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LD12 Senate Candidate Bob Brown invites opponent to "Snack Summit" to discuss Double Dipping

Old Bridge, NJ – State Senate candidate Bob Brown is inviting his opponent in the November election, Assemblyman Sam Thompson, to join him in a “Snack Summit” at the Bagel Boy Deli in Old Bridge. Brown, a former N.J. police officer shot in the line of duty, has called for Thompson to stop receiving a public pension while also drawing a legislative salary, a practice known as “double dipping.” He is inviting Thompson to “snack” together to speak publicly and candidly about the issue.

“Voters need to hear what Sam Thompson has to say about double dipping,” said Brown, who receives a disability pension but has pledged to give it up if he is elected to the Senate. “I’m a Jets Season Ticketholder and a big fan of Jets Coach Rex Ryan. One of Coach Ryan’s famous sayings is ‘Let’s go get a snack.’ I’m saying the same thing today to Sam – let’s sit down, eat a snack and talk about the issues. I just hope that he doesn’t double dip his chips with the onion dip – it’s not ok while eating, and it’s definitely not ok to continue to ‘double dip’ with taxpayers’ money.”

Brown is willing to meet with Thompson any day, Monday through Friday, as long as it’s after 2:00 pm. – to avoid the Bagel Boy Deli lunchtime rush. Thompson thus far in the campaign has refused to explain why he’s double dipping, has failed to apologize for offensive comments he made about retired police officers and will not agree to a public debate.

For any additional information, please contact:
Philip Swibinski, campaign spokesman, at 201-978-8651


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>Support Holt At Today’s Debate

>Please come out and show your support for Congressman Holt this Monday at his second debate with his Republican opponent. We are expecting them to bring a significant number of people so it is imperative we have a good crowd to show how many people are truly behind Congressman Holt’s message and record. Tickets are first come first serve, so I would recommend arriving between 5:30-6:00. If you need a ride we can try to organize transportation, please let me know and invite whomever you want. Debate details are below and attached.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Justin Braz
Team Holt

Debate at Young Israel East Brunswick: October 18, 2010 Doors Open at 6:30
193 Dunhams Corner Rd., East Brunswick, NJ

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Primary Challenger Avallone Responds To Scharfenberger, While Gerry Ducks From Debate

In yesterday’s Asbury Park Press, in an article about the Middletown Primary, Mr. Scharfenberger is quoted as saying that ” I have a lot to learn”. This is actually pretty funny, because for the past 2 weeks, I have written letters and called his office almost daily for a debate or a meet and greet.

To date, I have not had the decency of a return call. If I have “so much to learn” why is Mr. Scharfenberger afraid to debate me!

It’s probably because, I have a MBA; I have been a resident of Middletown for over 25 year’s; I have owned and managed a business for over 22 year’s; have had to meet a payroll every Friday for 22 year’s; have had to balance a budget for 22 year’s; and been an active member of the community and our church.

What have we had with Mr. Scharfenberger in charge; a municipal tax rate that has gone up 16% over the last three year’s.

And, he thinks “I have a lot to learn”.

There is still plenty of time left before the June 8th primary, and I challenge you Mr. Scharfenberger to a debate. In fact you can name the venue, you can pick the moderator, and you can select the questions. Just let me know where and when. I will be there, and this time I hope you show up!

Tony Avallone

Republican Candidate for Middletown Committee

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Middletown’s Patrick Short Answers The Question " How Do You Plan To Deal With COAH ?"

Back on Oct. 14th the Lincroft Village Green Association held a candidates debate at the Lincroft Village School. The 3rd question of the night dealt with COAH and basically asked the candidates how they intended to deal with the issue of affordable housing in Middletown.

Part of the question which was asked specifically to Mr. Short and Freeholder candidate Sean Byrnes asked why, as members of the Middletown Township Committee, they voted against a resolution that addressed COAH. If you weren’t there you to hear the answer for yourself, you missed how Patrick Short knocked the question out of the park and then turned it around on his republican opponent.

Short said the reason why he voted against the resolution was because it was grossly inaccurate and misstated the number of affordable housing units that needed to be built in town by Thousands and that he refused to but his name to a document that was clearly untrue.

Short then added a huge zinger that won him the question when he stated that his republican opponent Steve Massell, as a member of the township planning board, was responsible for drawing up the township’s master COAH plan, a plan that Massell stated in his response that he would oppose if he was elected to the township committee!
Listen for yourself below to hear how Patrick Short answered the question:


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