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"Cancer: Its Personal" – C-SPAN StudentCam 2009 Grand Prize Winner

The following video was created by Woodland School sophomore Sawyer Bowman, Davidson NC. – Grand Prize winner in the 2009 C-SPAN StudentCam documentary contest. The video explores the issue of cancer research and issues a message to newly elected President Obama.

As the Grand Prize winner, Sawyer received $5,000 and his school was given $1,000 to spend on digital video equipment for his school.

After watching this powerful and moving video it’s easy to see why it was chosen as the winner. The video is a heartfelt tribute to his grandparents, who each died of cancer.

To view the entire list of winners and learn more about the competition, visit:

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Cost of uninsured adds $1,100/year to premiums of insured families.

I often get into heated debates with a co-worker of mine over the need for some sort of universal health care coverage for all U.S. citizens.
My co-worker is dead set against it, he argues that health care would be rationed and he would have to wait to see a doctor. He tell of how his cousins from Canada came across the border to seek medical treatment because they had to wait so long to be treated in Canada for what ailed them.  
He buys into the old GOP argument that government bureaucrats would  be deciding what was best for himself and family rather than his doctors.
I show him the irony to his argument by pointing out that instead of government bureaucrats making health care decision for us, we have insurance companies making those decisions for us today.    
When I point out to him that there is close to 100 million people in this country that have no health insurance at all and because of this, we and our employer pay for it through our insurance premiums, he says he does not care, he is only interested in the facts. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to discuss thing with him.
So for my co-worker, here are some facts. I found this information on Think Progress’s  The Wonk Room. The study was done by the Center for American Progress:
When the uninsured cannot pay for the care they receive, health care providers shift costs to Americans with insurance in the form of higher premiums. A new report from The Wonk Room’s Ben Furnas and Peter Harbage concludes that a failure to continuously cover all Americans accounts “for roughly 8 percent of the average health insurance premium“:

This cost-shift amounts to $1,100 per average family premium in 2009 and $410 per average individual premium. By 2013, assuming the cost shift remains the same percentage of premium costs, the cost shift will be approximately $480 for an individual policy and $1,300 for a family policy.

Read the full report>>>Here


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President Obama’s Weekly Address: 2/28/09

President Obama explains how the budget he sent to Congress will fulfill the promises he made as a candidate, and assures special interests that he is ready for the fight.

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