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>Middletown Tax Assessor To Receive $15K "Bonus" Under New Salary Ordinance

>According to the new Township Salary Ordinance 2011-3027 that will be voted on and possible adopted at Monday night’s Township Committee meeting in Middletown, the Township Tax Assessor Charles Heck, is in for a windfall bonus of $15,000 for doing such a great job preparing for the Township reassessment.

Heck’s base salary is already over $108,000 according to the APP’s Data Universe . And everyone knows what a great job he did preparing the Township’s re-evaluations, he was suspended without pay for withholding information and not turning in reports on time. The work he did was of such quality, it sparked a huge avalanche of tax appeals that the Township is still trying to dig itself out from under.
Now, the Township thinks that Heck was overworked gathering numbers for Reality Appraisal, the company that the Township paid $400,000 to recently and was in charge of the reassessment, so he should be given a $15,000 bonus for all his extra work!
According to former Committeeman Sean Byrnes, the Township Committee tried last year to give Heck his bonus, but when Byrnes complained and disagreed with the idea it was dropped from consideration. Now that Byrnes is no longer on the Committee, those that feel Heck should be compensated for his fantastic extra work on behalf of the Township, have once again introduced it and plan to move forward.
I suppose this bonus money is coming from the funds that have been pilfered from the Library’s $500,000 that they Township has just confiscated.
BTW – The Assistant Tax Assessor will also be receiving a $5,000 bonus according to Ordinance 2011-3027 . Does anyone know who that person is? They must be doing an equally bang up job as Heck has done to justify a bonus when other’s have been subject to a salary freeze.


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