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Gallagher Update II

Somewhere around 8:30 pm last night Art Gallagher’s website was back online and issued a statement pertaining to his extradition hearing and his request to have his bail reduced.

The Asbury Park Press has also posted about Art’s day in court yesterday. You can read all about it if you are interested……Here

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Details Of MoreMonmouthMusings Blogger’s Arrest Beginning To Surface

A special hat tip goes out to comment poster Heraclitus for the heads up on the NewsRadio WGMD 92.7’s story on the arrest of MoreMonmouthMusings blogger Art Gallagher.

If the charges in this case stick I have to agree with Heraclitus, I think Art will be doing some serious jail time.

Below are the details of Gallagher’s arrest as posted online at NewsRadio WGMD:

DSP News Release: New Jersey Man Wanted in Connection With Bus Company Fraud

Location: J.C. Watson Bus Company, Townsend, DE

Date of Occurrence: Sunday, August 15, 2010 (reported 9/6/11)


-J.C. Watson Bus Company, Townsend, DE
-Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles


-Arthur (Art) V. Gallagher 2nd, Highlands, NJ


-Theft Where the Property Value is $100,000 or More (2 counts)
-Forgery 3rd Degree (2 counts)

New Castle, DE– Delaware State Police Fraud Unit detectives have obtained warrants on a 53 year old New Jersey man after he defrauded a Delaware Bus Company.

The investigation into this incident began on September 6, 2011 after the 52 year old owner of the JC Watson Bus Company located in Townsend, DE, contacted the state police fraud unit. The victim advised that in August of 2005 she had leased to purchase several school buses from the Wolfington Bus Company located in Exton, PA. The victim advised that the lease was arranged by Arthur V. Gallagher through his company, Gallco Enterprises, located in Belford, New Jersey. Gallco Enterprises is a vehicle and equipment leasing company. The victim then advised investigators that in August of 2010 she had paid off all 11 of the buses that she had leased however; she never received the titles for them.

When the victim contacted Arthur Gallagher about the bus titles, he was uncooperative and then refused to return her phone calls. It was later learned that Gallagher had financed the school buses that the victim had obtained through two separate banks, New World Bank and Sovereign Bank. The total value of the 11 buses was over $776,000.00.

The victim then contacted New World Bank and Sovereign Bank who advised her that Gallco Enterprises was behind on the payments to them. It was learned from the victim that her company had been awarded a contract to transport students for the Appoquinimink School District and as such, the State of Delaware paid Gallco Enterprises directly from the bus company’s profits. A review of the State of Delaware checks written to Gallco Enterprises from September of 2005 until May of 2010 revealed that Arthur Gallagher had endorsed checks which totaled over $776,000.00.

The victim then advised investigators that in February of 2011, she had responded to her company’s bus yard where she observed that all of her buses were now missing. It was then learned that on May 15, 2011 Arthur Gallagher had responded to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles and presented two fictitious letters with forged bank employee signatures advising that the liens against the 11 buses that the victim had leased through his company had been satisfied. With these letters, Gallagher was then able to obtain the titles to the 11 buses even though he did not actually own them. It was also learned that Gallagher had subsequently sold several of the buses back to the Wolfington Bus Company.

Detectives have obtained warrants on Arthur Gallagher charging him with two counts each of Theft Where the Property is Valued at $100,000.00 or More and two counts of Forgery 3rd Degree.

Arthur Gallagher was arrested on a fugitive warrant by the Highlands Police Department. He was then committed to the Monmouth County Jail for lack of $250,000.00 bail pending his extradition to Delaware.

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MoreMonmouthMusings’s Art Gallagher Arrest; Awaiting Extradition To Delaware On Fraud Charges

According to an online article posted on The Asbury Park Press this evening, Art Gallagher, author of the moremonmouthmusings blog, has been arrest on fraud charges and is being held on $250,000 bail while waiting on extradition to Delaware, at the Monmouth County Jail.

From the APP:

HIGHLANDS — A prominent blogger who is running for a seat on the Highlands Borough Council next month is in Monmouth County Jail awaiting extradition to Delaware, police said.

Art Gallagher, who runs a Republican-leaning political blog and is campaigning as an independent for council, was arrested over the weekend by borough police on a fugitive from justice warrant out of Delaware, Chief Joseph Blewitt said.

Details of Gallagher’s alleged crime across state lines are unclear, but Blewitt said the warrant was theft-related. Detective Nicholas Terranova, the lead investigator in the case for Delaware State Police, could not be reached for comment Sunday.

“That’s what it’s stemming from. It’s regarding a fraud investigation Delaware State Police conducted,” Highlands police Sgt. Joe Rogers said.

Gallagher, 53, who is also a member of the borough’s planning board, is being held on $250,000 bail. Blewitt said on Sunday afternoon “they have informed us they will extradite.”

I don’t want to kick a guy while he’s down but sooner or later everyone needs to answer to a higher authority for what they may have reaped in life. I hope that he and his family will able to cope well during this trying time.
Something like this however was bound to happen sooner or later to Art. I heard rumors last year that Art was going to be the subject of a WPIX News segment of “Help Me Howard “.
For those unfamiliar with “Help Me Howard”, it’s a segment on channel 11 news that features longtime newsman Howard Thompson. Thompson helps those who feel they have suffered injustices or have been wronged in someway.
In a segment that was to feature Art Gallagher but never aired because the incident was allegedly settled before airing, Art was accused by someone who had rented a food vending truck from his business. I don’t remember all the details but the person who rented the truck was upset that the truck didn’t work properly and wanted a refund of some kind. Art of course wouldn’t oblige so the individual contacted Howard Thompson.
Also, Art has fancied himself a “King Maker” of sorts ever since he started MoreMonmouthMusings, blogging first anonymously as William Seward, then as himself, after he and others managed to air all sorts of Republican dirty laundry and the “take down” of Monmouth County Chairman Adam Puharic back in 2008 when he resigned from the position and opened the door for current Chairman Joe Oxley.
Art has since often warned Republican wannabes that if they want to get elected to office in Monmouth County or locally that they need to indulge his blogging and submit comments or columns to it.
Art also got himself in a bit of hot water back in 2008 when he tried to rationalize the use of the “N” word after the Reverend Jesse Jackson was caught on an open mike threatening to cut of then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “N”nuts. Art wanted to know why it was okay for Jesse Jackson, a black man, to use the “N” word but it was unacceptable for a white man to use the term.
After posting this on his blog, then Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, called a special emergency session of the Middletown Human Rights Commission to look into it thinking that his blog posting was actually printed in the Bayshore Courier where Art had at the time wrote a weekly column.
This lead to Art being censored by the local chapter of the NAACP and his column being dropped by the Courier. Afterwards Gallagher started a vendetta against the Middletown Democrats and the Courier’s publisher, blaming them for somehow conspiring against him and having him labeled as a racist.
Since then, Gallagher’s blog has become a the Middletown Republican’s dumping ground for the dirty tricks, mudslinging and slander against Democratic candidates running for office in Middletown.
What will the Middletown Republicans do now? Will they come out and disavow Art Gallagher or will they make excuses for him and their actions.
As I said above, it is easy to kick a guy while he is down. Regardless of Art’s alleged actions in this case or in the past, I do wish him and his family well. We have had a slight adversarial relationship over the past few years but I think we have always been respectful to one another.
I may not always agree with Art or his point of view but that doesn’t mean I wish him any ill will. I wish him a speedy resolve to his problems and a return to his blogging.

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