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DCCC Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet; Arm Yourself With The Facts Before It’s Too Late

Just in case your Republican friends or relatives at Thanksgiving try to repeat anything they’ve heard from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or by reading Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, we wanted to help you respond with the truth.

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You can download this years edition of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committees Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet for yourself (or email it to a friend) to have on hand when the Thanksgiving dinner conversation inexplicably turns from footbal to politics.

Arm yourself with the facts before it’s too late.

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A Message From The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

I recieved the following in my inbox this morning and thought it was interesting enough to passing along if anyone has been following what has been going on up in New York State:

Late yesterday news broke that the moderate Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, candidate in the hard-fought special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional district, had been driven out and the Republican party was throwing their weight behind the Palin/Limbaugh/Glen Beck endorsed radical tea party candidate instead.

Today, the moderate Republican threw her support behind our proud Democratic candidate Bill Owens.

It has never been clearer that the Republican Party has been hijacked by extreme right wing ideologues with a radical agenda that would effectively dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and are out of step with a vast majority of Americans.

Eight extreme right wing groups spent more than $1 million on this campaign including the Minute Men, Club for Growth and the Family Research Council.

This means your work and your continued support and dedication have never been more critical as we face our one-year-out reporting deadline and this election on Tuesday.

We are up against a well-funded extremist GOP who will stop at nothing to win and whose agenda could quite literally take us backwards to the days of Bush-Cheney.

But, you and I can’t let that happen. I will continue to keep you posted on news of this race continues and thank you again for standing with us. We will need you now more than ever.


Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

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The Secret Republican Apology Machine: Say Your Sorry To Rush

Ever wonder how Republicans are able to tuck their tail between their legs and apologize so quickly after they have offended their leader, Rush Limbaugh!

Well in honor of RNC Chairman Michael Steele, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee put up a web site that makes it easy for you to issue your own apology to Rush Limbaugh.

It’s fast and fun, just fill in the blanks and away it goes, your apology straight to Rush’s desk. 

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