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>Former NJ Gov Jim McGreevey denied priesthood

>The Trentonian is reporting that Former NJ Governor Jim (I am a Gay American) McGreevey was recently denied the priesthood by the Episcopal Church, and his denial has nothing to do with his being gay. Evidently his sticky and often contentious divorce from his wife Dina Matos McGreevey was given as the reason for him being turned away.

That’s too bad, say what you will about McGreevey and how his governorship ended, his term as governor wasn’t bad, he was moving the state in the right direction and dealt rather successfully with the two largest issues at that time in the voters mind, namely car insurance and parkway tolls.
He reformed car insurance so that NJ residents have more and better choices of coverage plans and while still high, are no longer the highest in the country. He also abolished many of the toll booths along the NJ Parkway, which made the morning and afternoon rush hours much less stressful and definitely more convenient by putting an end to the constant stop and go, pay a toll, traffic jams that plagued commuters.
It’s unfortunate that McGreevey’s time in office is still so controversial, hopefully in the future when both McGreevey’s have their problems behind them, stop writing books and bickering back and forth, Jim McGreevey can attain the priesthood that he so covets for his moral well being and personal transformation.

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