issues, propose solutions and work toward making things better.

4. What is it that makes your district unique and how does that uniqueness impact your campaign?

This district is very diverse having some of the most urban areas in all of Monmouth County and as such has a unique set of challenges. While you look for solutions you must make sure that the one thing you think will solve one issue will create another somewhere else. But across all of this district it is common that we need job creation, less burden on businesses and equal educational opportunities for all of our residents.

5. If elected, how would your professional background enhance your ability to be an effective State Assembly representative?

As a small business owner and as a municipal elected official, I see what the edicts of Trenton do to the people of this district. I believe that I know challenges facing especially small businesses by owning one and by being the head of a Chamber of Commerce. We cannot continue to strangle the business community to the point they cannot exist or suffocate the residents under this tax burden.

6. Do you have any thoughts on how to contain the growth of state government?

We really must look at integration of functions. Each department replicates work in other departments. Also, I believe we must get back to what are we required to do, what do we need to do and make sure we are not funding the things we like to do. I also believe that it is time to end unfunded state mandates to municipalities.

7. Is there any aspect of state government that you believe there is a need to be expanded upon?

There are currently no needs for expansion that I can see..

8. Why should residents of your district trust you to represent them in the legislature?

I have a record of service, of creativity in problem solving that I feel the residents can trust. Its not just that I say what I will do, I do it.

9. Why do you identify yourself as a Democrat as opposed to a Republican or Independent?

I have always believed in the ideals and values of the Democratic Party. That doesn’t always mean I agree with the leaders and have stood up against them at times. I will always fight for those who need a voice. Government for most of us should just get out of the way. But sometimes, government is the only way to bring about an equitable solution.

10. Is there anything that is important to you that hasn’t been asked, that you would like to address?

Just that experience matters. Not experience in Trenton today, but experience in the trenches bot in business and in politics. I have worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, I have worked in start-up companies and in corporate America and now in owning my own business. I believe this gives me a unique view on problem solving and on working toward solutions.

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Garden State Equality Snubs Bishop By Donating To Opponents

Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s only LGBTI-rights advocacy organization with an office in District 11’s Asbury Park, has contributed $1,500 to Republican Mary Pat Angelini.

Angelini reported the contribution on her 29-day pre-election general campaign report on October 1, 2009.

Of note, Angelini’s running mate David Rible, stated during last weeks candidate round table with the Asbury Park Press that he would not vote in support of same-sex marriage. He would prefer a referendum on the issue, but if a vote were taken, he would not vote for marriage equality.

Democrats Randy Bishop and his running mate Rick Bolger did not receive a contribution from Garden State Equality.

Bishop was elected to the Neptune Township Committee in 2004 and re-elected to his second term in 2007. He served as mayor in 2008, the third openly gay mayor in New Jersey’s history. The lack of support by Garden State Equality to the Bishop & Bolger campaign is surprising, but their support of their opponents is disturbing.

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13th District Assembly Candidates Brown and Grenafege: Culturally Imbedded Political Corruption Costs NJ Taxpayers

Democratic State Assembly Candidates for the 13th Legislative District, Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege, have issued the following press release that calls for tougher penalities for elected or appointed public officials that have been charged or convicted of a crime due to unethical behavior or illegal acts:

Middletown (Monmouth County, NJ) – Today Bob Brown and Jim Grenafege, candidates for New Jersey State Assembly in the 13th Legislative District, called for tougher penalties for elected and appointed officials, as well as public employees, convicted of corruption charges. They also called for a major initiative to eradicate and transform the culture that silently supports and justifies the unethical behavior that promotes illegal acts.

“As a former police officer and a taxpayer, I am outraged, like the rest of the residents, by the public officials who think that they can ignore the law and do as they wish”, Brown said. “Betraying the public trust erodes confidence in our democratic system and greatly increases the cost of government”, Brown added.

“The annual parade of elected and appointed public officials in handcuffs is clear evidence that the current laws are not enough”, Grenafege said. “Bob Brown and I will diligently pursue legislation that provides severe penalties for anyone convicted of the corruption that contaminates government and directly adds to the back breaking financial burden experienced by state residents”, Grenafege continued. “In the recent past the legislature essentially grandfathered the unethical behavior that breeds corruption. Ask yourself: is it ethical to grandfather unethical behavior”, Grenafege concluded.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Grenafege believe reoccurring unchecked corruption feeds public apathy, which adds to low voter turnout, which weakens the democratic process allowing corrupt people survive and thrive. They think that broad and deep cultural reform coupled with a ruthless pursuit of corruption at the state, county and municipal levels is required to correct this problem in both the short and long term.

Matthew Morehead,Campaign Manager
Brown and Grenafege for Assembly 2009
P.O. Box 526
Middletown, NJ 07748
Phone: (732) 693-1904

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