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New Corzine Video: More to Do

The Corzine campaign released another new video yesterday that very well maybe the most positve one so far from the Governor’s campaign.

“More to Do” highlights how Governor Corzine has been fighting for what matters in these tough economic times- having the lowest property tax increases in the last decade; increasing funding for education, while cutting the state budget; expanding healthcare for all of New Jerseys children; and investing in creating new, good jobs.

Given these accomplishments, Governor Corzine emphasizes that there is more work to do and that he will continue to fight to make Jersey a better place to live and raise a family.

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New Corzine Video: "True"

The latest campaign video put out by the Corzine campaign is titled “True” and it debunks Chris Christie’s accusations that the Corzine campaign ads have distorted his record on health care mandates and shows how Christie has been deceitful with the voters of New Jersey.

As the Star-Ledger recently highlighted, Corzine’s ad “happens to be true” and Christies own website shows that he would allow insurance companies to drop mammogram coverage. By siding with the health insurance companies over the health of New Jersey women, Christie continues to be wrong when it matters most.

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Video: Jon Corzine Biography

Now that the primary is over Gov. Jon Corzine has officially kicked off his re-election bid. If you think you know Gov. Corzine just by the fact that he has been governor for 3 1/2 years you may be mistaken. The following biographical video was released by his campaign a few hours ago. It’s a very positive and uplifting portrayal of the Governor that few have known before.

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