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In New TV Ad, Christie Explains Exactly What He’ll Do As Governor (Sorta) – Eric Kleefeld
October 5, 2009

Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, the Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey, seems to be responding to the mounting criticism that he’s failed to give specifics on how he would fix the state. In a new TV ad he explains exactly what he’ll do — in the form of generalities.

Here’s exactly what I’ll do as governor,” Christie says boldly. “I’ll cut spending and end the special interest giveaways. I’ll cut taxes and restore your property tax rebates. I’ll bring good jobs back to New Jersey not chase them to other states. And I’ll make sure all our children get the education they deserve.”

It would be nice to know how he would do all of this considering that the Corzine Administration is already doing it. And how would he pay for it?

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Corzine Announces Weinberg Via Email And Receives Immediate Response From Facebook

A short while ago I received the following email from the Corzine09 campaign announcing Loretta Weinberg as Governor Corzines choice to be his running mate as Lt. Governor:


This November, for the first time in our state’s history, New Jerseyans will have the opportunity to vote both for Governor and for the newly-created office of Lieutenant Governor.

I am proud to announce that I have selected State Senator Loretta Weinberg as my nominee to serve as New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor.

I hope you’ll join both of us tomorrow, Saturday July 25th, at 2 p.m. at the Bergen Performing Arts Center at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood.

Those of you in Bergen County probably already know Senator Weinberg well. She has served the Bergen County community with honesty, honor, and distinction since she was first elected to the State Assembly in 1992 and, then, as a State Senator since 2005.

For those of you who may not know Senator Weinberg, I know that you will be impressed by her legislative experience, the significant and positive change she’s brought to our state, and by her personal values and unquestionable integrity.

Often called the “conscience of the Legislature” because of her principled stands on issues large and small, Loretta Weinberg isn’t afraid to take on the tough fights:

Loretta has been leading the charge on ethics reform for years. She’s passed legislation to require greater financial disclosure by local government officials, toughen regulations for lobbyists, strengthen anti-nepotism rules on campaign contributions and limit public contracts to businesses that make political contributions.

She has put the safety of our children and New Jersey residents first. Loretta battled the powerful gun lobby to protect our children by mandating safety locks on all handguns and fought to lower the blood alcohol level state-wide for which a person can be considered to be guilty of drunk driving.

She is a tireless advocate for protecting New Jerseyan’s health. Against stiff opposition, Loretta took on Big Tobacco and sponsored the law making indoor public places smoke-free. She stood up to insurance companies and succeeded in forcing hospitals to provide longer stays for new moms and their babies. And she has made combating autism a primary focus as the sponsor of several laws funding treatment, education and research for autistic children.

The list goes on and on. For over forty years, Loretta Weinberg has been an advocate for better health care, honest government, environmental protection, women’s rights, and protecting the pocketbooks of New Jersey’s working families.

She shares my commitment to our state and my vision for what New Jersey can be, and I cannot think of a better person to serve as New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor. I’m confident that as you get to know her you will become as big a fan of Loretta Weinberg as I am.

I’m confident that Loretta’s steadfast commitment, her deep legislative experience, and her personal integrity will prove to be invaluable as we continue to build on the remarkable successes of my first term. I know that Loretta will be a partner that I can trust and will become a unique and important voice in the next Corzine Administration.

I’m confident that she will set the highest standard for what New Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor can and should be, and I’m looking forward to working side-by-side with her over the next four years.

I know that together we will continue to do great things for the state of New Jersey.

Governor Jon Corzine

Was this a good choice? We’ll find out soon, people are already starting to weigh in. Here are some comments left on the Governor’s face book page:
“This is what we really need, a woman to clean things up!!!! But not like Christine Whitmann, who stole $100 million from state employee pension funds to make pretend that she could balance a budget. We are and will pay for that for a long time.”
“Love her!”

“I KNEW SHE was THE ONE, THE RIGHT choice for Lt. Governor!! YES! She’s a fighter! She is full of life and more!! Loretta Weinberg: “The people’s lt. governor! Great Choice, Gov. Corzine!!”

“Ms Weinberg is smart and experienced and good for NJ.”

Smart and one tuff broad. Great Choice!”

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Middletown Republicans False Rants and Drivel Continue

When I opened up my inbox tonight I found the following letter from Lincroft resident Barbara Thorpe.
Mrs. Thorpe has lived in Middletown most, if not all of her life. She has been very active in town and has seen many changes to to the community over the years and when Barbara Thorpe talks people listen.
She wrote this letter in response to some very uninformed and totally untrue drivel that Tristen Nelsen wrote about Middletown Democratic Committeeman Sean Byrnes and his efforts to establish a finance committee to recommend, advise and to help the Township Committee with preparing the yearly budget.
For those of you who do not know who Tristen Nelsen is, she is the failed Republican candidate for Township Committee that came in 4th behind her runningmate Gerry Sharfenberger and Democrats Sean Byrnes and Janet Moscuzza two years ago. But I’ll have my own rebuttel to her letter later, below is Mrs. Thorpe’s:

“The republican political hacks in Middletown continue the ridiculous drivel they have become noted for these many last months and perhaps years. This now includes the candidate who lost to Committeeman Sean Byrnes two years ago. Hasn’t Tristen Nelsen ever heard ,no one respects a sore loser ?? Sean Byrnes out qualified her plain and simple Maybe her most notable qualification was her last name and whatever connection she has to the newly appointed township attorney .

The people in this town want fair representation of each resident,regardless of partisan politics.and Sean Byrnes and Patrick Short try to provide representation of all the people of Middletown. It’s no longer business behind closed doors as it’s been for so many years in the past under an unchallenged majority of republicans.

Speaking to the budget in Middletown.this township has no approved budget because the Republican majority has stonewalled every attempt at reaching a consensus for a budget in Middletown. They are so used to doing whatever they wanted without restraint. They can’t cope with two Democrats now involved in making policy here in town. The Republicans have their heads in the sand and are oblivious to current economic conditions in this town,this county ,this state and this country. Rhetoric doesn’t solve problems. Action solves problems ! A budget committee is a good idea as suggested by Committeeman Byrnes.

The Township of Middletown also needs a forensic audit by an accredited accounting firm with no ties to any politician in this township. The need is long overdue. The question is, what are the republicans trying to hide ?? It’s time to find out !!!

Barbara R.Thorpe


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Checks Headed Out for Food Banks and Energy Assistance

Here is some welcomed news for low income individuals and families, beginning this week more than $28 million in Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) benefits and State Food Purchase Program assistance will be distributed throughout the state. The funding, part of  Governor Corzine’s Economic Assistance and Recovery Plan, will provide energy assistance for 101,900 households and $1.85 million for food assistance to food banks.

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Corzine on Morning Joe & HardBall

If you missed Governor Corzine on Morning Joe or on HardBall earlier today, here are the videos. It’s worth a look, he talks about the banks, interest rates, Obama’s budget plan and the economy and a few other topics.

Corzine On Morning Joe

Corzine on HardBall

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Middletown To Receive $31,927 Justice Assistance Grant

According to a press released issued by Congressman Rush Holt,  Middletown will be  able to receive $31,927 from the Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program, which supports law enforcement, prosecution and courts, prevention and education, corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, technology improvement programs, and victim and witness assistance.

The grant program is a result of the economic recovery bill that Congress passed and President Obama signed last month. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides New Jersey with $29.7 million for law enforcement programs and activities and nearly $18 million in direct funding for local law enforcement agencies.
In order to receive this funding, Middletown needs to complete an application to the Department of Justice first. 
There is no mention in the press release about how long it would be after the application is submitted before before these funds would be available.
It would be nice if this grant would be available to Middletown before the end of the still on going budget process.  Every little bit of funding will help, so I hope that the powers that be have already started the application process.  

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How Could We Forget 100th Anniversary of the Jersey Devil?

With all of the excitement surrounding the Obama inauguration today, it’s no wonder that we have forgotten a very important piece of New Jersey news and folklore. I have to give the heads up to the radio program coast to coast am for reminding us of this very import event in our State’s history.

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the notorious rampage of the Jersey Devil, which took place in the Delaware Valley from January 16-23, 1909. Strange tracks were found in the snow and across the rooftops of houses, with witnesses claiming to see something like a large flying kangaroo.

“…Legend has it that in 1735, a Pines resident known as Mother Leeds found herself pregnant for the thirteenth time. (Leeds is the name of one of New Jersey’s earliest settlers, and many descendants of the Leeds family can still be found throughout NJ to this day.) Mother Leeds was not living a wealthy lifestyle by any means. Her husband was a drunkard who made few efforts to provide for his wife and twelve children. Reaching the point of absolute exasperation upon learning of her thirteenth child’s forthcoming, she raised her hands to the heavens and proclaimed “Let this one be a devil!”

She went into labor a few months later, on a tumultuously stormy night, no longer mindful of the curse she had utter previously regarding her unborn child. Her children and husband huddled together in one room of their Leeds’ Point home while local midwives gathered to deliver the baby in another. By all accounts the birth went routinely, and the thirteenth Leeds child was a seemingly normal baby boy.

Within minutes however, Mother Leeds’ unholy wish of months before began to come to fruition. The baby started to change, and metamorphosed right before her very eyes. Within moments it transformed from a beautiful newborn baby into a hideous creature unlike anything the world had ever seen…”

 More at >>>

Weird NJ Hunts the Jersey Devil:

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