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>Friends of Amit Will Hold Rally In Freehold To Demand Justice On Oct. 20th


Press release;


10 Weeks Later, Still No Answer from Sherriff’s Office:Victim’s Family to Hold Rally&PressConference

By Friends of Amit

FREEHOLD, NJ – On July 29, 2010, Amit Bornstein, age 22 of Marlboro was arrested at his home by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers on a bench warrant for failing to appear in Court for minor misdemeanor and traffic infractions. Seven hours later Correction Officers dropped Amit’s dead body at CentraState Hospital. Little is known about what happened while in custody, as surveillance tapes were seized by the Prosecutor’s Office and have not been released. Two months after Amit’s death, Sherriff Shaun Golden has yet to make any statement about the incident; now the Bornstein family is demanding accountability for the death of their son.

According to investigators at least eight (8) Correction Officers were involved in the incident. Though the CO’s initially claimed Mr. Bornstein “tossed them around like dolls,” autopsy photos show that Amit was shackled and beaten to death after asking to make a phone call home. Amit’s family and neighbors are demanding the release of the county jail video and audio tapes, and a fair and full investigation into his death, with appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges filed against his killers.

In response to the silence from the Sherriff’s office, a press conference and rally is being organized for Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 1:30 pm in Freehold Borough to demand scrutiny of officer misconduct, human rights violations and to demonstrate concerns over the mismanagement of the jail by Monmouth County’s Sherriff’s Office. The family is also asking witnesses to come forward with any helpful information.

— We are asking for concerned people and organizations to rally with us against officer brutality and for the protection of human rights —
*** Come to the rally!! Buses will be providing transportation for folks throughout the city (Manhattan and Brooklyn) – e-mail for pickup locations! ***

*** send email to to sign a petition for the release of surveillance video ***

— If we all ask at once, the Sheriff’s Office will hear our demand to release the surveillance video from the jail, and for a full and fair investigation of Amit’s case. —

This rally is also endorsed by the October 22 Coalition and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

Note: This is expected to be a big event 200-300 are estimated to be attending. This is a protest supported by the Bornstein family over the failure of the Monmouth County Medical Examiner to release its report on the death of Amit Bornstien 70+ days after his death.

I find this news disturbing, I have a number of good friends that are Monmouth County Correctional Officers, I have not spoken to any of them about this case. I hope and pray that they are not involved in any way with this cover-up.

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>Monmouth Jail Death: Brophy Asks "Why, How And Under What Circumstances Did Death Occur?"


Press Contact: Jon Evans (732) 739 8888
September 28, 2010


WALL, NJ – On July 29, 2010, Amit Bornstein, age 22 of Marlboro was arrested by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers on a warrant for failing to appear in Superior Court. Eight (8) hours later he was dead. Why, how and under what circumstances this death occurred have yet to be released by acting-Sheriff Shaun Golden. In fact, sixty (60) days after Bornstein’s death, Golden has yet to make a public statement about the incident.

Eric Brophy, candidate for Monmouth County Sheriff commented, “I am appalled that Mr. Golden has not stepped forward to address the residents of Monmouth County about this event. Part of a Sheriff’s job is to assure the public that they are safe and that he is in control of his agency.”

In his campaign literature, Mr. Golden touts ‘effective, responsible leadership’. His lack of public acknowledgement of the events surrounding Mr. Bornstein’s death is neither ‘effective’ nor ‘responsible.’ Failing to acknowledge the event does nothing more than fuel speculation about what occurred on July 29, 2010.

It is now two (2) months later and the only facts the public knows are that (a) it wasn’t a suicide; (b) the family hired Dr. Michael Baden; and (c) the Bornstein family lawyer has obtained an order preserving evidence in the case. “The lack of information from the Sheriff’s Office raises many questions about Golden’s crisis-management abilities,” said Brophy.

As a result of Golden’s inaction, there is now speculation about whether the Sheriff’s office is conducting an internal investigation; whether any corrections or other officers have been suspended pending the outcome of any investigation; whether a criminal investigation is underway; or whether the medical examiner has determined the cause and manner of death.

Brophy further commented “Monmouth County needs a Sheriff who is open with the public, who will be accountable for his office, and who will take the steps necessary to investigate potential wrongdoing. Golden should have stepped forward publically on July 29, 2010, and announced the specifics of this serious situation that occurred on his watch – and furthermore, he should have announced what steps, precisely, he is undertaking to get to the bottom of this potentially criminal situation. Instead, he remains silent and the public continues to speculate.”

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