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Gallagher Update III

The following update on the Art Gallagher saga was left as a comment by Heraciltus on “Art Gallagher Turned a Dream Into A Nightmare For Betsy Penrose; Sweet deal on vending truck turned out to be a lemon” post earlier today.

According to Heraciltus, the MoreMonmouthMusings blogger had his bail hearing this morning in front of Judge Scully, where Gallagher and his lawyer were looking to have his $250,000 bail reduced with a 10% option applied.
According to the post Gallagher’s lawyer Michael Laffey only slightly succeeded in his plea to have Gallagher’s bail reduced. Heraciltus, who was present in the courtroom this morning, states that Judge Scully did reduce Art’s bail from $250,000 to $150,000. Unfortunately for Art however, Judge Scully would not consider allowing a 10% option and it looks as if Art will be staying behind bars for the foreseeable future.
Below is what Heraciltus wrote, i’ll be interested in reading what the Asbury Park Press has to say about this later:

Mike, Art Gallagher had a bail reduction hearing today before Judge Scully. I was at the hearing. This is what I saw and reported on Art’s blog …

Judge Scully lowered Art Gallagher’s bail to $150,000 without a 10% option. Art looked like someone punched him in the stomach when the judge issued his ruling. Art’s wife wept as the judge announced the lower bail. From the look on Art’ face, I don’t think Art or his family will be posting the new, lower bail.

The hearing was interesting to watch. Art was dressed in a green jump suit over a white thermal shirt. He was handcuffed and chained to to a fugitive from New York, some guy named Prisco. Art was very scared of the guy he was chained to. Art was required to stand in the jury box during the 10 minute proceeding.

Art’s lawyer, Michael Laffey, was out of his league. Despite the fact that the judge lowered the bail somewhat, Laffey was unable to answer some of the judge’s questions. The judge shook his head and seemed to laugh a little when Laffey suggested that repossessions often take place in the middle of the night and without going through the proper proceedures first. Laffey very much looked like the amatuer that he is. At one pointed Laffey started talking about a newspaper article that appeared in some Delaware newspaper while the judge rolled his eyes. I actually felt sorry for Michael Laffey. Laffey was literally trembling before and during the hearing. When the hearing was over, Laffey rushed out of the courtroom and stood in the hall. He did this without first consoling or even speaking with Art’s wife or supporters. Laffey looked liked he was going to throw up as he collected himself in that hallway. Art blew a kiss to his wife before being led out of the courtroom in chains. He looked like he was crying as they led him away.

I counted 5 people that looked like they were in the courtroom to support Art Gallagher. Art’s wife, Lori, sat next to an older man that I presume was Art’s father. Art’s wife also sat next to an older guy in a cheap suit. This guy was beyond creepy. He kept massaging Lori Gallagher’s neck and back. It was quite clear that Mrs. Gallagher was very uncomfortable with this guy touching her. There were a couple of older women that sat in the second row — an obese woman that read the paper the whole time and a skinny older lady who looked confused.

The prosecutor was a very professional black lady. She kicked Michael Laffey’s ass in that courtroom. The prosecutor pointed out that Art knew for about 30 days that he would be charged in Delaware. Art was invited by the cops in Delaware to turn himself in. Art refused to do so, forcing the Delaware cops to obtain the fugitive warrant. That fact that Art didn’t turn himself in when he had the chance to do so weighed heavily on the judge’s mind. The judge also pointed out that if Art were charged with these crimes in New Jersey, they would be Second Degree crimes. The judge pointed out that if convicted, Art Gallagher is facing many years in prison

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Gallagher Issues Statement From Jail

Gee, I hope he didn’t have to waste his one phone call from jail on this post left on his blog a short while ago.

“As I am sure all my readers are now aware I was arrested late Friday evening on a warrant issued out of the State of Delaware. On the advice of my attorney I can not discuss the charges against me at this time other then to say that they are vigorously contested and that I did not commit theft.

Right now I am concentrating on securing my release from jail so that I can properly address these charges through my attorneys.

When I am released I intend to write about my experiences of the last few days.

I thank all of you who have expressed concern for me and my family and I assure you that we are doing fine given these difficult circumstances.”

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MoreMonmouthMusings’s Art Gallagher Arrest; Awaiting Extradition To Delaware On Fraud Charges

According to an online article posted on The Asbury Park Press this evening, Art Gallagher, author of the moremonmouthmusings blog, has been arrest on fraud charges and is being held on $250,000 bail while waiting on extradition to Delaware, at the Monmouth County Jail.

From the APP:

HIGHLANDS — A prominent blogger who is running for a seat on the Highlands Borough Council next month is in Monmouth County Jail awaiting extradition to Delaware, police said.

Art Gallagher, who runs a Republican-leaning political blog and is campaigning as an independent for council, was arrested over the weekend by borough police on a fugitive from justice warrant out of Delaware, Chief Joseph Blewitt said.

Details of Gallagher’s alleged crime across state lines are unclear, but Blewitt said the warrant was theft-related. Detective Nicholas Terranova, the lead investigator in the case for Delaware State Police, could not be reached for comment Sunday.

“That’s what it’s stemming from. It’s regarding a fraud investigation Delaware State Police conducted,” Highlands police Sgt. Joe Rogers said.

Gallagher, 53, who is also a member of the borough’s planning board, is being held on $250,000 bail. Blewitt said on Sunday afternoon “they have informed us they will extradite.”

I don’t want to kick a guy while he’s down but sooner or later everyone needs to answer to a higher authority for what they may have reaped in life. I hope that he and his family will able to cope well during this trying time.
Something like this however was bound to happen sooner or later to Art. I heard rumors last year that Art was going to be the subject of a WPIX News segment of “Help Me Howard “.
For those unfamiliar with “Help Me Howard”, it’s a segment on channel 11 news that features longtime newsman Howard Thompson. Thompson helps those who feel they have suffered injustices or have been wronged in someway.
In a segment that was to feature Art Gallagher but never aired because the incident was allegedly settled before airing, Art was accused by someone who had rented a food vending truck from his business. I don’t remember all the details but the person who rented the truck was upset that the truck didn’t work properly and wanted a refund of some kind. Art of course wouldn’t oblige so the individual contacted Howard Thompson.
Also, Art has fancied himself a “King Maker” of sorts ever since he started MoreMonmouthMusings, blogging first anonymously as William Seward, then as himself, after he and others managed to air all sorts of Republican dirty laundry and the “take down” of Monmouth County Chairman Adam Puharic back in 2008 when he resigned from the position and opened the door for current Chairman Joe Oxley.
Art has since often warned Republican wannabes that if they want to get elected to office in Monmouth County or locally that they need to indulge his blogging and submit comments or columns to it.
Art also got himself in a bit of hot water back in 2008 when he tried to rationalize the use of the “N” word after the Reverend Jesse Jackson was caught on an open mike threatening to cut of then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “N”nuts. Art wanted to know why it was okay for Jesse Jackson, a black man, to use the “N” word but it was unacceptable for a white man to use the term.
After posting this on his blog, then Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, called a special emergency session of the Middletown Human Rights Commission to look into it thinking that his blog posting was actually printed in the Bayshore Courier where Art had at the time wrote a weekly column.
This lead to Art being censored by the local chapter of the NAACP and his column being dropped by the Courier. Afterwards Gallagher started a vendetta against the Middletown Democrats and the Courier’s publisher, blaming them for somehow conspiring against him and having him labeled as a racist.
Since then, Gallagher’s blog has become a the Middletown Republican’s dumping ground for the dirty tricks, mudslinging and slander against Democratic candidates running for office in Middletown.
What will the Middletown Republicans do now? Will they come out and disavow Art Gallagher or will they make excuses for him and their actions.
As I said above, it is easy to kick a guy while he is down. Regardless of Art’s alleged actions in this case or in the past, I do wish him and his family well. We have had a slight adversarial relationship over the past few years but I think we have always been respectful to one another.
I may not always agree with Art or his point of view but that doesn’t mean I wish him any ill will. I wish him a speedy resolve to his problems and a return to his blogging.

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>Can the Grand Old (Tea) Party Win in November?

>Nice article written by John Nickles over at the about the sudden turn of events that has now made Democratic prospect for the November elections and retaining control of the US Senate much more likely thanks to Republican voters that chose extreme right-wing TEA Party backed candidates in Alaska, Delaware, Nevada and elsewhere over more mainstream GOP candidates:

Did the Tea Party movement just snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Delaware?

In a word: Yes.

Just as wins by extreme right-wingers in Republican primaries in Nevada, Alaska and other states have renewed the hopes of Democrats in Senate races where they looked to be doomed, Delaware Republicans just ditched a seemingly certain November winner for a likely loser.

On a night when the Tea Party movement scored some big wins over candidates of the Republican establishment—in races for governor of New York and perhaps for New Hampshire’s open US Senate seat—the most dramatic victory for the frenzied right came in Delaware, where Tea Party heroine Christine O’Donnell upset Congressman Mike Castle for the party’s Senate nod.

Former White House political czar Karl Rove, who describes the Republican nominee for the US Senate from that state, Christine O’Donnell, as someone who “says a lot of nutty things,” was arguing that the GOP just lost a Senate race.

“We were looking at eight to nine seats in the Senate. We’re now looking at seven to eight in my opinion,” Rove said Tuesday night. “This is not a race we are going to be able to win.”

But consider those numbers: What Rove is saying is that, with the Delaware result, Republicans may have lost much more than the Senate race in a single state….

Read more >>> Here


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