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Election Results From Middletown – Democrats have to "Wait ’til next year"

As they use to say in Brooklyn all those years ago when speaking of the Dodgers and what seemed to be the annual event of losing to the Yankees in the World Series – “Wait ’til next year!”. Democrats in Middletown are no different.

Jim Grenafege and Carol Fowler lost their race for Middletown Township Committee against Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray, falling approximately 1600 votes shy, which was by no means a landslide.
Like the Brooklyn Dodgers of old, the Middletown Dems will live on to play the game another day, getting closer and closer to that elusive World Series victory that they and their many fans and supporter so covet. The losing only makes them that much more determined to play harder next year.
Republicans can bask in their victory this year but remember, Democrats are not going away anytime soon, be ready for an even tougher fight next year.
Below are the official results as posted on the Monmouth County Clerks webpage:

Vote Count Percent
REP – Anthony P. Fiore 6,699 27.91%
REP – Stephanie C. Murray 6,590 27.45%
DEM – James Grenafege 4,977 20.73%
DEM – Carol R. Fowler 5,108 21.28%
– Richard Morrill 615 2.56%
Write-In 16 0.07%
Total 24,005 100.00%

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Letter: Middletown GOP to blame for poor fiscal policies

The following letter appears online today at the Asbury Park Press:

In his Oct. 21 letter, “Real solutions to problems put Middletown on right track,” Mayor Anthony Fiore admitted that Middletown government is derailed. I could not agree more.

True to form, he falsely blames years of excessive spending, unnecessary bonding, escalating taxation and debt, all cradled in Republican mismanagement, on the Middletown Democrats who somehow magically made elected Republicans spend our tax dollars. This is just more empty rhetoric to go with decades of empty promises.

After Fiore strong-armed $500,000 from library funds, took $350,000 for the second year in a row from sewerage authority fees and used $1.3 million in public education funds, his so-called fiscal discipline required a 12 percent tax increase to cover $45 million of a $62 million budget. This lack of incumbent Republican fiscal discipline has Middletown looking at a projected $2 million shortfall for 2012.

Ask Mayor Fiore if he has a real solution. Past Republican practice points at raising taxes. During his term, he has contributed 22 percent to a 40 percent increase in taxes over the last five years. Past practice also points at adding to our $70 million debt, which has increased 66 percent over the same five years.

Finally, at least $2.4 million of $4 million in “cuts” claimed by Mayor Fiore were onetime nonrecurring expenses that were never part of the 2011 budget.

Put a stop to more than 30 years of poor fiscal policy and borrowing. Please help our community get back on track. Vote for James Grenafege and Carol Fowler.

James Grenafege

Middletown Township Committee candidate

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Video: Meet Carol Fowler, Democratic Candidate for Middletown Township Committee

This video was taken on June 30th, 2011 while Carol Fowler was introducing herself to members of the the Middletown Township Democratic Executive Committee shortly before receiving the approval of the Committee to become the Party’s candidate for this year’s November 8th election for Township Committee.

If you have never met Carol Fowler and want to know a little bit about her for yourself, here’s your chance.

I find it interesting that after posting this video to youtube on Friday and not making any announcement of it’s existence before now, the video has already had 40 hits. I guess some people are interested in seeing who is the person replacing Alex Desevo and what kind of candidate she will make.

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>Video: Sean Byrnes discusses Transparency and Televising meetings

>Middletown Democratic Committeeman Sean Byrnes discusses transparency and the need to televise Township Committee meetings over the Township’s public access channels during the Byrnes and Mahoney Town Hall Meeting that took place on September 27,2010 in Middletown.

Since this video was taken Mayor Scharfenberger has stated that he would not be in favor of televising meetings to the public at any cost because he doesn’t see the value in it.

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>Middletown Dems – Byrnes & Mahoney To Hold Town Hall Meeting


Middletown Democratic Committeeman Sean Byrnes, a long with his running mate Mary Mahoney, will hold the first of two planned Town Hall meetings Monday night September 27th at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Panera Breads, 776 Hwy 35 Middletown,NJ.
“The Status Quo Is Not Good Enough, Have You Had Enough?”

(click on image to enlarge)

Hear about and discuss issues affecting your quality of life in Middletown.

A second Town Hall meeting will be held on Wednesday Oct.13th in Leonardo.

Further details will be release as the date draws near.

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Fundraiser to support the 2010 Campaign of Sean Byrnes & Mary Mahoney for Middletown Township Committee Set For August 11th

Vin Gopal
Monmouth County Democrats Finance Chair
invites you
to support the 2010 Campaign of
Sean Byrnes & Mary Mahoney for Middletown Township Committee
RECOGNIZING Middletown Democratic Party Chairman Joe Caliendo
w/ Special Guest Congressman Frank Pallone
Wednesday, August 11th
5:30pm to 7:30pm
American Legion Post 338
Route 36 in Leonardo
Supporter: $35
Friend: $75
Co-Host: $125
* Dinner Provided *
OR CALL 732-299-5625
Please make checks payable to
‘Middletown Democratic Campaign 2010’

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Letter: Middletown’s Scharfenberger is good at the blame game

Middletown Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger is good at the blame game. For four years, he pointed to the policies of Gov. Jon S. Corzine and the state Legislature as the causes of record property tax increases in our community. Now, with a Republican occupying the front office in Trenton, he’s turned to teachers and public employees as his latest scapegoat.

As the mayor knows, Middletown did not get into its fiscal mess overnight. Instead, decades of bad decisions by Scharfenberger and his Republican colleagues led us to this dangerous point.

For all their talk of fiscal responsibility, it was the GOP majority that agreed to the very same public employee contracts they now bemoan.

It was the GOP majority that consented to defeated school budget after defeated school budget. And it was the GOP majority that recklessly took out bond after bond, mortgaging the present on the backs of future taxpayers.

With the chickens coming home to roost, now they are attacking their own record of irresponsibility and hoping we don’t notice.

In contrast, Committeeman Sean Byrnes is calling for tough action to solve the long-term structural problems in the municipal budget. He advocates greater transparency in the process, allowing residents the opportunity to offer suggestions and feedback throughout the budget process, not only when it is presented for a vote.

Byrnes also is leading the fight to reduce our oppressive tax burden. He wants to establish a permanent finance committee and create a shared-services commission to aggressively pursue opportunities for Middletown to pool its resources with surrounding towns and save taxpayer dollars.

A Democrat, Byrnes believes it’s time we stopped hiding from our problems and started to address the serious challenges facing our community.

Instead of playing the blame game, Mayor Scharfenberger would be wise to do the same.

Joseph Caliendo



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Middletown – "It’s Your Town" Newsletter

To help better inform residents about the goings on and what happens during the monthly Township Workshop and Business meetings, the Middletown Democratic Club has put together what is hoped to be, a bi-weekly newsletter.

The newsletter it tiltled “It’s Your Town” and after each Township Committee meeting a newsletter will be issued. It will contain some of the highlights of the meeting, copies of resolutions that were voted upon, ordinances introduced and/or voted on. It will also try to include comments that were made by Committee members and the general public.

This newsletter will cover much more than what you will read in any local newspaper.

If you have any form of interest in your local government and would like to receive future issues of this newsletter send an email to and you will be placed on a mailing list for future issues.

Read the “It’s Your Town” newsletter >>> Here

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Middletown Committeeman Patrick Short Discusses Arts Center and Shadow Lake Dredging

Patrick Short, Middeltown Township NJ Committeeman discusses the Middletown Arts Center and the dredging of Shadow Lake and how bonding for projects in haste lead to some poor decision making.

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In Middletown Look Towards Patrick Short For Integrity, Ingenuity, Responsibility and Commitment

This is a tough year in Monmouth County for any democrat to get elected. In Middletown, Patrick Short is seeking his second term on the Township Committee and he is taking nothing for granted and for the 9 weeks or more he has been out knocking on doors or standing on street corners conveying his message to voter in Middletown.

So when a residents make an effort to contact the local Middletown Dems through their website, in order to express support and a few words of encouragement it is a big deal and that is exactly what has been happening with more regularity over the past number of weeks.

One such contact came yesterday and I was asked to share it with everyone through the blog. What this message shows is that residents throughout Middletown are tired of the same old tired, no idea and laziness that they have been seeing from the local Republican party that has controlled this town for over 20 years! :

I am a lifelong Republican and a 12 year resident of Middletown (Lincroft). I am compelled to offer Pat Short my support this year in light of his record and the need for reform in Middletown.

I am looking to Pat for the integrity, ingenuity, responsibility and commitment to public service that seems to be lacking in our local candidates.

Call on me if I can assist in your campaign to take back Middletown.

Good Luck, Pat! Beat Navy!

J. Czizik

Anyone who wishes to contact the Middletown Democrats and express their support for Patrick or how they feel about anything that effects our town can do so just as J. Czizik has been able, by going to their website and leaving a comment.

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