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>Middletown-Patch: Freeholder Amy Mallet Explains County Politics to Brookdale Students

>Nice right up on Freeholder Amy Mallet today online at MiddeltownPatch. Freeholder Mallet gave an informative to students presentation to students in an American National Government class at Brookdale Community College the other day.

It’s good to see her out and about giving back to the community like she does, I can’t remember hearing about any of her colleagues on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders doing the same recently.
According to the article Mallet, “delivered a PowerPoint presentation that offered a brief history of Monmouth County and the Board of Chosen Freeholders. For instance, students learned that the term “freeholder” is a holdover to a time when it meant anyone who owned land “free and clear.” Those persons who were elected to represent those landowners were called “chosen freeholders.”…

She also “suggested that the students attend public meetings, establish a dialogue with elected officials and familiarize themselves with the county website,

“Brookdale students attend one of the finest two-year learning institutions in the state,” Mallet said. “The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders has always supported the college and its students, and it’s important they know they have the board’s continued support.”

You can read the full article >>> Here


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>MiddletownPatch: Six Candidates Vie For Three Open Full-Term Dais Seats

>MiddletownPatch this morning has followed up yesterday’s article “Three BOE Candidates Seek One-Year Term” which profiled the three people who are seeking the 1 year unexpired term to the Middletown Board of Education, with a profile of the six who are seeking three – 3 year terms to the board.

Today’s article “Six Candidates Vie For Three Open Full-Term Dais Seats” is very well written and informative. If you haven’t seen or heard the candidates speak for yourself at the various Candidate Forums held over the past two weeks, the column on the MiddletownPatch website gives good impressions of the individual candidates.
Below is a portion of what was written, go to MiddletownPatch to finish reading:

“The three incumbent Middletown Township Board of Education members whose seats are up on the nine-member board are not running in this year’s election. Vying to fill their three-year seats are six newcomers to the race.

Each has pointed to a vast number of issues they’d like to address in the district if elected.

In interviews with the candidates, everything from better budget balancing, to improvement of school facilities, to exploration of more shared services, to greater focus on academics were listed as motivations for running.

Others cited imminent district needs such as transparency, tackling pension reform and review and reassessment of administrators’ salaries. One candidate said that the simple addressing of “negative rhetoric” on and around the board is critical.

All felt they had the expertise, qualifications and background necessary to make them most qualified for the job.

Voters will decide at the polls tomorrow, April 27, which of the three candidates running for the three-year terms will serve as their new Board of Education members.

In the meantime, Patch has the background and comments of each for your review …

Bob Superti, 36 Oakwood Road

Superti has been retired from AT&T, where he worked for 35 years, since 1989, as an auditor and technological consultant. In his line of work, he said, reducing costs for customers, improving productivity and expanding AT&T’s client “enterprise” were his areas of expertise.

Outside of the corporate structure, in the political arena, for approximately three years Superti has been a county Democratic committeeman. He also volunteers his time promoting the Middletown Fire Department and working with the non-profit 180 Turning Lives Around. He is a life member of both the Red Bank Elks and the McKee Technical High School Alumni.

While he has never served on the Middletown Board of Education, Superti is a former board member of the Paramus board. He also served on the ad hoc committee for Middletown’s Building and Maintenance Committee, which was charged with studying the school facilities.

“I would bring expertise in maintenance and deteriorating facilities, and finance,” he said. “I know what needs to operate a school system,” pointing out that in his career he has analyzed insurance policies and understands contracts. With that sort of experience, he feels he can better help clarify and address areas of concern in the school district.

Calling himself a troubleshooter by nature, Superti also said his understanding of how spending works and past experience examining proficiencies in a company would be beneficial contributions to the board.

“I would attack all the negative rhetoric that is hurting our schools, clarify the false statements, such as demonizing our teachers,” he said. “Many things that are said that are inaccurate about our schools, I would be the voice to verify some of those things,” he said….”

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>MiddletownPatch: Three BOE Candidates Seek One-Year Term to Address Pressing Issues

>Currently up over at MiddletownPatch is an article which profiles the three individuals, Leonora Caminiti, Allen Burns and Ernest Donnelly, that seeking to be elected to the Middletown Board of Education to fill the 1 year unexpired term left by Dan Skelton, who stepped down from the board earlier this year.

The profiles are pretty straight forward and standard, nothing controversial but gives each’s position on a couple of topics. So, If you weren’t able to attend one of the four BOE Candidate Forums that were held over the past two weeks, these profiles may be able to help your decision making process for whom to vote for.
I attended the Candidate Forum that was held on April 14th at Harmony School and out of these three individuals, I was most impress Ernest Donnelly (Caminiti was a no show). He seemed to has a clear notion of what was needed to ensure that the schools ran properly and efficiently and as a former educator and superintendent himself, he knows what to look for when hiring a new superintendent in Middletown.
Allan Burns did not impress me at all, his stances on some of the issues seemed naive and his outright refusal to approve any budget in the future that included a tax increase was unrealistic in my eyes and came across as pandering.
But go over to the MiddletownPatch website and read the profiles anyway and read for yourself, you may walk away with a different opinion.
Also, remember that I have posted audio from the April 19th Candidate Forum that was hosted by the Middletown Republican Party at the Lincroft Inn.
While the forum was not a great venue for the candidates to express their views (questions where directed at individual candidates only, others could not comment) and it seemed somewhat biased, you can hear Burns and Donnelly speak.


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