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Gallagher Update II

Somewhere around 8:30 pm last night Art Gallagher’s website was back online and issued a statement pertaining to his extradition hearing and his request to have his bail reduced.

The Asbury Park Press has also posted about Art’s day in court yesterday. You can read all about it if you are interested……Here

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APP Gallagher Update

The Asbury Park Press last night issues an update on the case against moremonmouthmusings blogger Art Gallagher.

As of last night he has not yet been extradited to Delaware and charges against him are beginning to be leaked:

…Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack said Gallagher, of Linden Avenue, will face two felony counts of theft (over $100,000 each) and two counts of forgery upon his arrival. He declined to discuss details until the 53-year-old is formally charged.

Detective Nicholas Terranova said on Monday that he was unsure when Gallagher would be brought to Delaware, but said the extradition is “in the works.”…

Good follow-up by Press reporter Dustin Racioppi

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(Middletown NJ) – The Middletown Police Department and the United States Secret Service have concluded their joint investigation into a fraudulent check ring with the arrests of three additional suspects. The investigation began in June of 2010 when First Boston Financial Inc. and Greco Brothers of New Jersey Inc., both sister companies, reported that numerous checks had been fraudulently cashed against their business accounts.

Dfc. Lawrence Hall of the Middletown Police Department conducted a joint investigation with the United States Secret Service which determined that the payments made to Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey by the companies for their employee’s health benefits premiums had been compromised when two employees of Horizon had photocopied the original checks submitted as payment and then gave the copies to other members of the ring.

The information from the copies was then used to produce counterfeit checks which were then cashed. The three additional arrests have brought the number of people charged in the investigation to fourteen.

Police reported the arrests of Shalitha Banks, age 42, from Tiffany Blvd in Newark, NJ, Derricka Thomas, age 35, from Chadwick Avenue Newark, NJ and Aaron Stevens, age 40, from Netherwood Place, also in Newark. Banks and Thomas were employees of Horizon who police say photocopied the checks and provided them to Stevens. Stevens would then use the information form the checks to create fraudulent checks which were then cashed.

Banks and Thomas were each charged with Conspiracy to commit theft by deception. Banks was released on her own recognizance and Thomas was held on $20,000.00 bail with no 10% option. Stevens was charged with Conspiracy to commit theft by deception and Theft by deception. He was held on $100,000.00 bail with no 10% option. Bail on all subjects was set by Judge Richard Thompson.

Police reported that Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield was extremely cooperative throughout the entire investigation.

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