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Quote Of The Day

“I think you, New Jersey, in your plan, at least from what I’ve read, has done more than, say, your brothers here in New York, where the Assembly goes up there and raises 8% spending and then jacks up a new tax in the middle of this recession. I mean, it’s, and I’m afraid that’s happening in more places than not because of the stimulus and New Jersey, I think you get an ‘A’ for what you’re trying to do.” 

Jack Welch talking to Governor Corzine on this mornings edition of CNBC’s Squawk Box

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States’ Budget Battle: Corzine on Sqauwk Box This Morning

Governor Corzine appeared again on CNBC’s morning finical show Squawk Box this morning. The Governor discussed the economy, President Obama’s economic initiatives and NJ’s budget situation. Former GE CEO Jack Welch also joined the discussion to throw in his two cents about New Jerseys budget woes, at one point though, he congradulated Corzine, givening him an “A” on the job that he has done so far to maintain a hold the States finances.

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