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Press Conference to address Town Hall and Cultural Arts Center Contamination

On Monday night Oct. 6th, Middletown Democrats for Township Committee, Patrica Walsh and Jim Grenafege will be holding a press conference outside of Town Hall to discuss the recent disclosure of  environmental ground contamination at Middletown’s Town Hall and the Cultural Arts Center.

“This township administration has concealed the fact that there are seriousenvironmental concerns where it regards underground oil tanks.” Grenafege said.

“This environmental issue not only involves the Town Hall but also the Middletown Cultural Arts Center” Walsh said. “This environmental issue could cost the taxpayers of Middletown literally millions of dollars. And, taxpayers are looking at this problem only because the Republican Administration in this town has ignored this problem and built their projects on poor planning.”

According to Grenafege, the press conference, which takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 6 outside the Police Entrance of Town Hall, will include outstanding issues where it regards billing irregularities with Township Attorney Bernard Reilly. “But, the recent revelations about the environmental situation and contamination at Town Hall and the Arts Center are so serious they have to be exposed for the public’s perusal immediately.”
Melissa Gaffney has posted  a number of comments recently about this issue over at her SableMinded blog site. Her posts are very informative and seem to be right on target as usual. I encourage you to check them out and get up to date on this issue, it has the potential to cost the tax payers of Middletown millions in clean up costs.


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