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Van Pelt Testifies:" I had a middleman make a bribe payment like to the Mayor of Long Branch"

I have not followed the trail of Daniel Van Pelt very closely but I know damaging testimony when I read it and what he testified to will have damaging effect on the Mayor of Long Branch Adam Schneider’s reelecion campaign that could potentially put the mayor behind bars and start a new investigation into allagations of further corruption in Long Branch .

I was forwarded court transcripts from the trail that deal with Van Pelt’s testimony as it concerns Mayor Schneider, in sworn testimony at his trail Van Pelt stated:

” I helped pay his credit card bills and there were times where I had a middleman make a bribe payment like to the Mayor of Long Branch or council people of Long Branch or sometimes I vould give out auction tickets.

The Yeshiva would hold a charity auction, every year and I would at times give public officials, like council people in Long Branch, primarily it was the council people in Long Branch and others, free auction tickets for their official assistance in expediting my land use applications, my use for my zoning.”

This doesn’t sound good for Scheinder, lets wait and see what happens.

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