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Poll: 26% Of U.S. Clueless On Who We Declared Independence From

I suppose ignorance is bliss, but leading into the 4th of July holiday weekend you would think even the most ignorant amongst us would know from what country the United States gained it’s Independence from. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to guess from who’s base the 26% belong to;

TPM LiveWire

Pop quiz: Who was emperor when the United States declared independence from China?

Give up?

Perhaps you should ask one of the Americans who, when asked what country the U.S. separated from, named France, Japan, Mexico, Spain or, yes, China.

A new Marist poll shows that 26% of people in this country don’t know that the U.S. declared its independence from Great Britain. That includes 20% who aren’t sure — and another 6% who think it was another country.

Looking at the numbers more deeply, it appears the closer to 1776 you were born, the more likely you are to know the correct answer. So enjoy the July 4th holiday, everyone, and don’t forget to be thankful that we’re out from under the yoke of our Mexican colonial oppressors.

Hat tip to Mario DeStefano

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