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>Letter: Wife of former mayor supports Byrnes & Mahoney

>The letter below was written by Marianne Musella, wife of former Middletown Mayor Tony Mussella. It appears to day online at the website of the Independent.

By the sound of this letter, written by the wife of a former Middletown GOP insider, it doesn’t bode well for Gerry Scharfenberger and his running mate Kevin Whatshisname, once you loose your base the game is over. It would seem that by the contents of this letter that is exactly what is happening, longtime Middletown GOPers are tired of the same old, same old that is going on down at Town Hall and are clamoring for change:

As a lifelong Republican whose husband was a former mayor of Middletown, I was ashamed to see the latest attempt to smear Sean Byrnes with a mailer, which apparently was sent to all GOP households. This letter went in the trash where it belonged. This may be politics as usual, but it offended me greatly.

Sean Byrnes’ character, integrity and record speak for itself, and he deserves to be re-elected.

I also support his running mate, Mary Mahoney, who I have found to be equally honest, hardworking and dedicated to serving the residents of Middletown.

The current leadership has shown that the taxpayer is not first. It is time our elected officials work for the residents and not a political party.

Please join me and support Byrnes and Mahoney for Middletown Township Committee.

Mariann Musella



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